Saturday, May 18, 2024

Irony or Stupidity, Biden Believes Pro-Life Moms Could Be Radicalized Terrorists

Not surprisingly, Joe Biden doesn’t understand the phrase “Pro-Life.” Biden and the band of misfits that he calls an administration, came into office trying to prove that wanting to save lives make you a terrorist.

Recently recovered documents by America First Legal, indicates that just nine days after Biden took office, the DHS Office Of Terrorism and Violence was already profiling pro-life mothers. Listing profiles of various “domestic extremists,” which included a middle-aged mother, the memo that was dated January 29, 2021 implored participants to make “real life decisions” to confront each.

This was one fictional example the DHS proposed:

“This is Ann, a resident of Elkville in rural America. Ann has always been religious but since the death of her mother, she’s become increasingly devout. She’s a regular in the small-town community, active in several church groups. While she has always been protective of her four kids, she has become increasingly more concerned about the welfare of other children including the unborn.”

The document then creates different scenarios and asks agents for different ways in which to handle them. One scenario has Ann questioning during a prayer group meeting if, “the bible justifies violence in defense of life.” Then at a ribbon cutting ceremony, she calls the mayor a “baby killer.”

In another scenario, a hairdresser that Ann visits wonders if she should research pro-life groups that Ann mentioned or contact the sheriff to see if such behavior is troublesome.

Another profile labels “Courtney” as a “budding conspiracy theorist” who’s “become fixated on government conspiracy theories regarding government connections to child abuse and trafficking.”

Then there’s “Pete” an abusive stepdad that is also anti-government, “who is often seen hanging out at the local bar” and seems like a quiet guy.”

The Senior Counselor and Director of Investigations for America First, Reed Rubinstein, didn’t mince any words, stating emphatically that the “DHS is out of control.”

“The Department of Homeland Security’s transformation into a domestic intelligence organization and a Stasi-like Deep State internal security apparatus is alarming. It is a very long way from “see something, say something” regarding an unattended suitcase at the airport, to profiling patriotic and politically conservative Americans as abusive parents and domestic terrorists, because they oppose abortion on demand and voted for former President Trump.”

Keep in mind that back in 2021, the Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo calling for the FBI to investigate parents that attended school board meetings as domestic terrorists.

How demented and obsessed have these people become? Other documents indicated that Homeland Security was planning on photographing an American family sitting at a dinner table in order “to emphasize that domestic terrorism can happen to anyone, but that anyone can also help prevent it.”

On top of their suspicions and oppression of conservatives in the real world, they also suppressed free speech on social media. The now infamous “Twitter Files,” proved that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, that operates under the umbrella of the DHS, colluded with tech agencies to take down social media posts that dared to question election results or anything about covid vaccines that differed with the governments positions.

The true terrorists currently reside in the White House, and their real targets are our values and beliefs. Know this, they will stop at nothing to crush their opposition and to silence the real America Loving Patriots.