Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Left Continues To Hide From “The Science” Behind Their Masks

You have to wonder what it will take for the left to stop pushing masks. They have been proven to not only be ineffective, but in many cases dangerous. Still, the liberals have mastered playing both ends of the spectrum. On one hand lying outright and on the other hand denying the truth.

In February, the Cochrane Database For Systematic Reviews released their report on the effectiveness of face masks against respiratory viruses like Covid-19. For the record, the Cochrane Library represents the most authoritative and up to date source of evidence-based information that can help clinicians make decisions about appropriate and effective health care. It brings together in one place research which looks at the effectiveness of different health care treatments and interventions. Cochrane Reviews are updated to reflect the findings of new evidence when it becomes available, because the results of new studies can change the conclusions of a review. Cochrane Reviews are therefore valuable sources of information for those receiving and providing care, as well as for decision-makers and researchers.

That is of course, if the clinicians, researchers, and decision makers actually care and are listening.

In this case, data was collected from 78 varied studies, and 11 randomized controlled trials that involved over 610,000 participants. This extensive review concluded that neither surgical masks nor N95 masks have been shown to make any difference in the spread of covid-19 or any other respiratory illnesses.

That’s correct folks … Zero, Nada, Zip difference. In fact, one of the authors of the study, Dr. Thomas Jefferson, of Oxford University put it this way. “There is just no evidence that masks make any difference. Full stop.”

One of the simplest arguments of the uninformed has always been, “Well if masks don’t work, why do surgeons and nurses wear them in the operating room?” The reason is obvious, those in surgery do not want droplets from coughs or sneezes to enter an open human body. Even if they are worn perfectly, which most people are unable to accomplish, they still allow viruses to spread by aerosol. The inner surface of a mask also becomes a trap for pathogens which then are breathed back into the wearer’s lungs. As a result, any theoretical benefits have been proven to be non-existent and offset by negative factors.

Still, most of the public health officials refuse to acknowledge this scientific proof. Not only ignoring the inefficiency of preventing the spreading of the virus, but downplaying the psychological, medical and social harm that they cause.

In February, CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky put on her dunce cap and announced that “Our masking guidance doesn’t really change with time.” When she was asked about the Cochran review and how it would affect CDC policies, she attempted to patronize the study by conceding, “This is an important study, but the Cochrane review only includes randomized clinical trials, and, as you can imagine, many of the randomized clinical trials were for other respiratory viruses.”

For the so-called director of the CDC to dismiss the worlds most trusted evaluator of medical research is ludicrous. For instance, in spite of all the data showing that covid poses virtually zero risk to healthy children, the CDC still recommends masking all students if community infection rates show an increase.

Mask mandates were and are nothing but political rhetoric and an attempt to show political power. Wake up America, just because the left controls the MSM, does not mean that you as an individual can’t do you own research and draw your own intelligent conclusions. Stop allowing the government to manipulate you into believing their lies. They want and need you to be compliant. Be smart, and really … Follow The Science!