Thursday, June 08, 2023

VIDEO: Swalwell Abuses Conservative Witness, Gets Bombed For “Alleged Relationship” In House Hearing

If you’re reading this site, especially if you’re reading with any frequency, it’s a good bet you’re fully aware of what an obnoxious jerk Rep. Eric Swalwell is. The California Democrat, who had a cup of coffee as a presidential candidate in 2020 before bowing out when it was obvious that even his party’s voters (who aren’t big on standards, let’s face it; they nominated and elected Joe Biden, for crying out loud) couldn’t stand him, is most famous for having carried on a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy and then serving on the House Intelligence Committee. It wasn’t until the Republicans recovered control of the House last fall that Swalwell was finally moved off that committee.

But he’s still in Congress, and Swalwell didn’t learn much of any shame in the process. Of late, his specialty seems to have moved off from serving as a Chinese espionage asset in return for coital favors and on to trashing conservative Congressional witnesses as insurrectionists.

Accordingly, earlier this afternoon in the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the exploitation of “unaccompanied alien children,” or kids who are trafficked through the southern border disproportionately for the purpose of making them into sex slaves for Mexican crime cartels and other nefarious actors, Swalwell decided to spend his time attacking a Texas advocate for children called by the GOP majority over a couple of tweets she put out describing protest activities on January 6, 2021.

It had zero to do with the subject at hand, but Swalwell suggested her credibility was at issue and accused her of promoting violence.

She handled it with dignity. Much more so than Swalwell did when Rep. Troy Nehls followed him after he’d exhausted his five minutes by apologizing to the witness and noting Swalwell’s “checkered past” and “alleged relationship” with the Chinese spy. Swalwell resorted to vulgarity and the Democrats on the committee called Nehls’ reference a “slur,” without regard to the slurs Swalwell had covered the witness with.

This is a little bit of hate porn, for which we somewhat apologize. But on the other hand, the mainstream media won’t show you the entire clip so you can see the level of contempt Swalwell has for regular Americans who don’t agree with his politics.

Kudos to Nehls for bringing up the Fang Fang affair. It should happen again and again until Swalwell is no longer in Congress.