Thursday, June 08, 2023

“Killer Cop” Website Puts Bounty On Officer’s Heads, Says “Rewards Are Double All Year For Detectives And Female Cops”

Seriously, how could this have happened?  Oh sure, there will be investigations and excuses, but you have to ask yourself, was this done deliberately?

Last week, Twitter “Finally” took down the account of some clown named Steven Sutcliff that uses the handle @killercop1984, but only after the Los Angeles Police Protective League sued him as the owner of the “killer cop” website. He was accused of publishing photos of officers and placing a bounty on killing them.

Craig Lally, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, released a statement that said:

“We are appreciative of Twitter acting swiftly to take down this dangerous website that called for the murder of Los Angeles police officers. This was not about freedom of speech or public discourse; this was about protecting officers and their families and for that we are grateful that this site is suspended.”

Although gracious of Lally, my question would be how in the hell was he allowed to even have a Twitter account? Obviously, not much has changed since Musk took over.

The lawsuit is in response to the release of the names and photos of almost every LAPD officer by the LAPD themselves. This was done as part of a public records request by a nonprofit organization, “Knock LA.” The info was then posted online by “Stop LAPD Spying Coalition,” a Leftist group that wants to abolish law enforcement in its current form.  The information that was released encompassed over 9,300 officers and included some that work undercover.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of three plaintiffs, Officers Douglas Panameno, Adam Gross and Adrian Rodriguez, and demands that their photos and other personal information be removed from the website.

In the lawsuit, several tweets are mentioned that expose the vile nature and intent of the website.

“Remember, #Rewards are double all year for #detectives and #female cops.”

Another tweet included a link to a database of officer photos which included a disgusting caption that read:

“Clean headshots on these #LAPD officers. A to Z.”

The “Watch the Watchers” database includes each officer’s name, ethnicity, rank, date of hire, division, bureau and badge number, as well as a photo of the officer.

After the photos and information was posted, department leaders revealed that the information concerning undercover officers had inadvertently been released. They then initiated an internal investigation to determine exactly how the leak had occurred. It is believed that the exposed undercover officers that are compromised could be in the hundreds.

In one of the lamest takes in recent memory, LAPD Chief Michael Moore said that he supported the Protective League’s efforts to have the photos and information taken down. (Ya Think?) He then said that the LAPD is investigating whether “solicitation of violence against officers” is criminal in nature.

“The posts, the nature of the posts, they’re not just intimidation. They’re threatening, and they may constitute a crime. We erred in the sense that there’s photographs that are in there that should not have been in there. Now, but that ship has sailed. All those photographs are out here. What I find concerning is that as I feared, actors or individuals who are now taking this information and attempting to intimidate or scare and frighten.”

Wow, you can’t pull anything over on this guy.

It should be noted that before the lawsuit was filed, the union lodged a formal complaint against both Moore and Lizabeth Rhodes, the Director of LAPD’s Office of Constitutional Policing over the handling of the photo data.

In a tweet, Mayor Karen Bass called the leak, “an unacceptable breach that put lives of our officers and their families at risk.” She then called for a full accounting of what took place.

Meanwhile, Sutcliffe continued to try and defend his actions. Calling the lawsuit, “malicious.” He went on to call it “retaliatory, vindictive, and frivolous. Their motion is filled with lies. They are trying to silence my free speech. The truth cannot be retaliatory. It is First Amendment protected speech.”

This isn’t the first rodeo for this fool. In 2003, he was convicted of felony charges for using a website that he created to threaten executives at Global Crossings, Ltd., a company that he was fired from twice.

Clearly, there are problems with the police force in Los Angeles and it starts at the top. This type of a breach is inexcusable and places every single officer and their families at risk. Sadly, the Leftist appear to view them as expendable, otherwise blatantly inept errors like this would not be made.