Thursday, June 01, 2023

Why the Right Keeps Losing

As I was scrolling on Twitter the other day, I saw a clip of Donald Trump Jr’s (“Don Jr.”) recent appearance on the popular podcast/show Full Send. After watching this brief video clip, I immediately recognized that this clip encapsulates why the Political Right-wing (Conservative movement) keeps losing. The conservative movement has taken some massive L’s over the past several months (from the Midterm elections to the arrest of Donald Trump), so it’s high-time to reflect on why the Conservative movement keeps losing.

Moving back to the Full Send podcast, the real interesting part about this podcast took place early on in the episode. Around the 11 minute mark of the video, Don Jr. starts talking about some hot-button “culture war” topics–particularly transgenderism and Drag Queen story hour. Here’s a snippet of what Don Jr that stuck out to me:

I don’t give a sh*t, dude. If you’re an adult and you wanna be trans and you do it — great! If you’re happy, you’re productive. I actually don’t give a sh*t. I’m fairly liberal on the issue. You force it on a three-year-old. You get parents and try to say, ‘A parent shouldn’t decide but your rainbow-haired freak show teacher should be able to convince a three-year-old that they’re doing this and permanently mutilate their body.’ That’s f*cking b*llsh*t.”

When I first hear these remarks, I was disappointed but not surprised. This socially-moderate sentiment has become exceedingly normal among the Conservative media sphere (a.k.a. “Con Inc.”) in the past decade, and no one seems to care.

If the Don Jr.’s comments weren’t awful enough, then check out Charlie Kirk’s poor attempt at defending Don Jr’s comments:

If you’ve closely watched Conservative politics for a while, then you’ve probably noticed how much Conservative leaders have caved on key issues: from gay marriage to border security/immigration and everything else in-between. This instance is just one of many times where notable leaders in the Conservative movement have failed to conserve basic issues.

Just a few months ago, even Fox News host Jesse Waters interviewed a drag queen because this particular drag queen opposed child-drag queen shows. Is this what the Conservative movement has devolved into? Are we just going to keep condoning inappropriate behavior only until it reaches the point of affecting children?

The harsh reality is that current Conservative Establishment–from CPAC to Prager U and many more groups/organizations–have conserved nothing and will conserve nothing. At this point in time, the typical Fox News pundit or the average GOP politician is no more conservative than Bill Clinton was in the 1990s.

Why does the Right keep Losing? Simply put, the current Conservative Establishment does not stand for anything. It only exists to oppose whatever the current iteration of the political Left supports.

The current Conservative movement is not based on Christianity, is not based on Nationalism, and is not based on America First populism. We have to accept this reality if we want a truly fix our declining nation.

“America First” patriots need and deserve a political movement with a compelling vision based on these three tenets: Christianity, Nationalism, and populism. The “Current Con Inc.” won’t cut it anymore.