Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Happy Mother’s Day! To Everyone Except The Gutless Wonders At Kew Beach Junior Public School

You have to be kidding me.

At the Kew Beach Junior Public School outside of Toronto, some loving sixth graders got together and formulated a message to honor their mothers for Mother’s Day. The message was then posted on a sign outside of the school.

The message read: “Life does not come with a manual. It comes with a mom.”

Sweet right? Well, if you’re a normal person, you know it is. However, there are those out there that eat, sleep, and breathe hatred. You know the type, they are perpetually offended by everything, including things that are none of their business. Case in point, a woman who also happens to be a mother of four, unbelievably took issue with the sign.

After seeing it, she posted this message to a local parenting group on Facebook:

“I don’t know if this is a terribly misguided attempt at wishing folks a happy Mother’s Day or just generally the worst sign possible. I don’t feel like this represents the neighborhood it’s in, the cohort of families at this school, or anything really.”

How shallow is someone’s life when they drive by a school, that none of her children attend, and feel compelled to pull over, take a picture and then criticize the sign on social media?

Sadly, this nutcase actually had people agree with her. Probably most of which were part of the so called “parenting group” that she posted the original message on. Afterall, “birds of a feather flock together.” Some of the morons that chimed in called the message, “inappropriate,” “in bad taste,” and “mega exclusionary.” Some others offered a weak argument, stating that it excluded, “kids in foster care, kids with two dads, kids who have no contact with their moms, kids who have abusive moms, or those who may or may not see their mother figure as the one who holds the manual of life.”      

Not content to be unhappy in their own lives, these petulant whiners called and emailed the school and the weak kneed, gutless officials on the school board took down the sign. In a statement, the Toronto District schoolboard spokesperson, Shari-Schwartz-Maltz said this:

“Grade 6 students at Kew Beach came up with the first quote collectively as they prepare for Mother’s Day this weekend, to share how much they care for and depend on their moms. After receiving feedback from critics, the school recognized that this quote does not reflect the inclusivity of our community and took immediate steps to address the issue. The Mother’s Day message has been replaced with an encouraging acronym for May that avoids any mention of mothers. The new sign reads: “M: Make this month count A: Accomplish your goals Y: You can do this.”

I’m not sure what is the most repulsive part of this story. Is it the woke busybody that is so small minded that she felt the need to complain just for the sake of complaining? Is it the leftists that piled on for no reason, or is it the disgustingly, pathetic school board that forgot their values and laid down.

What was this school board thinking? It’s a shame that anyone would have to get technical about a Mother’s Day message, but if you do, you’ll find that it is factually correct. Every single person, including the idiots that complained, have a mother. The message excludes no one, and if you are so thin skinned, that a message created by sixth graders offends you, I suggest you stay locked in your house with the lights out and sulk.

To the school board members, I would like to remind them that making a decision is not the same thing as reacting every time the wind blows in a different direction. If you couldn’t stand on your principals about something this ridiculous, then resign and let someone that can actually think and reason take your position.

The same goes for the Manitoba high school, that also decided they were going to cancel Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations. In a memo, the Vice Principal of Kildonan East Collegiate, a public high school wrote:

“As we continue to learn and recognize the importance of celebrating all people in our community, we have moved away from isolated observances of specific traditions like Mother’s and Father’s Day.”

It sounds to me like you haven’t learned anything, besides improving your boot licking skills for anything the leftists whine about.

Are we still allowed to celebrate our birthdays or will you feel excluded because it isn’t yours?

Stupid is, as stupid does, thanks for the reminder.