Thursday, February 29, 2024

8TH Graders Re-enact Lesbian Wedding Under Liberal “Pride Time” Teaching “SEL = Social Emotional Learning”

More madness folks. It just goes on and on. This type of thing shouldn’t be taking place in ANY school in America, and instead it has reached epidemic proportions. Where the hell is it written that teachers, who are paid to teach specific subjects, are allowed to interfere with parents raising their kids. This isn’t overreach, this is insanity. Proficiency scores in basic subjects like English, math, reading and even writing are at all time lows. Yet, school administrations are ignoring these blatant facts and instead are condoning this gender identification nonsense.

This episode of lunacy takes place around Cleveland Ohio at the Brunswick Middle School. On April 10th, a group called Protect Ohio Children received a 40 second video of the incident as a tip from Adam Ziegler, a concerned parent and published it on April 14th.

On their website Protect Ohio Children describes their mission as:

“The Protect Ohio Children Coalition is a statewide grassroots volunteer organization dedicated to watching school boards across Ohio. When schools take steps to bring indoctrination into Ohio schools through Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE), Critical Race Theory (CRT), and Social Emotional Learning (SEL), we will expose it.”

Here is their description of what is taking place on the video:

“This recording taken by an eighth-grade student at Brunswick Middle School, in which a mock lesbian wedding was acted out in the eighth grade Pride time on March 22, 2023. Pride time is done on Fridays and is used for the SEL lessons and teaching (SEL = Social Emotional Learning).

“During this Pride time event, the mother of an eighth-grade female student who identifies as a lesbian, walked her daughter, whom I shall call “Bride 1”, to be given away in marriage to Bride #2. In the video, Bride #1 is holding a bouquet and is wearing an all-white outfit, reminiscent of a tennis outfit. Just prior to Bride #1 being “walked down the aisle,” a male teacher is strewing rose petals along the path. The mother of Bride #1 is a school employee at the middle school. In addition to the male teacher, there were another three or four teachers in this classroom. There will be a school board meeting on Tuesday, April 18th, in the theater of the high school.”

Ziegler, who acquired the video from another parent that has a child in the class, believes that the clown sprinkling flowers on the floor is Chad Thompson, an eighth-grade math teacher, again Ziegler is passing on information gained from students that were in the classroom. Likewise, the teacher that walked the female student into the room and gave her away in this disgusting farce, is alleged to be Cheryl Porter, an eighth-grade science teacher.

Ziegler wanting to get the word out contacted “Bob Franz of WHK Radio” in Cleveland.  He then contacted Glenn Gilley of the Brunswick School Board. Gilley in turn alerted the school Superintendent Jason Niedermeyer. Niedermeyer then contacted Ziegler and told him that he had no prior knowledge of the contrived ceremony.

Just yesterday, April 17th, Niedermeyer released the following statement:

From: Jason Niedermeyer
Date: Mon, Apr 17, 2023, at 2:35 PM

Subject: A Message from Superintendent Niedermeyer

To: Brunswick City School District Recipients

In the Brunswick City School District, we believe in ensuring the success of every student through a rigorous curriculum, relevant experiences, and meaningful relationships while fostering our students’ love of learning.

Brunswick City School District administration has recently learned of a video circulating on social media representing a pretend wedding between two female students in a middle school classroom during a period scheduled for intervention and enrichment. After reviewing the circumstances, we learned that the activity, requested by students, was intended as a fun and lighthearted activity leading into spring break.

Although intended as an activity to bring the students together, a pretend wedding does not meet our expectations for how we should be using instructional time within our schools. I will continue to work with the Middle School administration and staff to ensure that we are clear about the ways to appropriately support and engage our students while providing instructional activities that meet our established learning objectives.

The time our students spend in the classroom is important, and we have high academic expectations for our students and staff. We remain committed to providing an excellent learning environment where students feel welcome, safe and supported.


Jason A. Niedermeyer

Niedermeyer’s statement that this spectacle came about based on student requests is ridiculous. This is absolutely absurd. When will the left learn that every idiotic idea that enters their simple minds is NOT OK WITH EVERYONE and FOR THAT MATTER, DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ACCEPTED BY ANYONE.

I hope the parents, sue this school board. If the idealism of LGBTQ is acceptable in schools than why is religion banned? Both are beliefs that dictate lifestyle, yet one affects only a small minority of the population and is pushed down the throats of the majority.

LGBTQ needs to be banned in schools.  It is the left’s religion and it doesn’t get to squeeze out everything else.