Saturday, May 18, 2024

RADIO: Talking About The Trump Indictment This Morning In Chicago

This morning, as I often do. I was on 560AM’s The Morning Answer show in Chicago with Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson, and there were a couple of things happening to chew over.

Obviously, the Trump indictment and the response by Queen Karine Jean-Pierre, who had no response, was one. Another was Chicago’s mayoral election, won by neocommunist Brandon Johnson over moderate Democrat Paul Vallas.

Nothing good going on in the world, obviously. So  of course I’m on the scene to help out with the discussion of the fresh horrors in the Windy City, the Big Apple and elsewhere.

By the way, the American Spectator column about not bailing out the blue cities and states is here. And here is an excerpt…

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to demand that Republicans representing Republican constituencies begin fighting the Cold Civil War that is clearly upon us. And the easiest, most obvious way to fight it is to stop subsidizing the enemy.

No money for bailouts. No money for block grants. No money for political welfare and graft for urban Democrat machines.

No more money. Cut it off. The blue machine will either learn to fend for itself, which means it won’t be all that blue anymore, or it’ll die as it must. And it’ll scream as it goes, and it’ll say horrible things about its enemies.

But it’s like this: your life as a Republican congressman will not be made worse by Cori Bush attacking your character. You can survive that. And once you realize that, this wonderful alternative world in which your constituents don’t have to pay for the failure of people who hate them now becomes tangible.

And it might just become a reality if enough of us make this desire clear to our representatives on Capitol Hill.