Monday, March 20, 2023

VIDEO: Bill Whittle And Alfonzo Rachel Kick Around Feminism, MGTOW And Modern Romance

Here’s a great discussion from the Bill Whittle/Alfonzo Rachel podcast The Virtue Signal which actually popped last week. It’s on what modern feminism has done not to American politics but life and culture, and the takes Whittle and Rachel have to offer are really quite good.

Whittle comes from a place of watching the evolution of American feminism from looking for things like getting the vote a century ago, to opening doors for advancement in the workplace, to the current iteration in which demands and expectations have become so unrealistic that, as he notes, there are millions of women in the latter half of their sexual or childbearing prime who come home to empty apartments and are desperate for companionship they’re selecting themselves out of.

It turns out Whittle has discovered one of our favorites, the great Kevin Samuels – a style and image consultant who became a YouTube sensation when he began running a podcast largely consisting of women calling in and arguing with him when he presented some statistical and moral truths. For example, that the $300,000-per-year elite men these lonely females believe are available to them represent the top one percent of wage-earners and for them, the idea of a “strong, independent” woman holds virtually zero romantic cache.

Those top guys who earn at an elite level aren’t looking to form a “power couple” – in fact, those things don’t really exist and if they do they tend to be marriages between people who got hitched at a very young age (and most power couples are a whole lot more like the Clintons than Napoleon and Josephine, anyway). They’re looking for a woman who’s comfortable being a wife and complementing her husband. “Strong, independent, stunning and brave” mostly repels them like garlic to a vampire, because after all, this is a guy who does important and difficult things all day to earn that money and when he comes home he’s not interested in more stress and complications coming from a disagreeable woman.

That was Samuels’ message, and it exploded onto the internet. It’s a shame he died of a heart attack a couple of years ago before he could really get big, but his videos still pull a great deal of traffic and Whittle traces the disconnect between the out-of-whack expectations that lead to so many women lacking a loyal male companion to feminism and its effects.

He also notes there’s another phenomenon related to this – Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW. Those are guys who’ve decided all they want a woman for is sex, so they’ll swipe right on Tinder and have a one-night stand and then spend the rest of their time hanging out with the dudes.

None of this is good societally, obviously.

Rachel’s perspective on this is interesting, because he comes about it from a Biblical perspective and his take is that these are people who need Jesus – because the misery out there, he says, directly comes from a neglect of a godly lifestyle. Rachel says Biblical teachings go a very long way toward remedying all of this, because – and statistics do bear this out – married couples are happier than single people are, and this is especially true of females.

And yet, 80 percent of marriages ending in divorce go in that direction because it’s the woman who files for the split.

It’s a very screwed-up culture. Podcasts like this might just help unravel why, and perhaps even how to begin fixing it.