Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Woke Insidiously Changes the Definition of Equity

In the woke era, it’s important to pay attention to words and their new meaning.

Equality and equity have traditionally been interchangeable, but with Woke in charge of language and definitions, they now mean two entirely different things.

Whether it’s employment, education, housing, entrepreneurship or holding political office, a free and just society must provide equal opportunity for all its citizens. America was built on the concept that everyone was created equally and deserved access to the same opportunities. Wars have been fought, and many Americans have died defending this principle, which is protected by numerous laws and enforced by a variety of government agencies.

Yet, for woke liberals, more intrusive government intervention is necessary because the concept of equal opportunity is sorely lacking in achieving the desired result of creating a society of soulless, redundant humans. You see, a level playing field isn’t enough because at its core, Woke doesn’t believe that all people are created equal. From their point of view, most people flounder not because of personal deficits, but rather due to circumstances beyond their control. Thus, government must do more to ensure a “fair” outcome.

As a result, these psychotic zealots have changed the definition of the word “equity.”

No longer synonymous with equality, equity doesn’t apply to opportunity, but instead, it focuses solely on outcome. In other words, if everyone has the same opportunity, but some achieve more than others, it must be because of some systemic unfairness in the system, and naturally, we can’t have that.

As with most woke initiatives, descriptions of the global equity initiative are laced with woke trigger words and tortured, nonsensical language. The best explanation comes from an illustration by a person on Instagram named Sheronda Rae-Ball that sums up the goals up of the movement perfectly.

Liberal Politicians to the Rescue

The first time I heard the distinction between equality of opportunity and equity outcome was in a speech by Kamala Harris in 2020. While one could be forgiven for ignoring the jumbled word soup that flows out each time Harris opens her mouth, this time, she talked about a woke idea that cannot be shrugged off or dismissed.

“There’s a big difference between equality and equity,” Harris said. “Equality suggests, ‘Oh, everyone should get the same amount.’ The problem with that, not everybody’s starting in the same place… Equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place.”

The equity movement wasn’t a one off that stopped with Harris’ tweet.

Whether voluntarily or through coercion, progressives believe that corporate America must serve as the cornerstone for the transformation. An organization called the National Civic League (NCL) has laid out an ultra-woke blueprint for corporate CEOs across the nation called the “Blueprint for Racial Equity.” The NCL argues that through capitalist exploitation, corporate America has “both contributed to and benefited from structural racial inequities.” The NCL outlines a variety of necessary changes in corporate conduct, but here are a few of the highlights:

Designing HR policies and practices that are actively antiracist, not merely “not racist,” such as paying workers’ living wages at all levels and providing wealth-building benefits

  • Expanding worker power and voice, including providing board positions for workers of color
  • Designing products and services that center racially equitable outcomes by, for example, investing in inclusive R&D to actively address racial inequities
  • Redesigning corporate philanthropy to address structural problems, including supporting organizations led by people of color
  • Advocating for local policies that address structural inequities, such as advancing local justice and liberation policies for people of color
  • Supporting environmental justice by mitigating the environmental impact of the corporation’s operations, specifically on communities of color
  • Assessing internal and external communications with a racial equity lens

It goes on, but I think you get the point.

Equity is a Code Word for Communism

Equity, as defined by woke, could be a page straight out of Karl Marx’ “Communist Manifesto.” Ensuring equivalent outcomes, regardless of differences in talent, ingenuity and work ethic, is antithetical to everything America stands for and runs contrary to the essence of our DNA.

America has always celebrated success, especially the rags to riches stories of entrepreneurs who defied extraordinary odds to build successful lives for themselves and their families. People like Andrew J. Beard, who invented a novel plow, the rotary steam engine and the automatic railroad car coupler, is a perfect example. Beard was extremely poor, lacked a formal education… and was an emancipated slave.

If Beard could overcome enormous obstacles to become a wealthy and respected entrepreneur, anyone can do it, regardless of appearance or socio-economic status. Woke zealots who want to rob people like Andrew Beard of their sense of accomplishment by creating a system that ensures equal outcomes are dangerous. Do not forget that in woke world, success in the traditional sense is evil because it requires someone to have more than someone else. Woke believes success is a state where everyone lives in a kind of depressing, gray mass of mediocrity.

Equity is classic communism, and it is a line in the sand for anyone who believes in capitalism, free enterprise and the Constitution. Every American is entitled to the equality of opportunity and nothing more.

It’s non-negotiable, and if anything is worth fighting for, this is it.