Sunday, May 19, 2024

VIDEO: DeSantis’ Trey Gowdy Interview

It would have been more interesting if this had been an interview with Tucker Carlson, who used to occupy that spot on Fox News. It’s more or less an imperative that when Carlson’s Twitter show makes its debut, or shortly thereafter, that Florida governor and newly-minted presidential candidate Ron DeSantis spend an equal or larger amount of time taking Carlson’s questions.

That said, this was a good performance. It goes about 18 minutes or so, and it’s well worth watching.

What this should dispel is one of the stupidest narratives we’ve ever heard, which is that Ron DeSantis is a RINO and a globalist and a tool of the military-industrial complex.

Those are outrageously stupid accusations, and they’re fairly intensely leveled by what’s being called the OnlyTrump camp. DeSantis dispels most of the elements of that in the interview.

He doesn’t seem much like a globalist given that he openly called for a decrease in the amount of trade we’re doing with China and promised a fully-completed border wall and an absolute end to illegal immigration.

Not only that, he came out and said it’s time to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine rather than an escalation to it. That certainly isn’t the globalist position, and it absolutely isn’t the military-industrial complex position on that war.

DeSantis making noises about defenestrating the federal administrative state and reorganizing and depoliticizing the Justice Department and FBI doesn’t come off much like a RINO position.

His position on Disney isn’t much of a RINO stance, either.

We could go on.

Ron DeSantis is more conservative than Donald Trump is. That’s actually a fact. Trump is currently running to DeSantis’ left on several issues, as it happens, including abortion – he attacked DeSantis for signing the six-week abortion ban bill in Florida – and on Disney,

My American Spectator column today notes that Ron DeSantis is going to be the most slandered, brutalized, calumnized political candidate in American history – because the Democrats fear him more than they fear Trump. And because Trump fears him more than he fears Biden.

At least, that’s the inference one can draw based on what comes out of Trump’s camp, which is a fire hose of attacks on DeSantis rather than the Democrats.

Regardless of who the nominee is, what would be nice is to see Republican candidates deal in truth even if they’re going to debate and attack each other. And the DeSantis-as-RINO narrative is most certainly not that.