Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Weaponization of Polling for 2024 has Begun

And so it begins…

If you want to understand the left’s goal in indicting President Trump, follow the polls. They will relentlessly frame a narrative of voter fatigue and growing support for the indictment(s).

According to the most recent Yahoo/YouGov poll, the initial boost Trump received after the Stormy Daniels hush money indictment has faded, leaving Trump with a 52% to 36% advantage over Ron DeSantis in a head-to-head matchup.

That’s a loss of 10 points in just two weeks.

Trump’s lead over DeSantis is still larger than it was in a YouGov poll conducted in February, but that was just before Trump started launching cruise missiles in DeSantis’ direction, accusing him of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Yahoo is quick to point out that for the first time since February, less than half of Republican respondents prefer Trump over “someone else.” 39% say they would support someone else, and 12% say they’re not sure.

The Two Meaningful Metrics to Watch

A deeper look at the poll results provides insight into the agenda of those behind its construction.

The most suspect result relates to the question of whether respondents approve or disapprove of Trump’s indictment for “falsifying business records to conceal a hush money payment to a porn star.” While it’s easy to imagine more Democrats piling on the indictment bandwagon, the number of Republicans who approve of the indictment also increased from 12% to 19%.

What could possibly explain this phenomenon? What smoking gun emerged that would enhance Bragg’s tortured case in the last two weeks? What conservative media outlet has suddenly changed its mind and decided Trump is guilty? In fact, the deep dive into the indictment by legal analysts eviscerated Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for ignoring major crime in New York while pursuing a political vendetta.

There is nothing plausible that would explain why Republican voters suddenly and inexplicably find the case compelling, unless the RINO branch of the party believes they can slither over to the other side without consequence. More likely, it’s a deliberate effort on the part of the pollsters to establish a negative trend that might discourage Trump supporters.

Along with the issue of the indictment, there was this curious question: “What feelings come to mind when thinking about a Trump-Biden rematch?”

Predictably, the number one response was exhaustion. Apparently, 67% of all voters feel a sense of exhaustion (37%) and fear (29%) when they imagine a Trump/Biden 2024 race. It’s important to remember that word, exhaustion, because it’s the same term that we heard repeatedly when the left used the litigation tactic to drive America’s Toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, out of office and into political oblivion.

Arpaio was an enormously popular figure in Arizona and nationally, winning five elections by overwhelming margins, but when he started arresting illegal aliens because the Feds wouldn’t do their job, the Deep State had enough. They peppered Arpaio with an endless string of lawsuits at a cost of $100 million to the taxpayer, and in 2016, voters abandoned Arpaio, and he lost by 12%.

The word the media parroted relentlessly throughout the campaign was “exhaustion.” Every leftist poll indicated voters were increasingly fed up with the drama, expense and distraction. Supposedly, they were angry and wanted a change. The Initial polls taken immediately after the first lawsuit was filed against Arpaio by the ACLU showed his support actually rising, but subsequent polls revealed a slow, steady erosion. By the time the election rolled around, Arpaio had lost his base.

There is no doubt sinister Democrats are employing this same playbook to discourage Trump voters, who better brace themselves, because a lot more bad news is in the pipeline.

Coincidentally, the Yahoo/YouGov poll shows Slow Joe’s support rising, which makes a lot of sense because he’s doing such a stellar job making gas, food and services unaffordable. Maybe by the time he forces you to sell your car and take the bus, his support will top 60%.

We all know biased leftist polls are worthless from an empirical standpoint, but they do serve a purpose in exposing Democrat strategy. Besides the attempt to dampen enthusiasm for Trump and Republicans in general, it’s worth noting that YouGov established a 4-5% gap between Biden and either Trump or DeSantis. This is the margin they want you to buy into, so when they rig the 2024 election, they can point to the polls as support for the result.

Sneaky and sinister doesn’t begin to describe these people