Thursday, July 25, 2024

NBC Does DeSantis A Favor By Pulling His News Conference Coverage

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a lot of unjustified heat about his stance on the type of books that he has removed from Florida schools. DeSantis is not a book banner or burner. He has had the guts to insist on age appropriate books and has removed the books that he has learned that are not. He has also insisted that parents have a voice on the curriculum that is being taught. Imagine that, a Governor that opposes smut being jammed down elementary and middle school children throats.

Don’t be fooled. The left fully understands that what they are doing is wrong. It isn’t about right and wrong with them, it’s about relentlessly pounding their agenda. It’s about disruption, perversion, and chaos. That’s why they want to hide it from parents. They hate exposure, they hide under a constant smokescreen of lies and deception.

Last week, DeSantis decided that he had enough of the lefts lies. At a news conference, he presented a graphic video exposing exactly the type of pornographic materials school children were being offered.

The video graphically showed depictions of gay sex and oral sex that were in books available to children before removal.

The images on the video were so graphic, that Twitter actually placed a warning on one Florida outlet’s coverage. However, the NBC affiliate WFLA-TV in Tampa took it a step further and pulled their coverage of the news conference completely.

Apparently, the reporter for WFLA that was covering the news conference, Mahsa Saeidi, made the decision to shut down the feed. On her Twitter account she wrote, “Yes, I did ask the feed go down for the warning.  I don’t show sexually explicit content, questionable material must be reviewed.”

Well, thank-you Twitter and a huge thanks to you WFLA. Whether or not you intended to, you absolutely, positively, proved Governor DeSantis was right.

If the material is so pornographic that a NBC affiliate deemed it to be too graphic for their viewers, there is no way the “woke” left can justify making it available for children.

Democrats continue to fold to the left’s demands because they want power. Morality never enters into the discussion. Being “woke” has nothing to do with enlightenment. It is based on deception and the denial of indisputable truths.

At his news conference DeSantis summed it up this way:

“We believe in the rights of parents to be involved in the education of their children and therefore have enacted curriculum transparency legislation, so that the parents know what books are being used in the classroom, what books do their kids have access to, and then they have procedures where they can say, “Wait a minute” you know, some of the stuff you saw up there, that is pornographic! Why would we have that in a media center with 10-year-old students? It’s just wrong.”

Years ago there were commercials that promoted education and that denounced drug use. The commercial had an actor holding an egg and they would say “This is your brain,” then they would show a hot frying pan and the actor would point at it and say, “this is drugs.” He would then crack the egg into the hot pan showing the egg frying and would say, “this is your brain on drugs … any questions?”

The “woke” agenda is just as dangerous as any drug. The liberal left are nothing more than “pushers and pimps” for their agenda. Like any drug, it confuses and causes a young mind to become disoriented from reality.

The Left Is Evil.