Saturday, May 18, 2024

Trans Women in Sports: Here’s How It Ends

As woke radicals continue to force the rest of humanity to accept the idea that trans women are no different than their biological counterparts, we’ll soon see if the rubber actually meets the road when it comes to professional women’s sports.

For the most part, government authoritarians have focused on promoting trans women in sports at the collegiate level. In fact, the National Center for Lesbian Rights released a statement praising the Biden Administrations’ recent update to Title IX rules that expand protections for transgender students who participate in sports.

“NCLR applauds the administration’s proposal to update Title IX regulations to include historic protections for LGBTQ students,” stated NCLR Executive Director Imani Rupert-Gordon. “Since his election, President Biden has been relentless in his commitment to do everything in his power to protect LGBTQ Americans from discrimination in every facet of their lives – including education.”

If we’re able to move past the bizarre notion that it’s “discriminatory” to bar biological men from competing against women, we come to the real issue, which is trying to figure out what motivates these guys. What possible satisfaction could a person with inherent physical advantages derive from defeating someone hopelessly overmatched?

Would the Golden State Warriors find gratification in crushing the WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces?

Would Tyson Fury gain fulfillment from beating the crap out of the women’s heavyweight champion, Hanna Gabriels?

Would John Rahm enjoy winning the Women’s U.S. Open every year for the next three decades?

Athletes measure success by competing against others of relatively equal skill. The rush that comes from defeating an opponent with similar abilities is exhilarating. For most athletes, especially at the collegiate level, this is the primary reason they train and sacrifice. Without a legitimate challenge, there is no purpose in competition.

So, what would make biological men want to compete against physiologically disadvantaged women?

We’ll answer that question a little later.

It’s important to remember that the stakes in women’s college sports aren’t very high. For most universities, the women’s athletic department is entirely subsidized by the men’s football and basketball programs. That explains why collegiate women athletes have mostly avoided criticizing their male teammates. Some of this is due to peer group pressure, but none of the professional sports heavyweights on the women’s side have been threatened by the trans phenomenon.

Until now…

Trans Women are Winning Professional Golf Tournaments

In 2021, a trans woman, Hailey Davidson, won a mini-tour event at Providence Golf Club in Polk County, Florida. More recently, another guy-turned-gal, Breanna Gill, won the Australian Women’s Classic on the Women’s PGA Australasia circuit. Gill won about $40,000 for her first-place finish. While that pales in comparison to the winner of the LPGA U.S. Open ($3.15 million), it beats flipping burgers or whatever it was Gill did before he became a woman.

Are you starting to see the answer to the earlier question? Biological men who want to compete against women are not in it for the competition or challenge. They’re looking for either money, notoriety or both.

In 2021, 150 athletes pledged their support for trans participation in sports. The petition was spearheaded by Billie Jean King, Megan Rapinoe and a number of other retired sports icons. Curiously, there weren’t any active high-profile women athletes who supported the effort.

Biological Men in Women’s Sports will Resolve Itself

There are four major sports that offer attractive financial rewards for women, including tennis, golf, basketball and soccer. The process to join those leagues or associations is long and arduous. Earning an LPGA card can take years of playing in junior circuit tours and tournaments. The same holds true for other revenue positive sports. Talent is identified at a young age and nurtured in youth, national and collegiate events.

Men who claim they are women have just begun to participate in this process, so it will take several years before those who aren’t quite good enough to compete at an elite level against other men begin to populate the upper echelon of women’s professional sports.

Let’s see how Nelly Korda feels when she’s fighting to stay in the top 10 in the world golf standings, while some dude with a beard and a skirt is bashing the ball 300 yards off the tee and collecting the multi-million-dollar purses that should have been hers.

That is why I’m not particularly worried about the trans plague currently infecting women’s sports. Trust me, if the day comes when enough opportunistic men are pocketing the big dollars and hoisting the lady’s trophies, the outcry from professional women athletes pushed to the back of the bus will be deafening. That’s when all this trans-sports nonsense is going to come to a screeching halt, and you’ll finally feel safe to put your daughter back on the soccer field.

It can’t happen soon enough…