Monday, May 20, 2024

I’ll See Your Absurdity & Raise It … Republican Identifies As Indian Woman To Mock “Fit To Be Tied” Woke Left

In a BRILLIANT move to demonstrate the left’s hypocrisy, Ryan Webb, a “Councilwoman” in Muncie, (Delaware County) Indiana, “decided to come out as his true authentic self.”

In a Facebook post Webb, who has six children wrote:

“It is with great relief that I announce to everyone that I identify as a woman and not just any woman but as a woman of color as well. I guess this would make me gay/lesbian as well, since I am attracted to women.”

Pouring it on, Webb added:

“Whew, that felt good to finally get that out there and start living life as my true self. I’m excited to bring some diversity to the county council. Until today we didn’t have any females of color or LGBTQIAPC+++ on the council. I’m glad that now we do! To avoid confusion, everyone can continue to address me as Ryan or as Councilman Webb. I will also retain my preferred pronouns of He/Him, however, this will in no way diminish my true identity as a woman of color. I’m excited to be a vocal partner of the LGBTQIAPC+++ movement. I am more than likely the very first lesbian woman of color in the history of Delaware County to ever serve on the Delaware county council. I am honored to be the one to shatter that glass ceiling.”

Specifically, Webb said he identifies as a Native American woman of color, adding that he is “very proud” of his Cherokee heritage on both sides of his family.

As you can guess, Webb, that posted both before and after pictures of himself which are exactly the same, has made the “tolerant and accepting” left go bat-sh*t crazy.

One transgender activist in his district, Charlize Jamieson, a 67 year old transvestite, spoke out about Webb at a recent council meeting.

“If he were serious, I’d sing his praises, but instead, I know better. We all do. I know better because of his history of making hateful anti-trans statements on social media and disrespecting one’s pronouns. He has, purposely and intentionally, misgendered me, ridiculing my own gender identity.”

Jamieson also criticized Webb online, writing, “Was this really necessary? It’s unbecoming of an elected official, or a decent human being for that matter.”

Webb, standing “her” ground, respond to Jamieson, writing:

“When you decided to become a woman did people tell you it was unbecoming? Sorry pal but you don’t get to be the decipher of who is acceptable and who isn’t. I was hoping that you and I could be friends now that we’re both ladies that used to be men. I’ll give you some more time.”

Jamieson then decided to try another approach, attempting to dictate to Webb the ground rules that needed to be followed.

“Start dressing the part full time. Start hormone replacement treatment. Make a decision on surgery. Get your legal documents changed to reflect your gender. Then, let’s talk.”

Someone needs to tell this smug airhead, that many transgenders, aside from the ridiculous dressing up part, do none of those things. Instead, choosing to victimize girls and young women by exposing their genitalia in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

Naturally, the left wasn’t getting their way here. In fact, Webb was demonstrating the idiocy of anyone that tries to deny a biological reality and it made them angry.

As we all know, the left is irrational. So what do irrational people do when they don’t get their way? Of course, they act irrationally. In this case, a group of like-minded Neanderthals calling themselves “Indiana Progressives” took up the flaming torch, (no pun intended).

According to Webb, the group initiated, “a hate and harassment campaign against me and my family by publishing my address and encouraging people to unlawfully congregate at my home. Our family has been receiving violent threats throughout the day from intolerant liberals who refuse to accept my decision to live my life however I choose. I don’t really see how an interview will improve the situation.”

Remaining mockingly resolute, Webb called on the “woke liberals” for acceptance, proclaiming that her:

“American Indian heritage is not up for debate. I hope that in the future those asking for tolerance and understanding are willing to give it in return and not just to those who they feel is worthy of it. Nobody has the authority to validate or invalidate any individual who chooses to identify a certain way.”

Back on April 25th, the Delaware County Council met and among other items on the agenda, were calls for Webb’s resignation. One group, The Burris Laboratory  School, a chapter of a group named Student’s Demand Action called for Webb to resign.  One liberal windbag, Chelsea McDonnel whined, “With his facetious claim that he identifies as a woman of color, he has made a mockery of his constituents, as well as his elected position and this council.”

After several other liberal sloths also pushed for Webb’s resignation, he was given an opportunity to respond.

“You don’t get to question me. You do not get to require proof from me. You were part of the movement that helped establish these rules and set the bar, OK? You don’t get to come later when someone else joins the club that you don’t want in. You don’t get to question how I identify.”

Webb later laid the truth before them by saying that they were, “perpetuating hate, intolerance and bigotry.” He then reminded them that their actions were, “just another example of the intolerant Left and their ideology of contradictions.”

The “councilwoman” vows that she will not resign. Defiantly pronouncing that it would, “be an enormous disservice to the thousands of voters who chose me to be their representative.”

I absolutely love that Webb is holding a mirror up to the face of the left. Will they look into it and see the truth? …. Probably not.  Women, (remember them?), have two X chromosomes. Men have one X and one Y chromosome.  That’s it …. PERIOD. You can put a slip and garter belt on some dude, but at the end of the dance, George is still George. Georgina, doesn’t exist, except in the minds of the disturbed.

Justifying and supporting delusions of the mentally ill, does not make you woke or progressive. Actually, it make you the opposite. Transgenders and those that support them are “asleep” and “regressive.”

Kudo’s to Ryan Webb for pointing out not only the idiocy of gender identity, but the hypocrisy of the left’s non-existent acceptance and tolerance.

Take a bow Ryan, oops I’m sorry “councilwoman,” I meant to say curtsy.