Thursday, June 08, 2023

Christians Not Good Enough to Adopt Children In Oregon

I want to suggest a name change for the State of Oregon Department of Human Services. Specifically for the Child Welfare Programs – Chapter 413, Division 200, Foster Home Certification.

For the sake of accuracy, here are a couple of suggestions.

Department of “Inhuman” Services

Department of “Self-Serving” Services

Department of “Politically Woke” Services

Department of “Idiotic Decisions” Services

Department of “My Agenda Over Children” Services

Department of “We Deserve To Get Our Asses Sued Off” Services

Personally, I like them all. If I was forced to pick just one, I would choose the last suggestion. Why, because that is the very least that should happen to them. Everyone in the department should also be fired, and whoever wrote these standards, as well as anyone that knowingly enforced them should face both civil and criminal charges.

Section K in Oregon’s Foster Home Certification, reads like this:

(k) Respect, accept and support the race, ethnicity, cultural identities, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disabilities, spiritual beliefs, and socioeconomic status, of a child or young adult in custody of the department, and provide opportunities to enhance the positive self-concept and understanding of the child or young adult’s heritage.

Just reading item (k), you can tell that it was written by a woke leftist fool. Section (k) isn’t about protecting a child’s welfare, but it is ALL about enforcing the Marxist Left’s agenda.

Need proof? No problem. These self-entitled bigots, don’t even try to hide their contempt for rational thinking people. They are trying to run rough shod over anyone that disagrees with their perverse policies and it is well beyond time to stop being diminutive, obliging sheep.

These Marxist’s will never stop pushing. They need to be met with more tenacity than they can handle. Their beliefs are absurd, and for any self-respecting person to kowtow to them is against realistic human nature.

Case in point, meet Jessica Bates. Jessica is a mother of five that lives in Malheur County, Oregon. After suffering the tragedy of her husband being killed in an auto accident in 2017, Jessica began attempting to adopt a child last year.

However, the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) denied her application. Was it an income issue? No, Jessica is an ultrasound technician. Criminal record, child abuse? Nope. Drug or alcohol issues or addiction? Nope. Dangerous lifestyle? Nope.

The ODHS denied her application because Jessica is a Christian and doesn’t believe in supporting or promoting an LGBTQ lifestyle.

Yesterday, Jessica filed a complaint against the ODHS. The lawsuit was filed on her behalf by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

According to the lawsuit, the state provided handouts during training for would be adoptive parents. The training, which is provided by Oregon’s Resource and Adoptive Family (RAFT) instructed parents to support certain behaviors and identities regardless of their own personal beliefs.

The training went as far as to encourage displaying symbols that supported an LGBTQ environment, including “using LGBTQ affirming language and attending LGBTQ community events.” Such as Pride parades and supporting transgender treatment if requested.

Jessica was confused. She was attempting to adopt two siblings under the age of nine. Certainly none of this would apply to someone of that age. Besides, during the application process she made it quite clear that any child in her care would be loved unconditionally. She also stated that in good conscience, she could not agree with the state’s policy on gender identity or sexuality.

The lawsuit clarifies what Bates wrote to ODHS officials:

“I don’t know how many children there are out there under the age of 9 who fall into this category (and to me it’s kind of crazy that society is wanting to get kids thinking about this stuff at such young ages; I think we should let them keep their innocence), so this may not even be an issue. I have no problem loving them and accepting them as they are, but I would not encourage them in this behavior. I believe God gives us our gender-sex, and it’s not something we get to choose.”

Johannes Widmalm-Delphonse, the legal council representing ADF clarified Jessica’s legal position in a statement:

“Oregon’s policy makes a sweeping claim that all persons who hold certain religious beliefs; beliefs held by millions of Americans from diverse religious faiths, are categorically unfit to care for children. That’s simply not true. Oregon is putting its political agenda above the needs of countless children who would be happy to grow up in a loving, Christian home like Jessica’s. We urge the court to remind the state of its constitutional and moral obligations and reaffirm Jessica’s First Amendment right to live out her faith without being penalized by the government.”

This is a classic example of giving an inch and the perverted left, trying to take a mile. First, they want Christians owned bakeries to make homosexual, lesbian and transgender cakes. Now, they think they get to dictate who gets to adopt children, and if you are Christian, and don’t agree with their sickness, they get to say no.

Sorry, Bull F**king Sh*t.  That isn’t happening.

Degenerates don’t get to dictate the meaning of loving parenthood to Christians, or any religion that disagrees with their deviant agenda.