Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Staff That Planned “Licking Game” Needs To Be Fired “Lickety- Split”

Growing up in Pennsylvania schools, when the weather was nice we played outside. Dodgeball, kickball, softball, basketball, soccer, races, etc. When the weather was too cold, or inclement, we stayed in the gym. Inside we did things like gymnastics, the shuttle run, races, basketball, dodgeball, rope climbing, etc.

At Desert Hills Middle School, in Kennewick, Washington they had a different idea about how to have fun in the gym. Just before spring break, the school held an assembly and fundraiser. One activity was so bizarre that you honestly have to wonder who thought of it, who thought it was a good idea, and who made the props involved.

Now picture this.  A folding table is placed in the middle of the gym. A framed piece of plexiglass with a solid base is placed on the table. On both sides of the plexiglass, marshmallow cream is smeared in the same four locations, so that they are opposed to each other. Then a team of students on one side and a team of staff members on the other side, raced to see who could lick all of the marshmallow cream off first. Often times, a student and staff member would be licking face to face, separated by only the plexiglass.

One of the students that filmed this insanity had his video go viral. On the audio, you can hear typical child like reactions. While some cheered, others commented on how gross it was. One even asked, “who thought this was a good idea?”

The mother of one student that recorded the event, posted it on Facebook and then shared it with the Jason Ranz Show on KTTH radio.

During an interview on the Jason Ranz Show, she shared her outrage in this way:

“When I first saw the video I was mortified. The pure lack of judgment was horrifying by the display of behavior from the trusted adults in the room. What got me even more upset was when I saw the principal laughing and then pulling his phone out to videotape or take pictures of the event. He seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the game, instead of protecting our children and stopping the game. In my opinion, we do not send our children to school to be exposed to highly sexualized behavior by adults. We send them to school to learn and for them to socialize with other people their ages. They shouldn’t have to sit in a gym for a school assembly and wonder what is going on. Schools should be a safe place for children to go and this despicable display of adult behavior was hard to watch.”

Once the District Superintendent, Dr. Traci Pierce learned of the video, She immediately sent a letter to the parents addressing the disturbing incident.

“This activity does not reflect the high standards we hold for our staff members as outlined in district policy. The content of a video being shared on social media is highly concerning and the situation is currently being investigated by the district. This activity does not have district approval and will never be repeated in the future.”

For obvious reasons, many parents and concerned members of the community accused the liberal staff members of grooming the children because of the sexual implications of the game. However, Pierce claimed that was not the intent.

“While there is no question about the appropriateness of the activity and its negative impact, after thoroughly investigating how and why this particular activity took place, it is clear that the intent of the activity was innocent and not ill-intended. There is zero evidence to suggest or support that this was in any way “grooming” activity on the part of organizers or participants. That being said, the fact that the activity was planned, occurred, and not stopped, shows a lack of sound discernment and good judgement [sic], and the activity is not aligned with district expectations.”

The principal of Desert Hills Middle School is Casey Gant. He was caught on the video laughing as well as filming the incident. Following the superintendent’s lead he also issued a written apology.

“On behalf of Desert Hills Middle School, I would like to apologize for the activity that took place during our recent assembly. As building principal, I take ownership for the events that occur in my school, and I recognize the impact that this situation has had on our school community. I am committed to the safety of our students and staff and will ensure that all future activities meet the highest professional standards and adhere to district policy. Again, I apologize that this incident occurred and for the negativity brought to the Desert Hills community.”

Superintendent Pierce revealed that she is taking “corrective measures.” However, “due to confidentiality with respect to personnel matters, no further details regarding corrective personnel actions will be shared.”

As the late Rear Admiral Grace Hopper once said, “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.”

In my humble opinion, that seems to be the case here. Having students face to face with staff members, licking marshmallow cream, doesn’t seem accidental. This seems like a leftist staff pushing the liberal envelope and hoping to get away with it. Knowing full well that they could claim to be oblivious if they got caught.

Don’t let them. Now fire them and let them lick their wounds.