Friday, May 24, 2024

The Deep State Empire Strikes Back

The criminal indictment of President Trump in Manhattan is the beginning of a series of cascading events that the Deep State hopes will remove an enormous thorn in their side once and for all.

In truth, Deep State leftists and spineless RINOs would have preferred Trump retire to Mar-a-Lago, where he could play a lot of golf, avoid legal entanglements, make a few speeches and fade into oblivion. It’s actually easy to envision some sleazy Christopher Steele-type conveying such an offer through back-channels.

“Pssst. Hey, Trump. You go away, and we’ll go away. But if you still insist on running…”

Yet, it’s not in Trump’s DNA to back away from a fight. He persisted, and here we are.

The case surrounding the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels was always considered a legal nothing burger. In fact, it had so little merit that the current New York District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, declined to prosecute the case in February 2022. His predecessor, Cyrus Vance Jr., had also passed on it, as did the Department of Justice.

However, as Trump started hinting in mid-2022 that he might run for president yet again, Bragg curiously decided to reopen the investigation. When Trump officially announced his candidacy on November 15, 2022, Bragg followed by convening a grand jury two months later in January 2023.

You think that is a coincidence?

Trump is being “Arpaioed”

In an earlier post, I outlined the similarities between the left’s strategy to eliminate Trump and the bevy of lawsuits that ultimately brought down America’s Toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, in Arizona. The left hated Arpaio because he treated criminals like, well, criminals. When he began arresting illegal aliens because the federal government wouldn’t do its job, it was a bridge too far. The ACLU found some patsy they could use as an excuse to sue Arpaio, and when they won in court, the legal sharks circled. Over the next several years, Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office defended 6,000 cases at a cost of $100 million to taxpayers. Ultimately, Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt of court and sentenced to prison before President Trump pardoned him.

Arpaio ran again, but after winning five elections by wide margins, he was crushed in his sixth and last reelection bid. The voters had enough. They were exhausted from the lawsuits, expense, negative publicity and the drama.

Woke leftists around the country paid attention…

The First Inning of a Long Game

America First supporters have reacted to Bragg’s indictment and Trump’s arraignment with vociferous outrage. In the court of public opinion, the left was destroyed, even in their own media. However, it would be foolish to underestimate the brilliant strategists that populate the woke authoritarian movement. It’s important to remember these people quietly waited decades while slowly infiltrating academia, the courts, the K-12 education system, the media and government. Without warning, we looked around one day and realized they controlled all of our major institutions. They are extraordinarily patient and relentlessly persistent.

Once the initial anger dissipates, Trump voters need to understand the legal onslaught is only going to ramp up as the election draws closer. Again, it’s no coincidence this is all playing out in 2023. By the time Trump is indicted in Georgia, Washington D.C. for January 6th and charged with obstruction in the classified documents case, the left is hoping the same kind of fatigue that gripped Arpaio voters in Phoenix will settle over the Trump campaign.

Like all other major radical initiatives designed to reshape America, woke Marxists are prepared for a long, painful grind, and we must face the unpleasant reality that they rarely lose when it matters. 2016 may have been the last time they were caught unprepared, but they learned their lesson, and they are committed to ensuring that never happens again.

History tells us that cosmopolitan America talks a good game, but they’re rarely in it for the long haul. Remember, while you’re having a barbeque, they’re carrying a sign at a protest. While you’re watching your kid’s soccer practice, they’re at a school board meeting demanding CRT curriculum. Leftists are aware that eliminating Trump by perverting the legal system carries significant risk, but the former president has been such an annoying impediment in their march toward authoritarian rule, they simply can’t take the chance he wins the Republican nomination yet again.

We’ve reached the end of “The Deep State Strikes Back,” and the credits are rolling.

Let us pray the third story in the trilogy is titled, “Return of the Trump Jedi.”