Sunday, February 25, 2024

No Jab, No Kidney, No Sense

Why? In one of the more heartless displays of refusing to accept reality, Emory Healthcare in Atlanta is refusing a mother of seven a kidney transplant for not being vaccinated. What does it take to get through to these “jaded jab jerks?”

Jane Doe, as the mother is being referred to, is only 41 years old. Unfortunately, she is forced to be on dialysis three times per week and is quite possibly facing death. Jane, who is a devout Catholic, refused to take the vaccine base on both medical and religious reasons. Then when she suddenly came down with end stage kidney disease she was referred to Emory by her nephrologist.

At Emory, she revealed that she had not been vaccinated, but after an evaluation by one of the nurse practitioners at the transplant center, she was found to be an acceptable candidate for a new kidney.

Later, Jane was crushed when after consulting again with Emory personnel, she was told that she could not move forward by being placed on the active waiting list for a kidney. Unless that is, she agreed to take the shot.

Emory is one of the premier transplant centers in the south, and they are literally holding a woman’s life hostage over a vaccine that the FDA admits, does not prevent infection, or prevent transmission. Want another stupefying statistic? Emory isn’t alone in their callous ignorance. Thirty five percent of the transplant centers across the country are still requiring patients to be vaccinated.

Jane’s plight has been taken up by Liberty Counsel, a national non-profit organization. According to them, Jane had previously contracted Covid and a recent antibody test revealed that her immunity is higher than most individuals that have received a two-dose series of Pfizer and those who are 90 days post vaccination.

On April 17th, Liberty Council sent a letter to Emory Healthcare requesting that Jane be granted religious and medical exemptions from the vaccine mandate. It also request that she be reactivated and placed on the active waiting list for kidney transplants.

In order to clarify Janes’s religious and medical requests for exemption, the letter points out that every available vaccine is associated with aborted “fetal cell lines.”

As a devout Catholic, Jane does not believe in being injected with those substances. Medically, the letter states that Jane has already contracted and recovered from Covid and leaned on her natural immunity as another reason the jab was unnecessary.

“Because of her acquired natural immunity and documented SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and other factors, Jane respectfully requests that the Transplant Team and/or Committee permit her to obtain an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccinations because of the risks associated with vaccinating someone with such a high antibody count.”

The letter also cited federal law which requires that all individuals who are offered a product that was issued under Emergency Use Authorization must be informed that they have a choice to take it or not.

“The statutorily required Fact Sheets for each of the EUA COVID-19 vaccines acknowledge that individuals cannot be compelled to accept or receive the vaccine.”

In a press release on April 20th, Liberty Council also called attention to the risk of blood clots, myocarditis and other heart related issues associated with the vaccines as additional medical objections. They also pointed out that since the Covid emergency was rescinded on April 11th, there are currently no approved Food and Drug Administration shots available. All of the current vaccines fall under the Emergency Use Authorization umbrella and that Emory can’t lawfully use not taking the vaccine as grounds to deny providing a transplant.

In the press release, Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman, Matt Staver reached out to Emory looking for compassion.

“It is unconscionable to deny anyone a religious or medical accommodation from an experimental injection, especially someone who needs an organ transplant. Emory should be ashamed of its actions and reverse this unreasonable policy.

Emory needs to do the right action immediately and allow this woman to receive the kidney she needs to save her life.”

To emphasize the above point, The Coalition Advocating For Adequately Labeled Medicines (CAALM) filed a petition requesting the FDA update product labeling for the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines to better reflect their true safety and efficacy.

The FDA Responded: “FDA authorization and licensure standards for vaccines do not require the demonstration of the prevention of infection or transmission. Similarly, a vaccine can meet the EUA standard without any evidence that the vaccine prevents infection or transmission.”

Unbelievable. If I’m the president of Emory Healthcare, I’d think seriously about donating a kidney.

Good Luck Jane.