Friday, July 19, 2024

Liberal Hypocrisy Is Slaughtering Sea Life; “Green Energy” Is Swimming In Death And Destruction

Liberals who scream at the top of their lungs about the environment are making fools of themselves again. They’ve been proven wrong for decades, after all. First, they tried calling their Marxist fallacy global warming, and that came after warning, back in the early 1970’s, about a coming Ice Ag. Then, when the temperatures didn’t rise, they back-flipped to new terminology, climate change.

The supposed cure for climate change is Green Energy, which brings us things like electric cars, solar and wind farms. All of those have already been proven to be ineffective outside of limited applications. Naturally, the Left won’t admit these failures, and their politicians continue to pour billions of tax dollars down the drain.

Why? Because the fairy tale of climate change has never, ever, been about the environment.

Climate change is about economic change, and guess what?  We aren’t included.

Those in power will wring every last penny out of this hoax, and you and I will live shorter, much more uncomfortable lives while they gloat and snicker about the gullibility of the “sheep” that our nation, and the world, consists of.

A prime example are these “supposedly, good for nature wind farms.” If you haven’t noticed, they’re ridiculous eyesores. They’re highly inefficient, require huge plots of ground, are difficult to maintain, have relatively short lifespans and kill hundreds of thousands of birds every year. Sure, the Left will downplay these facts, but they know the truth. Remember, their end game has nothing to do with the environment. These wind farms are nothing more than socialist/crony capitalist smoke and mirrors to fool the naïve into a false sense of self-righteousness.

Now, they’re attacking ocean life. Remember, not that long ago when one of the favorite war cries used by environmentalists was “Save the Whales!?” Well, Like women’s rights, which are now allowed to be trampled by transgender men, the whales are on their own too.

Since early December, 23 whales have now washed ashore along the east coast, 14 of which were found on either New Jersey or New York beaches. In spite of the fact that these deaths have occurred near these off shore wind projects, the Marine Mammal Commission continues to deny that there is a link between the deaths and those loudly-humming offshore propellers.

Back in May of 2022, Sean Hayes, PhD and head of NOAA’s protected Species Branch, issued a memo that stated…

“The development of offshore wind poses risks to these species (whales) and that these risks occur at varying stages, including construction and development, and include increased noise, vessel traffic, habitat modifications, water withdrawals associated with certain substations.”

The varying stages of which Hayes speaks of are large, time-consuming and invasive. Currently Orsted, a Danish Multinational Power Company based out of Fredericia, Denmark, is currently preparing to build the largest ocean wind turbine project in the U.S. off the coast of New Jersey.

The project named “Ocean Wind 1” will consist of 98 wind turbines. Construction will consist of opening holes 60 ft wide and between 100-150 ft deep which will be filled with concrete and steel and will act as the foundations for the turbines. Six-foot-deep trenches stretching as long as 10-15 miles will also be opened so electric cable can be laid. Since there are currently no existing stations with grids to handle the additional incoming power, Orsted is planning on building offshore islands where new power substations will be located.

Just imagine all of this underwater turmoil taking place where fishermen make their living. Fish displaced and killed, scallop beds annihilated, irreparable harm done to the area just in preparation for the turbines’ above-water construction.

Some of the turbines will be 1,000 feet high. They will contain approximately 1,600 gallons of transformer oil, 150 gallons of lubrication oil, diesel fuel and sulphur hexachloride (SF6), a synthetic, odorless gas used in the electric industry. The turbines will have 180-foot blades, spinning at close to 200 miles per hour. They will kill seabirds or anything else that gets close and the constant down draft and vibration will permanently alter sea life in the entire surrounding area.

Many believe that the sonar that is used by companies like Orsted to map the sea bottoms is disrupting the sonar that whales use naturally to communicate. The resulting confusion then brings them into water that is too shallow, or they are discombobulated and struck by shipping vessels when they inadvertently enter shipping lanes.

No matter what the Left says, keep in mind that they are not doing this for the environment. There are individuals in power who are going to make staggering amounts of wealth off of these projects, while they knowingly decimate people’s lives and the environment they fraudulently claim to protect.

Climate change and green energy are shams. Nothing more than avenues to launder and reroute money, impose regulations and increase government control. Every time any government increases control, individual rights are diminished.

Orsted is already working on plans for Ocean Wind 2. At the same time, a collaboration between EDF Renewables and Shell New Energies is also trying to obtain a new lease area.

We can no longer shrug our shoulders and say, “oh well, I guess they know what they’re doing,” while believing it’s for our benefit, because it most definitely is not.

They do know EXACTLY what they’re doing and they’re counting on our complacency to do it.