Wednesday, May 31, 2023

On Leftist Scorecards Women Now Rank Below Transgender Males, Transgender Females And Practically Everything

Sorry ladies, the far left could care less about you. In fact, you may not even rank in their top ten. It’s true and all you have to do is listen to their own rhetoric.

Remember, the Left loves to think of themselves as inclusive and always striving for equity. Well, that sounds nice, but the problem is that the Left’s equity isn’t realistic on many fronts, and one of the main ones is gender identity.

Let’s start with the Left’s big push for drag shows. A day doesn’t pass without a story surfacing about some sort of an incident surrounding a drag show, either at an elementary school, or a public library. Those two locations that the Left is so focused on should tell you volumes about the mentality of liberals. Anyway, what is a drag show? The majority of the performers are gay men dressed flamboyantly as women. Very rarely is there an actual woman involved, and on the rare occasion that there is, she has to dress and behave just as flamboyantly so she appears to be a man, dressed as a woman.

Doesn’t sound inclusive of women to me.

In fact, if you think about it, a drag show is really a parody of women. Not only is it a parody, but it’s also a ridiculously hideous display of stupidity. Drag shows make women look absurd without even involving women.

Now let’s go to the opposite end of the spectrum. If you are a woman who has chosen to stay home and raise your family, you are despised by the Left. A group of women that have made this choice decided to promote it by calling themselves “Trad-Wives”, which is short for “traditional” wives.

So, did the “inclusive” Left embrace these women? I mean after all, isn’t the liberal mantra just to be yourself? Of course they didn’t. The Left’s mantra of “be yourself” only applies to when your agenda agrees with theirs.

It should be obvious, but the Left hates anything that’s deemed “traditional.” They want chaos and disruption and in their feeble minds, traditional translates to conservative. This is a great microcosm of how labels dictate the emotions people feel towards one another. If you are a woman and want to stay home and raise your family, according to the left, you can not be liberal. So, in other words, that one life decision excludes you from any other type of thought process.

What’s strange is, I can remember when I was growing up, even my father considered my mother, who handled most of the home and child responsibilities to have the toughest job. He understood all of the different hats she had to wear and respected her ability manage the household. When I was married, my wife who was a nurse, also decided to stay home until the kids were a certain age. It was a financial sacrifice that we agreed on for our family, one we never regretted.

So, how is the Left’s ridicule of women, that make the choice to undertake the difficult responsibility of making their family a priority justified?

Doesn’t sound inclusive of women to me.

Another platform where the Left’s disrespect of women is having a devastating impact is on women’s sports.

By now most of you have probably heard the outrageous story of Lia Thomas. Thomas is a biological male who was allowed to compete against women on the swim team at the University of Pennsylvania. The NCAA’s decision to allow this screams EXCLUSION to women who have worked most of their lives to compete at this level. The NCAA gave the middle finger to women athletes, bowing to an imaginary pressure that doesn’t exist. Thomas is a BILOGICAL MALE … PERIOD. Men can not compete in women’s sports. It isn’t a hard decision. The NCAA had a clear path to stand up to the woke nonsense of the left, but they folded like a cheap suit, and plunged a dagger into the collective hearts of female athletes everywhere.

The indignation for women didn’t stop with NCAA. ESPN, a media outlet that has become disgustingly woke, decided to rub salt into the open wound of women’s athletics. Over the weekend, ESPN unbelievably highlighted Thomas on their segment of “Celebrating Women’s History Month.”

During the segment, ESPN said this about Thomas:

“In 2022, swimmer Lia Thomas became the first transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I Championship by winning the 500 Freestyle,” the segment highlighted. “The Texas native competed for three seasons on the men’s swim team at the University of Pennsylvania.”

Thomas added, “People will say, Oh, she just transitioned so she would have an advantage so she could win. “I transitioned to be happy.”

Riley Gaines, a true champion female swimmer, has had enough of the blatant disregard for female athletes and she let the NCAA, ESPN, and everyone else know about it. In a tweet following the presentation she blasted ESPN.

“Lia Thomas is not a brave, courageous woman who EARNED a national title. He is an arrogant, cheat who STOLE a national title from a hardworking, deserving woman. The @ncaa is responsible. If I was a woman working at ESPN, I would walk out. You’re spineless @espn #boycottESPN.”

Gaines has an impressive resume. While swimming for the university of Kentucky, she ended her collegiate career as one of the most decorated swimmers in the programs history. During her time there she was a twelve time NCAA All American Swimmer and a five time SEC champion.

In March of last year, Gaines competed against Thomas in the NCAA Championships. Describing her feelings, she put it this way:

“It felt like I was going into the race with my hands tied behind my back.”

“Whether they have different lung capacities, their height, testosterone levels whether they’ve used testosterone blockers or not, it doesn’t suppress going through puberty as a male. Especially Lia, who swam for three years as a male. Lia Thomas has shown extreme selfishness and a major lack of awareness and just an utter disregard for women.”

“We’re watching the denial of the most basic of truths. When you can’t acknowledge what a woman is, there’s a huge problem. This is deeper than just sports. This is a systematic erasure of what a woman is.”

On Thursday, The world Athletics Council ruled that it will not allow transgender athletes to compete against women in World Ranking competitions. Specifying that it will ban, “male to female athletes who have been through male puberty.”

World Athletics President, President Sebastian Coe, put it this way:

“Decisions are always difficult when they involve conflicting needs and rights between different groups, but we continue to take the view that we must maintain fairness for female athletes above all other considerations. We will be guided in this by the science around physical performance and male advantage which will inevitably develop over the coming years. As more evidence becomes available, we will review our position, but we believe the integrity of the female category in athletics is paramount.”

They reached this decision after consulting with other member federations, including the Global Athletics Coaches Academy, the Athletes’ Commission, and the IOC. They added that there was:

“little support within the sport for the option that was first presented to stakeholders, which required transgender athletes to maintain their testosterone levels below 2.5nmol/L for 24 months to be eligible to compete internationally in the female category.”

The World Athletics Council is governing body that oversees and dictates policy for sprints, middle/long, hurdles, road running, jumps, throws, combined events, race walks, relays, cross country, mountain running, ultra running, and trail running on an international level.

In a separate statement, they said:

“There are currently no transgender athletes competing internationally in athletics and consequently no athletics-specific evidence of the impact these athletes would have on the fairness of female competition in athletics. In these circumstances, the Council decided to prioritize fairness and the integrity of the female competition before inclusion.”

What a unique concept. “the council decided to prioritize fairness and the integrity of the female competition before inclusion.”

The Left’s prioritizing of transgenders over women isn’t surprising. They are blind to the consequences of their woke beliefs. When will we as a society stand up and acknowledge that there is a “right and wrong” and not everything is acceptable. Mainstream society can’t be expected to “include” those things that we know are inherently wrong.

Those people that suffer from gender identity issues need help, not encouragement. They are suffering from a type of mental illness and pretending that it is “normal or acceptable” encourages the illness to materialize in others. The Left is trying to deny a truth that can’t be denied, and we can’t allow their distortions to become a new normal, because it simply isn’t normal.

Where is the outrage from women? Why are they allowing the Left to discard their rights and to ridicule them. A female athlete has the right to compete against her female peers, period. Just as any woman has the right to choose to dedicate a portion of her life to her children.  

The Left’s beliefs on these issues are WRONG, and they don’t get to be “included” in our lives.