Thursday, June 08, 2023

Couple That Starved Adopted Daughter To Near Death Saved By A Judge Starving for Attention

Let’s suppose you looked out of your window and saw someone, on a cold night in October, kicking their dog down the street. When the dog couldn’t run anymore, the person stopped kicking the dog and indignantly turned away, leaving the dying dog lying in the middle of the street.

You rushed to the dog’s aid and transported it immediately to a veterinarian. Thankfully, after extensive treatment, the innocent pup healed and was placed in the home of a loving family.

There is no doubt that the person kicking the dog didn’t care if the defenseless  pup lived or died. In fact, judging by the person’s actions, they wanted to kill the pooch. So just because someone intervened and saved the dog’s life, does that leave the abuser/attempted murder off the hook?

In September of 2017, Dawn Cliff, a “habilitative interventionist,” had started working with a young 5-year-old girl, that will be identified as E.B. Habilitative Intervention assists children with developmental disabilities and maladaptive behaviors to develop and improve their living skills, functional skills, communication skills and adaptive and coping skills so they can become more self-reliant and integrated into family life and the community.

One month later in October of 2017, Cliff discovered E.B. lying outside wearing nothing more than a dirty diaper. When Cliff tried to arouse the young girl, there was no response. The young girl was in a state of cardiac arrest, she had no pulse and her pupils were fixed and dilatated.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the staff worked performing CPR for 45 minutes. She was in complete cardiac arrest with a body temperature of 89 degrees. During the resuscitation, 7 doses of epinephrine, as well as 3 doses of atropine were administered.

I am not an expert, but I have participated in many cardiac arrests at three different hospitals, and I can’t ever remember more than 3 doses of epinephrine being utilized at any arrest.

This 5-year-old child was left for dead, and her survival is nothing short of a miracle. According to information that would be exposed later, E.B. weighed the same at 5 years old as she did at the age of 2. She shouldn’t have survived this degree of trauma, but somehow with God’s strength she did. She hadn’t done this to herself, and those that are responsible need to be punished and held accountable.

The animals that starved this 5-year-old to the brink of death are Byron and Gwendalyn Buthman. They are sadistic and obviously deeply disturbed, yet they still have 4 other adopted children under their care. The state of Idaho, where this entire hideous melodrama is taking place, really has some deep-seated questions to answer.

It took until 2019 to arrest these deviates and eventually the two were found guilty of felony injury to a child with an enhancement for producing great bodily harm, and a misdemeanor count of injury to a child. Yet under Idaho justice, they were released after spending only one day in jail.

During the trial, some of the atrocities that E.B. experienced came out. From the age of 3 years old until she was 6, E.B. was only allowed to eat vegetable powder and was forced to sleep in the laundry room … without bedding.

E. B Testified that there were times when she was so hungry that she ate toilet paper after being locked in the bathroom. The prosecutors pointed out that even after suffering through malnutrition, abuse including being left outside in nothing more than a soiled diaper that resulted in cardiac arrest, she continued to suffer additional abuse.

ADA County Deputy Prosecutor Daniel Dinger pleaded his case, “I certainly do not think that it is in any way an exaggeration to suggest that this was nearly a homicide. E.B. could have died as a result of the defendant’s conduct.”

Enter Leftist and moronic judge Darla Williamson. Keep in mind what E.B. endured for years before her 5 year-old body gave out in 2017. Also, remember that the two monsters that did that to her have served exactly one day in jail. Now, five years later, it was time for sentencing. The prosecutor requested a 20-year sentence, with a minimum of 5 years served before parole was possible. I have to be honest. To me this was clearly a case of attempted murder. Negligent homicide stopped being applicable, when the child retained the same body weight from the ages between 2 and 5. In addition, the victim provided first hand testimony concerning the severe abuse, which culminated in being found in full cardiac arrest, in a soiled diaper at the age of 5.

Now 11 years old, E.B. reached out from her pain. Giving a statement to the court, “I would like Gwen and Bryon to go to jail because I don’t want what they did to me to happen to anyone else, especially my siblings.”

In spite of the horrific crime, the judge listened to the sob stories of the defense and the Buthman’s. Unbelievably, saying things like incarcerating the Buthman’s would only be done to send a message to the public “that people that do this sort of thing go to prison.”

Yeah, that’s sort of the idea genius. You punish the people that do wrong and set an example to deter others. Still, it gets worse. Williamson actually questioned if they were malnourishing the girl on purpose. She then went on to sympathize even more with the monsters. She voiced concern for the siblings that remained with the Buthman’s stating that jail time would “be devastating for them” and that they “appear to be” caring for the other children. Then using her crystal ball, she said that “she believed they would stay out trouble.”

After hearing the whining from the defense attorney, that Byron lost his job as a neonatal nurse and Gwendalyn may lose her teaching certificate, Williamson agreed, saying that both had suffered “substantial penalties” outside of the legal system.

So, in the end, did Williamson sentence them to 20 years, much less than they deserved?

No, and I hope your sitting down. Williamson sentenced them to four years of probation and 300 hours of community service. She then withheld judgement, meaning that if these two serve their probation without incident, the conviction will be vacated.

The only smart thing that this judge did, was to rule that the Buthmans can’t have any contact with E.B. for 30 years.

How can either of these two have ever been allowed to care for, teach, or adopt children?  Now, after knowing what they’ve done, how can any consequences be a concern of the court?

This is not just a monstrous miscarriage of justice, the danger that these two present still exists.

The Left is not a figment of the imagination. They are destroying our country one brick at a time. Judicial decisions like this, encourage deviant behavior and penalize the victims.

This girl was tortured and this judge sympathized with the ones that tortured her.

Think about it.