Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Biden Appointed Bureau Of Land Management Zealot Targets American Ranchers

The meat puppet that currently occupies the White House is being manipulated again. This time, the puppeteers want Biden to change federal land leasing rules which will directly affect Americans.

The left has now set their sights on a land grab in the American west, and they will use their puppet to try and use executive orders to circumvent what congress put in place decades ago. Essentially, Biden wants to change public lands from “multiple use” to a very vaguely defined “conservation” status.

Last month, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), headed by a well-known environmental loon named Tracy Stone-Manning, let it be known that their intentions, without Congressional approval, is to radically change how public lands are managed. The changes will place a priority on preservation, which is vastly different from the “multiple use mandate” that was implemented by Congress for the BLM in the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA), of 1976

Of course, this is nothing more than the implementation of another leftist whim. Part of an ecological takeover that is based on voodoo, and not scientific fact.

The FLPMA requires that federal land be used in a manner that “best meets the present and future needs of the people.” The proposed changes would jeopardize the land, which consists of 245 million acres, for grazing and development. Instead, the land could be leased to non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that could prohibit other uses for decades.

David McDonald, an attorney with the Mountain States Legal Foundation, can see through the smoke screen that the Biden administration is creating.

In an interview with The Federalist, McDonald had this to say. “Under this regulation, “conservation” would be a “use” just like mining or timber. The devil is in the details.”

The BLM has done its best to soft pedal these changes. Repeatedly claiming that conservation will be kept “on par” with things like logging, grazing, and mining. However, the wording (as usual) is deliberately vague, using such terms as “landscapes.” Additional wording states that officials will “prioritize protection of landscapes” in leasing decisions. It also emphasizes that “cumulative impacts” will also be considered, indicating that climate regulations will be enforced by the mindless environmental lobby, who it can be safely assumed, will shut down any projects they don’t like.

Back in 2021, Biden stated his intention to lock up 30 percent of American lands and waterways by 2030. There can be no doubt that these new rules are the manner in which this administration intends to do just that.

More disturbing language prioritizes “ecosystem resilience.” Is that vague enough for you? Exactly what is “ecosystem resilience” and who decides the parameters in which it will be measured?

“Consistent with applicable law and the management of the area, authorized officers would also be required to avoid authorizing any use of the public lands that permanently impairs ecosystem resilience,” the agency rules state. “Permanent impairment of ecosystem resilience would be difficult or impossible to avoid, for example, on lands on which the BLM has authorized intensive uses, including infrastructure and energy projects or mining, or where BLM has limited discretion to condition or deny the use.”

In McDonalds view:

“This wording to me seems like it could be used to essentially ban any mining or intensive use on any BLM land. There are a lot of different areas where they could be chipping away at people’s rights.”

“Whether or not it ends up being as bad as it looks could be a very open question, depending “on how these provisions are integrated as a final rule. Ranchers should definitely be concerned enough to be paying attention, the proposal has created “storm clouds” on the horizon.”

McDonald’s concerns are based on the fact that more than 90 percent of government land is located in western America. Although proposed guidelines offer some protections for those with valid existing rights, ranchers may lose their opportunity to renew their claims thanks to strategically placed competition from well financed environmental groups that can now claim priority.

A man that knows the territory, is William Perry Pendley. Pendley led the BLM under the Trump administration. Pendley was even more direct when he told The Federalist:

“It’ll drive them out of business. We have ranches in the west that exist because they have a grazing allotment. Livestock people settled the west, so when you take away the ability of a ranch to graze on an allotment associated with the ranch, then that’s the end of the ranch. They’re able to graze their livestock on BLM or Forest Service lands and it makes that ranch economical.”

Now lets talk about the true root of the problem. The current BLM Director, Tracey Stone-Manning, is a well-known and controversial ecoterrorist. She has condemned public grazing and seriously promoted a Chinese style child cap, demanding that Americans submit to population control in the name of environmental stewardship. This whack-job oversees about 155 million acres of grazing land.

These new BLM rules not only threaten hard working American ranchers, but also will have a negative effect on regenerative ranching. This method utilizes animals as critical to the natural biological cycle.

Dr. Mark Hyman explains the importance of regenerative farm practices in his book “Food Fix: How To Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet … One Bite at a Time.”

“Regenerative grass-fed meat can restore ecosystems, improving soils while sucking carbon from the atmosphere and increasing water storage in soils.” He urged readers to “choose regeneratively raised animal products whenever possible. They are better for you and better for the animals and help draw down carbon and reverse climate change.”

I think we can all see where this is going. Unless this initiative is stopped, these climate fanatics will inflict not just immediate harm to ranchers and farms, but long-term damage to our food supply and general wellbeing.

Biden’s legacy is being cemented with not just incompetence, but willful destruction. By continually appointing these radical zealots, he is destroying every level and aspect of American tradition and morality.

The only thing that Biden has ever been truthful about is saying that he won’t betray our trust. That’s true. He has always been an enemy of America, therefore we never trusted him at all.