Thursday, June 20, 2024

“Huntsel and Brittle” Bidens Leave Money Trail From China To The Front Door, Is Anyone Watching, Or Care?

Before the stumbling Biden franchise took the CEO position of America, I had witnessed two other corrupt, but extremely effective criminal regimes in my lifetime. The Bush’s, who’s corruption is notable because of the depth of its roots and longevity, and the Clintons, for their open disregard for human life and the outright slimy nature in which they conduct business.

Joe Biden and his family have consistently had one goal and one goal only, do whatever is best for them utilizing power of position and name recognition. Along the way they, along with every other liberal have gained an invaluable ally in the MSM. Freedom of the press used to be trumpeted as a noble attribute. Now it means the exact opposite. Freedom of the press now is used to ignore certain stories and exploit others. Sadly, these decisions are almost always based on political bias and most frequently favor the Democratic party and the liberal left wing.

Thus is the case of the Biden campaign and presidency. During his campaign, if you can even call it that, he assured America that he was not involved in his family’s multi-million-dollar business dealings. However, that was a lie. Information obtained by the Republican Committee on Oversight and Reform prove that Biden had indeed participated in the dealings with American adversaries, including the Chinese Communist Party.

Biden and his family have become extremely effective at “carrot dangling.” Those who have reviewed the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop, as well as information from whistle blowers, reveal incessant influence peddling, by making promises about the weight a Biden presidency would yield. Biden and his family’s actions created national security risks, which were then followed by political cover-ups.

While Biden and his family were increasing their wealth, it also exposed Biden to blackmail and extortion by foreign entities.

There is an old adage that states “where there is smoke, there is fire.” In the case of the Biden family network, it is a five alarm blaze. So one would think that until all the questions about Hunter’s laptop and other family misdeeds are answered, this will remain front page and lead story news, right?

No. Not only have these stories been ignored, we know now that in some cases they were actually suppressed. When the Hunter Biden Laptop story broke NPR tweeted, “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not real stories.” While we’re on the subject of Twitter, lets not forget that they locked up the New York Post’s account for refusing to remove the article they posted. Twitter also refused to allow anyone to post links to anything concerning the laptop. At the same time, Facebook used algorithms to limit the amount of stories about Hunter’s laptop.

The Department of the Treasury has at least 150 Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR’s) concerning Biden Family Members. Yet in spite of repeated requests by Committee Republicans, the Biden administration has refused to release the documents for review. In fact, the administration actually changed the policy in order to obstruct the release. It should be noted that these types of requests are not new. The Department of Treasury has set a precedent for decades of releasing documents in response to congressional requests.

As of today, The Committee Republicans have issued in excess of one hundred requests to various departments, including the White House and the afore mentioned Department of Treasury, but have yet to receive even one document.

Yesterday, the House Oversight Committee, chaired by James Comer, released bank records that indicated that a $3 million dollar payment was made from a Chinese company to a Biden family associate. The records show that the money was subsequently divided and eventually $1.3 million was deposited into accounts held by Biden family members.

The House Oversight Committee released a statement that says:

“Pursuant to a subpoena, the Committee recently obtained financial records related to Mr. John Robinson Walker, a Biden family associate, and his company Robinson Walker, LLC. Prior to issuing the subpoena, the Committee received information that Mr. Walker used his company to transfer money to Biden family members. The bank records proved that information correct.”

The committee went on to say that it traced a $3 million payment that was sent from a Chinese company to Walker in March 2017, just two months after Joe Biden stepped down as vice president. Then money totaling $1.3 million was distributed to accounts tied to Hallie Biden, the widow of the late presidential son Beau Biden, presidential brother James Biden and presidential son Hunter Biden. A fourth account listed only as “Biden” also received money. The committee said. It is trying to determine which family member that account belongs to.

“The Committee is concerned about the national security implications of a President’s or Vice President’s immediate family members receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals or companies without any oversight. Current financial disclosure laws and regulations do not require non-dependent family members to provide any information to the public.”

In an interview on the “Just The News, No Noise” TV show, Comer Stated:

“One thing that we’ve learned is there are a lot of different bank accounts that were funneling money from China to the Bidens. That in itself shows some type of suspicious activity because most people that have a credible business or an investment firm have one account or two accounts. But there are over a dozen accounts.”

Will the media give this the attention it deserves, or will they sweep it under the same rug where they have every other Biden scandal?  I’m guessing that jeopardizing national security won’t interest them, but the flavor of ice cream dripping off of sleepy Joe’s face will.