Friday, July 19, 2024

VIDEO: Kennedy Torches Mayorkas After Terrible Senate Hearing Performance

We’ve got two clips to show you. The first is from the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing held yesterday at which Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified about the wide-open southern border, through which a record number of people are now invading the United States from practically every country on earth and which is now almost fully controlled by the Mexican drug cartels – who are using the open border to inject massive supplies of Chinese-made fentanyl which killed more than 100,000 Americans last year.

This goes 11 minutes, and it’s a case study in obfuscation and bad faith on Mayorkas’ fault. He touts the fact that almost a million and a half people were turned away at the border last year as though that’s some sort of badge of honor when some five million people managed to come in.

Kennedy isn’t moved by that and presses Mayorkas on instituting a policy of forcing asylum-seekers to settle in a safe third country before pressing an asylum claim in the United States. The answer he gets is gibberish – Mayorkas pretends that’s not tenable without an agreement by other countries, which Kennedy rightly rejects. All we have to do is to declare that we won’t accept asylum claims by people from Nicaragua, say, when they’ve traveled through Mexico before filing for asylum, and that those people will be put on a plane to Managua. And just like that, the Nicaraguans will stop coming.

Mayorkas fails to give a good reason for opposition to that. It’s perplexing stuff.

Kennedy took from that exchange the obvious lesson, something he shared with Neil Cavuto on Fox News yesterday. Namely, that Mayorkas and Joe Biden, whom he works for, are for a wide-open border which is barely policed at all from our side.

And in this he’s correct. For more than two decades, Democrat pundits and strategists have gleefully predicted the coming of the one-party Democrat rule thanks to the “browning” of America, though slowly we’re seeing that reality won’t work out quite so well for them because Hispanics are not the lockstep-leftist constituency they were expecting. Team Biden is absolutely on this train and has been for a long time.

Kennedy is also correct that Mayorkas isn’t as stupid and incompetent as he makes out in whining about how hard DHS is trying to close the border to illegal immigration and drug smuggling. If he were serious about that he’d be demanding more resources and help and he’d be trying to hire more Border Patrol and ICE agents. He’s not.

This is all a ruse intended to change the demographics of the country. It’s an insult, and it’s all done in bad faith, and it’s a good thing Kennedy is outspoken in calling it out.

Will it change much of anything? Not right now, no. But the more forthrightly and clearly this issue and the malefactors making it worse can be called out and forced to show themselves for what they are, the better the chances of electing leadership capable of making changes.

We’re nowhere near there. But we won’t get there without the kind of work Kennedy did yesterday.