Monday, May 20, 2024

Washington State AG Wants Conservatives Jailed For Voicing Opinions He Doesn’t Like

Last spring Joe Biden attempted to establish a commission that he labeled the “Ministry of Truth.” Most people saw that for what it was – a veiled attempt to silence conservative voices hiding under the guise of preventing disinformation.

Fortunately, Republicans mustered enough backbone to shut down the obvious farce after only a few weeks. Undeterred, Washington state’s neofascist Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson has created a bill that deems “misinformation” a form of “domestic terrorism.”

The Bill labeled HB1333 was sponsored by fellow Democrat/neofascist Bill Ramos. The bill proposes the formation of a 13-member commission which would supposedly “combat disinformation and misinformation” by collecting data on incidents of “domestic violent information.”

This bill is the offspring of Ferguson’s 2022 Domestic Terrorism Study, which is telling in itself. During the summer of 2020 when the country was disgusted by what was taking place in Seattle, Ferguson did nothing. Apparently, the John Brown Gun Club, openly carrying AR-15’s doesn’t represent domestic terrorism because of the group’s leftist stance.

Federal law has a clear definition for the term “domestic terrorist,” however, Ferguson’s bill added the line in an attempt to “combat disinformation and misinformation,” which is ambiguous at best.  Who exactly determines what is disinformation or misinformation? There have been enough examples over the last 5 years alone that clearly demonstrate what the left claims is disinformation is in reality, Truth.

The last line in Ferguson’s 2022 study finished with this open-ended statement, “The state policy landscape is ripe for innovative thinking on community-based efforts to prevent domestic terrorism and inoculate against disinformation.”

KTTH is a conservative radio station in Seattle. Jason Rantz hosts a show on the station and is an outspoken opponent to bill HB1333.

“Some conservative views or anything (Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson) deems as “misinformation, are examples of domestic extremism.”

One of the lefts big government tricks is to make their decisions seem to be the best thing for the people. Ferguson jumps on that train, by trying to appeal to the mental health side of the equation.

Translation: If your conservative views disagree with ours, we’ll get you the help you need, or you can go to jail.

The bill designates that the commission be charged with examining different ways to assess and treat Domestic Violence Extremism (DVE) as a public health issue through the Washington state Department of Health. Therefore, one member would be required to be an expert in public health.

In an interview with PBS in January, Ferguson responded to a question from Laura Barron Lopez when she asked what the public health aspect would look like in actual practice.

“Let’s engage in prevention of getting folks, avoiding them being radicalized in the first place. If somebody is radicalized and wants removal, to move away from that, how can we help them with counseling for example, to get them away from that ideology? So, looking at it from a more holistic standpoint, we think, addresses prevention, addresses helping folks who’ve been radicalized and take a more holistic view of this to address what is a huge challenge, not just in Washington, but all across the country.”

Jason Rantz had a more realistic viewpoint of what Ferguson was really spewing.

“They say this is about violence, but it’s not about violence it’s about speech. We already have laws on the books that clearly address violence. What they’re trying to do with this commission is create what they’re calling a public health approach to some of these ideologies. They are singularly focused on the right. What this commission will end up doing is recommending legislation that could not only lead to imprisoning people for having certain kinds of political positions, but also forcing them into counseling.”

Ferguson is a product of being able to run amuck in a super liberal environment. His self-righteousness is nauseating. In his woke world, someone with a difference of opinion should be silenced, forced into counseling, or jailed.

If Ferguson was a librarian the only books on the shelves would be Mein Kampf, and maybe the collected works of Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DeAngelo.