Saturday, April 20, 2024

Here’s More Proof People Really Don’t Like Joe Biden

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced that he was running for reelection. He’s calling on voters to put him back in the White House because the “MAGA Republicans” are going to end democracy or something.

Biden’s slogan for his campaign is going to be “Let’s finish the job.” Considering that most Americans think he’s an incompetent moron that may not be the best slogan for his campaign. Most Americans agree the last thing they want Biden to do is his job, let alone “finishing” it for the next five years.

Biden has a contested primary on the Democratic side. That’s actually not unusual. Virtually every incumbent president has a primary challenger in the modern era. Usually, the people who challenge an incumbent president in the primary are has beens, nut jobs, or no name people and there is definitely the case in the Democratic primary.

What is unusual is how weak Biden looks compared to his two far-left nut job opponents, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Marianne Williamson. A recent Fox News poll has Biden with a commanding lead in the primary race but with an extremely weak top-line number for an incumbent president.

A guy that has been in public life for almost 50 years and was a former vice president and a current president should be doing much better in their reelection primary than 62%. I do wonder if RFK,Jr.’s relatively high showing of 19% nationally is due to the Kennedy last name. But what is the explanation for the 9% that Williamson is getting?

Anyway, what it shows is that the American people really do not want Joe Biden to have another term as president. Even worse for Biden is that it appears a large minority of Democratic voters agree with that. There really is no plausible explanation for this.

RFK, Jr.’s far-left positions on the environment certainly have a home in the Democratic Party, but his position on vaccines may not. While traditionally vaccine skepticism, especially of the “vaccines cause autism” type (which has no basis in reality), has been a belief of the hippie types on the left, vaccine skepticism has shifted to the right since COVID and the issues that have come up with the COVID vaccine. RFK, Jr. has been in the forefront of opposing the COVID vaccines so his anti-vaccine position remains consistent.

As for Williamson, she’s a new-age pop culture guru who ran for president in 2020 and didn’t do well, to say the least. She is generally seen as a crank. But yet she draws 9% of the vote which is not insignificant, especially in a primary against an incumbent president.

I don’t expect Joe Biden to lose a single state or to even be troubled at the end of the day against RFK, Jr. or Williamson. But the fact he is polling so weakly against two subpar opponents should be a warning sign to Biden’s campaign. The American people don’t want him for another term and that includes many Democrats.