Saturday, May 25, 2024

Mexican President Schools Biden On Mudslinging, Hands Him A Mirror

Joe Biden needs to understand that you can learn lessons everywhere. Biden, a career politician, that has made a fortune, smooching back door deals on the backs of hard-working Americans, reeks of misplaced arrogance. Biden believes that a pair of aviator sunglasses can hide the fact that he is nothing more than a meat puppet, neck deep in slime.

The latest lesson that Biden won’t learn, is coming from none other than the Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). On Tuesday, AMLO outlined a plan for his country, that ironically Biden has managed to dismantle in America in a little over 2 years.

AMLO is pushing his country hard towards energy independence. Looking out for his country alone and ignoring the disparaging rhetoric from the U.S. and Canada. AMLO is planning on three new oil refineries, two of which are considered “green” in that they will be able to turn used cooking oil into fuel. He is also increasing refinery capacity that will eliminate the need for Mexican oil to be refined in Texas, thus lowering the cost of gas for the country. New highway and rail construction is also planned to improve overall infrastructure.

In July of 2022, AMLO set a goal to have the refineries finished by the end of 2024. As of now, that appears to be on schedule. Since that time, the White House has been passive aggressively denigrating the country and the energy plan. While Biden and Trudeau are hypnotized by far-left green energy pipe dreams that have been adopted by the World Economic Forum, Mexico has chosen to align themselves with the economically growing BRIC nations.

Biden’s administration hasn’t stopped with just Mexico’s energy policies. Recently the Department of Homeland Security has criticized Mexico about human rights conditions as well as the danger of cartels in the country.

After highlighting his energy successes at the press conference on Tuesday, AMLO hit back at the Biden administration. As reported by U.S. Mexican correspondent Jose Diaz Breseno, AMLO said this:

Angry at US criticism of human rights in Mexico, AMLO comes out in defense of Trump, assuring that his arrest would be a move to prevent him from running for President in 2024.”

He went on to say, “that the Biden Administration has no right to speak about violence in Mexico since it allegedly authorized “sabotaging” the Nord Stream gas pipeline as journalist Seymour Hersh argues.”

The fact is that Biden is suffering from a rare malady “incompetent jealousy.” Most people suffer from one or the other, but not sleepy Joe. First, Biden turned deep green with jealousy over Trump. Disintegrating a much more secure border and eliminating our country’s total independence from foreign oil. Now, he sees Mexico driving toward something our country had until he threw it away. Our border is wide open and now he watches while Mexico becomes energy independent and we wallow in green energy nonsense.

Biden isn’t just watching the U.S. get passed by, he’s responsible for it. He willingly handed over the strings on his back to the far-left puppeteers.

The U.S. needs a leader and we have dead wood with strings attached.