Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Hypocrisy Of The Left’s Feigned Outrage Of Bacha Bazi While Embracing Drag/Transgenderism And Youth Mutilation

Bacha Bazi is a custom that has been around Afghan tradition for centuries. A rough translation means “dancing boys.” The practice involves gathering young boys referred to as “Bacha Bareesh,” or beardless boys, dressing them as girls, including makeup and making them dance for their “masters.” This practice has led to rampant sexual abuse, slavery, and trafficking of the boys by powerful men.

It isn’t unusual for these children to be removed from their homes and their parents under the guise of being protected and educated for a better future. Instead, they are used and exploited until they begin to grow facial hair. At that point, they are no longer of use to their abusers and they are released. Unfortunately, after having been enslaved for years, the psychological damage rarely results in them making a successful transition into society.

The practice actually began in the 19th century. At that time women were banned from dancing professionally, so boys were taken, dressed as girls and taught to dance. Often they did so with a scarf over their face and bells tied to their feet. For their services, which obviously included sexual exploitation, they received minimal food and very little money.

Just to show how good and evil can blend together, when the Taliban took over in the 90’s, Bacha Bazi was outlawed. They do not believe the practice coincides with Sharia Law. However, the Taliban continued the deplorable treatment of women and used the boys as bodyguards, soldiers and even suicide bombers.

Before the Taliban takeover it was said that “when crows fly over Kandahar they clamp one wing over their bottoms, just in case.” After the takeover it was said that the “crows fly with two wings.”

This issue alone highlights the complexity of the situation in Afghanistan. Afghan tradition has a long dark secret of suppressing women’s rights, as well as the accepted sexual abuse, trafficking, and at times the murder of young boys. So when the Taliban took control, that one aspect of evil was eliminated, only to be replaced with the murderous abuses brought on by their reign. This is surely a situation where the expression “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” would apply. It’s like choosing between the lesser of two evils.

When the U.S. invaded in 2001, Bacha Bazi was not only reborn, it was also invigorated. With the Mujahideen back in power, young boys were kidnapped, trafficked, used as sexual slaves, then sold and used again. As the commanders of the Mujahideen grew in stature, this sick practice of abuse became normalized within Afghan society. With such deep-rooted acceptance within the Afghan government, families helplessly handed over their sons, knowing what their future would hold.

The U.S. presence did nothing to dissuade this grotesque “tradition.” Instead, they turned a blind eye to the torture, not wanting to interfere with domestic matters, in spite of knowing about and seeing the inhumanity.

While sharing military bases with the Afghan National Security Force (ANSF), the raping and abuse was commonly heard and witnessed by American military personnel. Soldiers were openly told to ignore these human rights violations. On one occasion an Afghan commander literally had a boy tied to his bed on the base.

Ironically, homosexuality is illegal in Afghanistan. The abuse of young boys is viewed as culturally acceptable and doesn’t diminish the masculinity of the man committing the act. The Afghan male that is penetrating the young boy is seen as powerful. In fact, his ability to dominate the younger boy is flaunted. The older man’s is not emasculated by penetrating another male, nor is his sexual identity defined by it. This act has nothing to do with love or caring, it is strictly about power.

There was a time when it would have been troubling that the United States did nothing to try and reform this culture. These are violations of human rights, and whether or not they are thought to be socially acceptable or not it doesn’t diminish the crimes.

Once some of the atrocities were exposed, the feigned outrage began, but nothing has changed. The crimes were and are being swept under the rug and you can bet that there is money changing hands so the status quo is maintained.

That being said, the left has placed us in a position where our stance on human rights no longer matters. Thanks to the Biden administration, we can no longer insert ourselves into the human rights discussion.

Under this Marxist regime, the United States has descended into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. Homosexuality and lesbianism aren’t even accepted in most places in the world. Yet, we as a society are not only being asked to accept it, we are asked to tolerate being bombarded with non-stop propaganda. Shout out to  everyone involved in that lifestyle, God Bless you. Live your life, but stop infringing on my rights to satisfy yours. You are living an alternative lifestyle; the majority of America is not. The constant badgering is saying that acceptance is no longer enough. It’s as though the LGBT community is waiting for those of us that are straight to take part in some sort of active societal celebration. It isn’t going to happen. We don’t expect you to celebrate our heterosexuality, your acceptance is enough for us, and ours should be for you as well.

Where the left has really lost sight of reality is concerning transgenderism. Transgenders represent .0004 percent of the American population and yet the left continues to try and create a mass hysteria surrounding this mental illness.

When you read that in Afghanistan it isn’t unusual for children to be removed from their home under the guise of being protected and educated for a better future, you were probably disgusted, right?

Well that’s exactly what the left is doing to America’s children. Liberal adults are so blinded by their own selfish agendas, that they are willing to roll the dice with your child’s health and life. There are actually states in the U.S. right now that are trying to pass legislation to protect any child that comes to their state wanting to live a transgender lifestyle. These states even want to provide surgical transitions without any liability to contact the child’s parents.

The left has created a country that now actively confuses young minds with drag shows in elementary and middle schools. Gay men, dressing flamboyantly performing sexually suggestive dances, and in some cases even giving lap dances, or exposing themselves to children. All of which may result in a child eventually consenting to the mutilation of their body, without being able to evaluate the true consequences of what they’re doing.

Afghanistan discriminates against women and exploits young boys. We have leaders that can’t identify what a woman is. Liberals allow men to compete against females and are willing to cajole both biological sexes into mutilating their bodies.

The left preaches inclusion but creates exclusion. When we used to hear horror stories about atrocities in other places around the world we could comfort ourselves by saying, “that could never happen here.”

Those days are over.