Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Said Something Absolutely True About Tucker Carlson’s Firing

Last week Tucker Carlson had Robert F. Kennedy, Junior, the insurgent Democrat candidate running against Joe Biden who has zero chance to win but whose candidacy is the healthiest thing that has happened to the Democrats in more than a half-century, on his show. Here’s video of that appearance…

Kennedy tweeted this after Carlson’s firing…

He’s correct. And it’s notable that when Carlson was fired, the reflexive explanation for it was that this had something to do with the Fox News Dominion Voting Machines settlement that has been blamed on his reporting of the 2020 presidential election.

Of course, there is very little truth in that. In fact, Carlson was perhaps the most active voice in American media discrediting Sidney Powell over her refusal to substantiate her accusations about Dominion.

When what’s much more likely the case was that Carlson touched the Third Rail of American media, and violated its First Commandment.

Which is Thou Shalt Not Criticize Big Pharma.

At the end of that segment Carlson noted that RFK Jr.’s critique of vaccines, some of which might well be over the top (not the COVID vaccines, obviously; he’s been an anti-vaxxer in other contexts which are less clearly indicative of abuse), will likely deny him media access on other corporate platforms. Specifically MSNBC and CNN.

But it turns out Fox News is no less a Pharma slave. And Carlson’s ouster is far more proof of that than anything the Dominion lawsuit might be evidence of. Insurance will cover most of that settlement, as everyone knows.

The fact is, Big Pharma utterly and completely controls corporate media in the United States.

Watch commercial television for an hour and count how many commercial spots are run and how many of those are by drug companies. Do it a couple of times later in the week or whatever and compare the results.

You will be absolutely amazed. You don’t even notice how many drug ads there are. There are drug ads for HIV treatments which run during college football and NASCAR broadcasts. That’s how pervasive their advertising is. Those you’d probably notice because they seem so out of place. You don’t notice the diabetes drugs, the anti-depression medications and the others hardly at all anymore, but you can spout practically the entire scripts of those ads thanks to sheer repetition by this point.

You’ve been completely conditioned. And it’s entirely possible that you’re taking multiple prescription drugs right now and never stopped to think whether they’re really necessary, or whether a change in diet, exercise or sleep habits wouldn’t accomplish the same physical objective with less side effects. This is quite possibly true even if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s or maybe even younger.

And when you understand this dynamic, you begin to understand why there stopped being any investigative journalism done on negative effects of drugs years ago.

An American media not controlled by Pharma would have absolutely gone to war over the psychotropic drugs given to kids and how many mass shooters and suicides have been created, not to mention childhood obesity brought on by those prescriptions for kids whose “disorder” was nothing more than they happened to be energetic.

But we don’t get that at all.

It’s so abused that when these drug companies create experimental vaccines with grave side effects for perfectly healthy people you can’t even discuss it without being censored for “disinformation.”

This is why corporate media needs to be destroyed and why advertising as a mode of monetization for media has to be phased out going forward.

We’re working on that at RVIVR, and as we get closer to moving our plans forward we’ll talk about how that might be done.