Monday, March 20, 2023

Nice Try, MSNBC Host Tries To Spin Liberal Mantra Of “Woke” As The New “N Word”

Liberals are a bottomless pit of stupidity, hatred, nonsense, aggravation, lies and flat out Bullsh*t. To sum up their ridiculous ideology, the left came up with the term “woke” as an attempt to differentiate themselves from those of us that are normal.

When the term first came out, liberals wore it like a badge of honor. They convinced themselves that distinguishing themselves as being “woke” placed them on an imaginary pedestal. They saw themselves above those of us that were too slow to grasp their revolutionary concepts of equality, accept everything, and have no boundaries.

Now, a former MSNBC host is trying to spin the term that the liberal left embraced as their own, as a racial slur used by conservatives. Toure’ Neblett, who I have never heard of, tweeted yesterday:

“At this point woke is a slur. The way the right uses it is an undercover way of saying “those people,” or “non-white people.” It’s a polite way of saying the n-word but in this case the n-word includes Blacks, LGBTQ folks, and other marginalized groups. There’s a lot of white fear on the right. Fear of losing status. Fear of people wanting revenge or wanting to upend the social order. Fear seems to be a guiding force on the right.”

Here’s the problem with Neblett’s claims. The term “woke” has become a slur, but the right didn’t change it’s perception, the liberal left did it themselves. Being “woke” isn’t racial and it certainly isn’t an undercover way of saying the n-word as Neblett wants his cronies to believe. Woke has become a slur because it represents blatant, narcissistic stupidity.

Does the left really think that parents will go quietly into the night while their children are groomed to question their God given natural, biological gender?

Did the Marxist’s really think mutilating and drugging children, that can’t decide between an apple or an orange for their lunch, but are supposedly capable of choosing to destroy their lives because of authoritative pressure from teachers would be accepted?

Do liberal think that denying conservative professors on college campuses, or conservatives speakers to voice an opinion protects free speech and open mindedness?

Remember when “women’s” rights were important? Then explain how biological boys/men that compete against girls/women is even remotely in the stratosphere of fair?

Does the left really think that calling anything and everything racist is a legitimate, logical argument?

The examples are endless and too numerous to count (TNTC) here. 

However, the final example I will list is Neblett’s claim itself. Only a fool, blinded by his own ignorance, would attempt to suggest that a term which at first was coined by the left and then poisoned by their own actions, is a product of the right.

That said, I want to thank Neblett and all the other leftists for transforming “woke” into a legitimate derogatory term to describe liberals.

“Go Woke Go Broke” and “Woke Is A Joke” are absolute Truisms.

Thanks libs, now do all of us a favor. Stop being “woke” and just “Wake Up!”