Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Law is Not Complex

The Law is not complex. Thomas Jefferson said, “Common sense is the foundation of all authorities, of the laws themselves, and of their construction.” The law of the land is comprised of three main components. It is always interesting to talk to people who believe the Supreme Court of the United States is the Supreme law of the land. 


The law of the land components are: 1) The Constitution, written by We the People, is the law of the land. We understand our authority is given to us by God to not only give power as we see fit, but limit power as we see fit. The people are to remain in control of their government and restrict their government servants. 2) The Higher Moral Law, or the Common Law as some call it, is written on the hearts of men by Creator God himself. No man or government can usurp. These are not up for discussion or vote. Ever. 3) Constitutional codes, statutes, and regulations which the legislators write for government business are not meant for We the People. We do not give authority to the government to regulate or control the behavior of the people.

Some of the tangled webs we weave that severely undermine our Constitutional Republic are avoidable. Out of ignorance, defiance, or both, we still weave them. Infiltration has taken place in just about every facet of our local, state, and federal governments. Tyranny seems to be the standard rule and no longer the exception. We have worked in the state of Mississippi to find Constitutional Sheriffs. I have attempted with little luck to find any in the last couple of years. There is some hope, but the light is faint. I am beginning to doubt we have any, and this should grieve us. This is a large portion of our ongoing, deeply embedded problem. If sheriffs would step up to do their sacred duty according to their sworn oaths and their incredibly sacred role, we would be cooking with gas.

While I was speaking at county board of Supervisors meeting in Mississippi, I presented a resolution on behalf of Restore Liberty, which is a veteran founded non-profit that I am the Director for in Mississippi. The resolution was about the county becoming and acknowledging that they are a Constitutional Sanctuary County. The Mississippi State Constitution already acknowledges this. This county happens to be a Second Amendment County, which is desirable for all 82 counties in Mississippi! Why not add the rest of the Amendments? It is like abiding only by the Second of the Ten Commandments as a perspective. The local Sheriff, who I was told rarely misses a meeting, flew out of the county building the day we were scheduled to meet. Not wanting to miss my opportunity to speak to him, I flew out after him. I explained what we were there to do and what we hoped to accomplish. His body language clearly indicated he was not interested in our Resolution or my Sheriff project for Restore Liberty. He told me he was retiring, and he walked away.

During the meeting, one of the board members defaulted to the attorney for the Board of Supervisors because he said he did not want to “throw his board attorney under the bus” and that the attorney was the one who knew the laws. The board did not know whether the resolution was feasible and doable. After all, how in the world would you say no to the federal dollar? It’s all so foreign to think it can be done, right? Well, it is being done across the nation. It is not only possible, but also doable. Just say no! Understand appropriate and Constitutional funding. Reject moneys with strings attached. It was distressing to witness several elected servants of The People default to a non-elected board attorney on something as forthright as declaring their county to be Constitutional. The board attorney acted childishly temperamental to me several times while I tried to present the reason for the resolution. It was a sight to see! Maybe it was because right out of the gate my Deputy Director asked him if he knew about illegal foreign land sales happening in Mississippi, most specifically his county, which he denied knowing about. We are talking massive amounts of money in sales in agricultural timber. He is also a real estate agent.

We struck a nerve right out of the chute, and he came out bucking. I reminded him he was hired and could be fired. Replaceable. That really put a burr in his saddle. I also reminded the five gentlemen sitting there ceding their role out to a bar attorney that at the end of the day, they swore an oath to The People to serve them and to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Mississippi Constitution. They are not so easily replaceable and cannot be fired since they are elected. They were reminded that the people of their county were counting on them to be who they said they were and do what they said they would do. That seemed to grossly offend one man, and he expressed his disdain.

The board attorney turned his chair around backwards and refused to listen while telling me he was not there for a sermon. He had already raised his voice several times trying to shut us down. To hear the Biblical and Founding truths of our nation spoken across the meeting table should have resonated with every Patriot and person of faith. Several citizens in the room that day who believe in founding intent were incredibly inspired and encouraged. It did not have that effect on at least three of these elected men and their default. It angered them! There are covert and not so covert attempts to undermine the fabric of our national founding both foreign and domestic. We have been duped. Many elected servants are weak. In many cases, they are the ones duping, lying, and manipulating, and at the most critical level, your county level, they are the ones ripping at that very fabric.

In 1934, Congress unlawfully replaced the rules of Common Law with rules of Civil Law via the Rules Enabling Act. They essentially, and on purpose, bypassed the Law of the Land with “Law and Equity.” The Supreme Court, the weakest link of the three branches of government by Founding design, allowed it. Here, the weakest link decided that Natural Law and Common Law were somehow unjust. The “British Barristers,” who are trained in civil law, are undermining and infiltrating our Constitutional Republican form of government upon which no law is more important than the Higher Moral Law. Our entire American Jurisprudence was founded on the Ten Commandments, but many want to erase that which was set “In the beginning” with their civil law. This is egregiously dangerous.  

The righteous indignation that I had watching those elected officials cede their responsibility out to a board attorney flew all over me, and I told them so. Maybe I should ask the Ethics Commission if being a Board of Supervisors attorney while simultaneously being a city judge is a conflict of interest. Do you see webs? I cannot help but draw attention to the impalements and wounds we have inflicted upon ourselves as a nation starting with the lack of knowledge of what we even swear oaths to. That county attorney was so angry, flustered, and especially unhappy when I stated how the bar association is being watered down to undermine the Higher Moral Law. We saw who held the power that day in that boardroom. Tragedy! A loss for The People! The citizens of that county should be alarmed. I asked these men when the last time they had read the United States Constitution. Little response. One may have mentioned high school at one point. This is a red flag. I asked them with due respect how they can pledge a sacred and holy oath to God and not know or understand what they pledged? I talked about the weight of that responsibility.

Pay attention to how constitutional your county sheriff is. This could signal another red flag. I did not get far with this county sheriff. If your county sheriff does not know the law of the land or his role as sheriff, you will find a lawless and compromised county. It is interesting that this county has massive amounts of illegal land sales to foreign LLCs with ESG embedded all throughout. The Mississippi Constitution Section 84, Code 89-1-23 is clear. Yet it is still happening. If you have a lawless county, is it fair and natural to ask if your sheriff is aiding and abetting unconstitutional actions, perhaps even actions that may post a homeland security issue?

The Sheriff’s Oath requires him to be an upstanding lawman who does not blindly enforce or allow unconstitutional rules, edicts, laws, codes, and statutes. He is to prevent lawless servants (and others) from injuring We the PeopleOur Constitution is like a chain by which government tyranny must be bound.The sheriff has the primary role and purpose to protect and defend a sovereign people from abusive usurpations. If you cannot define and declare your county as a Bill of Rights Sanctuary County or Constitutional County, you have seriously deep seeded foundational and structural flaws. The Constituents should be asking hard hitting questions, for they are being set up for enslavement.

In another article, I will address the role of the sheriff. This role, in particular, is more important than you have probably ever imagined. The role of the sheriff, however, is going to be one incredibly helpful and powerful tool We the People can wield back against a totalitarian regime starting at the local level which is crucially important. It will begin with YOU.

·      If your board attorney is threatened by truth and integrity, hire a new one. They are not elected representatives.

·      If your Board of Supervisors are threatened by their own oaths and fearful to do the right things, send them home. Vote in men or women of moral courage.

·      If your Sheriff does not hold elected officials accountable to the United States Constitution, elect a Constitutional Sheriff.

We the People are the answer.

Rebecca Chaney is the Director for Restore Liberty Mississippi, and she sits on the board for the Mississippi Freedom Caucus. She is a lifetime Patriot Academy Constitution Coach and has hosted Biblical Citizenship and Constitutional classes since 2020. She has helped to start these classes all across the state of Mississippi. She is a homeschool Mom of seven years to her son and daughter.