Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The Left’s New Religion Is The LGBTQ Lifestyle And Their Churches Are Our Public Schools

The woke, liberal, Marxist left has started a new religion. They preach it daily and with the backing of a mesmerized MSM, a GOP party that is sleepwalking, and an inept sock puppet administration, they are running rampant over every value that has made our country great.

It’s time that we stop dismissing this as a trend. It’s time for rational people to understand that the left is using their new religion, to unhinge the mentality of corporations, high tech, the criminal justice system, and the public school system.

Life happens so fast now, that we have an innate tendency to just accept things. Things that if we stepped back and really thought about them, we would be infuriated about. Combine this speed of life phenomenon with the sense that there is nothing that we can do. All of us at times simply feel that everything is so out of control, that there is no way to bring tings back to normal.

The new religion of the left centers around is the LBGTQ community, and if you think that I am using semantics by calling it a religion, hear me out. A religion is based upon a set of beliefs or ideals that in many ways dictates your lifestyle. Religion in most cases, also may have traditions or rituals, that when you gather with those of a like mind, those traditions are practiced.

Unlike most religions which have a church, synagogue, temple, etc. where these traditions and rituals are practiced, the left is using our public schools as their worship centers. This is a fact, and it isn’t up for debate.

Consider this, If you are a Catholic, you attend Catholic mass at a Catholic church. The same can be said about every religion. You attend services at a particular location, because the religion that you have chosen to follow is practiced there. You are there by choice, you are not being inundated with values that you don’t agree with.

That isn’t the case with the LGBTQ religion.

A school building is constructed for learning specific subjects that will enable students in academic areas of their lives. Subjects involving, reading, writing, math, English, science, history, etc.  IT IS NOT A CHURCH FOR ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES.

So why is a cross not allowed in a classroom, but a rainbow flag is? Why can specifics about religious beliefs not be discussed, but the irrational idea that gender can be modified simply by saying so is encouraged? Also, if there is nothing wrong with it, why do over 5,000 schools have policies in place to hide it from the parents of the child? Why are teachers and coaches being fired for praying, on some occasions even silently, but oral and anal sex freely espoused?

The answer to all of those questions is not only that it shouldn’t be allowed, IT CAN’T BE ALLOWED.

For all of the talk about inclusion, the left’s new religion is based on FORCED ACCEPTANCE.

If a normal biological male entered a female restroom and exposed himself while urinating would it be accepted? No, in fact he would be suspended, arrested, or expelled if it took place at a school. So why is a mentally disturbed biological male, that thinks he wants to be a female, allowed to do it? Is the discomfort or embarrassment of the females involved lessened in any way?  No, in fact the mental instability of the male involved actually makes the situation more dangerous, a fact the left denies.

Taking it up a notch, think about a biological male, totally nude, showering with totally nude females. Do either of these examples, which are taking place in many places today, sound inclusive of the females? Are their feelings of embarrassment, concern and outright fear being considered? No, the left’s “inclusion” only extends as far as the parameters of their agenda. Everyone and everything else is collateral damage, and frankly, they don’t give a damn who gets hurt, or what gets destroyed.

The left is so blatantly dedicated to their new religion, that they have no problem destroying female athletics. Their ignorance of reality is denying women of awards, records, and scholarships. It is unconscionable that there is a segment of society that would promote this as fair and try to use inclusion as justification for this farce of the truth.

The bottom line is this. There comes a time when the ideas concerning Red or Blue, Republican or Democrat and Conservative or Liberal need to be placed to the side and the concept of Right and Wrong need to be highlighted Front and Center.

There are students that are being punished when they say that the LGBTQ lifestyle is offensive to their beliefs. Even more are afraid to speak up for fear of punishment or retribution. That is intimidation, not inclusion.  

Promotion of the Christian lifestyle, the Jewish lifestyle, the Muslim lifestyle, or any other lifestyle can not be promoted, so why is LGBTQ promotion tolerated?

Exposure in schools is tantamount to promotion. You cannot allow one type of lifestyle to be celebrated and at the same time refuse to allow another lifestyle to be exposed and discussed. Semantics on this issue are not relevant. If you are part of the LGBTQ endorsers, don’t even try to sell me on the idea that Christianity, Judaism the Muslim faith, or any others beliefs are religions and that LGBTQ ideals are a lifestyle, that dog wont hunt.

Either all lifestyles can be celebrated, or none can. All other religions must be kept separate from public forums, especially schools, and the LGBTQ religion must abide by the same rules. Like any religion, all individuals have the right to practice whatever they believe, but they cannot do it openly in public schools. Otherwise, the school is showing preference of one religion or lifestyle over another, and that is definitely unconstitutional.

The LGBTQ community and all of those that promote it’s lifestyle/religion need to face a reality that every other religion has already had to face. Not everyone has the same beliefs as you, and because of that, the government in an attempt not to offend anyone, does not allow it to be promoted and certainly not celebrated in public schools. What is happening right now is worse. It’s not only being promoted and celebrated, it’s also being forced upon others without compromise and is causing detrimental results to many.

LGBTQ beliefs are a religious ideology and lifestyle. The believers need to find or build locations to celebrate those ideals, just like all other religions. Using public schools to recruit and groom new believers is not acceptable and it must be stopped now.