Sunday, February 25, 2024

A Grand New Vision of Globalism: The United States of the World

Over the last couple of decades, the term “globalism” has been redefined by the left to align with the ideals of woke socialism. In the leftist interpretation, globalism means advanced western democracies voluntarily surrender their sovereignty, wealth, intellectual property and influence to lesser developed nations. This is largely achieved through “free trade,” which is a euphemism for shifting decent paying manufacturing jobs from industrialized countries to third-world countries that pay substantially lower wages. It also includes inequitable climate change agreements that impose draconian restrictions on developed nations, while allowing China and other socialist countries to pollute at will.

Globalism, in the leftist mind, is simply a means to an end. Inherent in the concept is a shift in the world’s power structure from advanced western cultures to a centralized ruling body led by China and composed of third-world socialist and fascist regimes. In the leftist model, the corrupt U.N. and international courts would decide how the world’s wealth was distributed and what punitive sanctions would be imposed on prosperous countries to atone for unsupported charges of systemic exploitation and racism.

True Globalism Cannot be Stopped

If the political aspects can be removed from the equation, globalism as a concept is not inherently bad for America. Whether we like it or not, it’s a phenomenon that cannot be reversed, and we ignore it at our own risk. The ability to communicate instantaneously with anyone in virtually any place serves as the foundation for the continued expansion of global commerce.

As new technologies like Elon Musk’s Starlink connect the most remote locations on the planet to the internet, the capacity to reach new markets will expand at a startling pace. Airline transit time will continue to decrease with the introduction of commercial supersonic flight by companies like Boom Overture. The world will shrink further as inter-day global travel becomes a reality no longer prohibited by distance. Not long after supersonic international flight becomes normalized, it will be replaced by space planes that will make same day travel from New York to London and back seem routine.

All of this will lead to more normalized relationships between disparate cultures. It is simply inevitable that a truly global society will emerge in the future. America First may be the right strategy at this moment in time, but we better begin to anticipate and plan for our global future. Too often, we have turned away from legitimate problems because they were uncomfortable, and each time we found ourselves on the sidelines as the left unilaterally implemented a psychotic solution they knew would damage ordinary Americans.

The United States of the World

The question isn’t whether true globalism is coming, rather, it’s what role will American conservatives and populists play in shaping a totally interconnected planet. Instead of deferring to the warped view of the left, free thinkers must begin to envision a future that extends beyond America’s physical borders.

What would the ideal globally integrated world structure look like?

The slate is still relatively clean, so we can create any prototype we want, but one wonders why we would need to look beyond the extraordinarily successful real-time model of the United States of America.

Any impartial observer would have to admit that within the context of human history, there has never been a system of government that has offered its citizens such an unencumbered path to freedom, opportunity and prosperity than our constitutional republic. Our method of governance has withstood the test of time, self-corrected its deficits, and garnered remarkable achievements in the fields of science, math, philosophy and industry.

In less than a generation, those who arrive in poverty are often elevated to heights they couldn’t have possibly imagined. It is why millions try to gain entry into the United States every year, and it is why we must consider sharing America’s gifts and extending her borders so the rest of the world can share in its bounty.

The Conservative Globalist Vision Should be Based on the U.S. Model

Conservative leaders in the U.S. should begin to craft a vision of the future where foreign countries can voluntarily proclaim their desire to become part of the United States of the World federation through petition. Certainly, such an idea must be pondered at length and crafted through sage deliberation, but there is no reason it cannot be articulated as a long-term globalist policy goal.

Countries looking to gain entry into the federation would have to meet certain mile markers for consideration. For example, a competitive two-party political system would be essential. Other factors might include a robust capitalist and free market economy, an established skilled labor base, and a certain level of educational achievement.

Each new entry into the United States of the World would receive two senators and the appropriate number of members in the House of Representatives to reflect their population base. Large countries could be divided into smaller states, allowing for greater ethnic expression while easing local tensions.

Countries that could not meet the criteria for entry into the federation would be encouraged to seek assistance from the Department of State, which could help implement the changes leading to consideration at a future date. Much of the foreign aid currently extended to countries like Honduras, for example, could be used to help create an environment that would be safer, freer, more prosperous, and aligned with the goals of the United States of the World.

Obviously, this would be a vast, multi-generational effort, but every important development in human history has started with a vision. If we want to solve the problem of illegal immigration, let’s start by eliminating the poverty and hopelessness that compels immigrants to leave their country of origin. The United States carries a great degree of global influence, and we should capitalize on the desire of many millions of people to participate and experience the greatness of American exceptionalism.

Let us begin the hard work of developing a concept that would extend the American Dream to every citizen in the world. Perhaps this is the beginning of a truly united, inclusive, diverse society with completely open borders.