Saturday, May 25, 2024

WW III? Tucker Carlson Reports

There is much speculation about why Tucker Carlson suddenly “parted ways” with Fox News. He has said many things that offended important people, but here’s one that directly affects you, if true: Leaked intelligence documents on Ukraine reportedly show that the U.S. is at war with Russia, now, and Russia is not losing.

The bipartisan Narrative is that Ukraine is valiantly fighting for freedom and democracy, while the U.S. and NATO are simply providing support. The incompetent Russians will surely be defeated in the anticipated spring offensive IF the West just sends them the needed weapons and ammunition.

Tucker stated that American soldiers themselves are fighting Russian soldiers—according to intelligence briefing slides. It’s a hot war between the two primary nuclear superpowers. Seven Ukrainian soldiers are killed for every Russian killed, and Ukrainian air defenses have been “utterly degraded,” Carlson stated.

The news media are focused mostly on the “criminal” (not a whistleblower), a 21-year old Air National Guardsman who posted the documents.

It is claimed that the “leaked” documents were altered, and that Russian casualties are much higher than Ukrainian.

So, what do we believe?

Ordinary Americans cannot count on learning the true situation from government or mainstream media. But it is highly likely that the danger of all-out war is extreme. In the fog of war, or when one side is desperate, accidents or preemptive launches can occur. Your first notification of an attack may be the power going out or bright flashes in the sky.

Do you have the basic knowledge of how to increase your chance of surviving a nearby nuclear detonation? Have you made some minimal preparations to survive if you can’t leave your home? Don’t place all your hope in the arrival of government aid!

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