Thursday, June 01, 2023

If Biden Worked In Vegas He’d Be A “Cooler;” Everything He Touches And All Of His Appointees Are Doomed To Fail

If incompetence was a noble trait, Joe Biden would be worshipped. Instead, barely conscious Joe stumbles around the White House spreading more incompetence everywhere.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term “cooler” as it applies to casinos in Vegas, here’s a brief explanation. A cooler is a casino employee who is sent to tables to stop winning streaks. The theory is that just the presence of the “cooler” in and of itself will, in turn, give bad luck to the rest of the table.

Now tell me, isn’t that what “Joker Joe” should be doing? Instead, we’re forced to live through his reign of failure and delusion. It would be bad enough if Joe stayed locked in the Oval Office, like he did in his basement during his “campaign.” But alas, he’s out making appointments so his incompetence is spread far and wide.

For instance, let’s start with Samuel Brinton. Brinton, who is a self-described nonbinary, looks like a 60-watt lightbulb with bright red lipstick dressed in drag.

Somehow, Biden thought it was a good idea to appoint him to the Department of Energy as the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition. Brinton was caught stealing luggage not once, but twice at two separate airports. First, he was caught stealing one bag in Minnesota and then another in Nevada.

The overall value of the stolen luggage was right at $6,000 dollars, which means that most people would have received as much as ten years in prison. However, under Biden’s tiered justice system, the lightbulb in drag only received a 180-day suspended sentence and was ordered to pay $3,670 to the victim.

Ironically, Brinton who stated he wanted to “save the world from nuclear waste,” was identified on security camera footage during his Vegas theft. The police report stated that they observed “a white male adult wearing a white T-shirt with a large rainbow colored atomic nuclear symbol design.” Brilliant.

The woke window dressing continued with Pete Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg was named Transportation Secretary for one reason only, he is gay. His qualifications for the position he now holds would not fill a thimble. His presence exists only as a demonstration of far-left smugness.

What the left doesn’t grasp is that being gay, transgender, or a minority alone are not qualifications. You can be who you are, but if you are appointed to a position of authority and responsibility you must be qualified for that position.

The U.S. Department of Transportation consist of over 55,000 employees and thirteen agencies, which includes the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Railroad Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The person that holds this position serves as the principal advisor to the President of The United States on all matters relating to transportation.

The population of South Bend is approximately 103,000. So rationally ask yourself, how does a mayor of a small city like South Bend, get appointed to such an important position? More importantly consider this, Buttigieg is obviously not qualified for the job, so what damage will be done by his incompetence?

In August of 2021, with store shelves emptying and supply chain issue mounting, Buttigieg a man, took a full 2-month maternity leave. This while ships were stranded offshore at ports.

In June of last year, with flight cancellations and delays spiraling out of control because of staff shortages, Buttigieg essentially sat on his hands. While airlines were knowingly scheduling flights they knew they couldn’t provide, costing consumers time, money, and inconvenience, he scheduled what was essentially a photo op meeting with the airlines and washed his hands of any responsibility, instead choosing to wait and see how July 4th went.

In December of last year, both Biden and Buttigieg once again embarrassed themselves by concentrating on woke nonsense while ignoring substantial issues such as supply chain visibility. At that time, the department  announced plans to award $1.5 billion in grants for projects that promote “racial equity, environmental justice and union jobs in transportation.”

Just last week, Buttigieg doubled down on statements that he has made in the past. During an interview, he once again claimed that America’s roadways are racist. While quoting cherry picked statistics that prove nothing, Buttigieg proved again that he is only useful as a distraction for Biden while continuing to prove that he himself is an unqualified tool promoting leftist propaganda.

Our tour of “Wokeville” continues as we now discuss Biden’s Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona.

Earlier this week, Cardona repeatedly refused to answer a very simple question from Georgia Representative Andrew Clyde, “Can you please tell me or can you please define for me what is a woman?”

This isn’t the first time that a liberal leftist has struggled with this question, which obviously means that they can’t grasp reality. I’m sure that you, like myself, don’t know anyone that can’t answer that. Unfortunately, the lefts refusal to face the truth has already damaged women and what they are now considering will cripple them regarding sports.

This confrontation took place took place at a House Appropriations Committee hearing on proposed Title IX rule changes. If the changes are approved it would allow biological males to compete against females.

The exchange went like this:

After hearing the question Cardona responded:

“Our focus at the department is to provide equal access to students, including students who are LGBTQ, access free from discrimination.”

Clyde then repeated: “So what’s the definition of a woman? You haven’t given me that. You haven’t answered my question.”

“I think that’s almost secondary to the important role that I have as Secretary of Education,” Cardona responded.

“My question’s not secondary, my question is very simple. What does HHS say the definition of a woman is?”

“I lead the Department of Education, and my job is to make sure that all students have access to public education, which includes co-curricular activities, and I think you highlighted pretty well the importance of Title IX and giving students equal access, whether it’s scholarship and facilities and participation as well.”

“OK, so you’re not going to answer my question. Do you believe that a biological male who self-identifies as a woman should be allowed to compete in women’s sports?”

Cardona again refused to answer, saying, “I believe our focus needs to make sure that all students have access to public education.”

“So you’re not going to answer my question. Do you believe allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports benefits female athletes?”

“I believe it’s important that we take into account the needs of all students when they’re engaging in …?

Clyde then interrupted, “So you’re not going to answer my question. Do you believe allowing biological males to enter women’s private spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms is safe for female students?”

“It’s critically important that we make sure all students feel safe in their school environment,” Cardona responded. “It means that the perspective of all students should be taken into account when decisions are made around facilities.”

This entire issue is ridiculous. Men cannot and should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports …. Period. Nor should men be allowed to enter a women’s bathroom or locker room, under any circumstances …. Period.

Transgenders make up .0004 percent of American population, yet the Left is willing to sacrifice hard earned women’s right to people that are mentally ill.

Next up, Biden’s Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Steve Dettelbach. Earlier this week, Dettelbach admitted that he could not define what an assault weapon is.

When asked by Texas Representative Jake Ellzey to define an assault weapon in 15 seconds, Dettelbach said this:

“I’ll go shorter than that, because honestly, if Congress wishes to take that up, I think Congress would have to do the work, but we would be there to provide technical assistance. I, unlike you, am not a firearms expert to the same extent as you maybe, but we have people at ATF who can talk about velocity of firearms, what damage different kinds of firearms cause, so that whatever determination you chose to make would be an informed one.”

So Biden wants to ban assault weapons and his director of ATF can’t even define what one is …. Hmmmm.

Last but not least, is Biden’s current nominee for Labor Secretary, Julie Su. Su, according to two independent contractor groups is decidedly “anti-labor.”

Without going into a lot of detail, let’s just say that she was California’s Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Agency under Democrat Gavin Newsom. While there she backed a bill titled AB5 which essentially crippled independent contractors in the state.

In an interview with the “Daily Caller”, Karen Anderson, founder, and president of Freelancers Against AB 5 said Su’s nomination for Labor secretary is “inexplicable” after the bill’s “stranglehold” on small businesses and independent contractors across the state. Anderson also experienced the effects of Su’s control over California’s labor market and said that her policies posed “an existential threat to my career.”

Anderson continued, “She would be bringing California’s dumpster fire to the entire nation. If she were the labor head, she would be aggressively doubling down on these very destructive policies from California and threaten the livelihoods of tens of millions of independent contractors, small businesses, and industries nationwide.”

“It’s unions, unions, unions, they don’t care that we’re roadkill.”

So there you have it, a burnt out drag queen lightbulb, that was the Department of Energy’s deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition. Fortunately, he was eventually dismissed as a thief. A secretary of Transportation that was only hired because he is gay, has no experience, and thinks roadways are racist. A Secretary of Education that wants to allow men to compete in women’s sports but can’t define what a woman is. The Director of ATF that wants to ban assault weapons but can’t explain what one is, and a Labor Secretary nominee with a horrible record that is decidedly, anti-labor.

If Biden formed a band, he would pick people that didn’t play instruments and couldn’t sing.