Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Is A Liberal Strain Of “Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy” Responsible For The Transgender Social Contagion?

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy or Munchausen By Proxy (MSP) is a psychological disorder characterized by attention seeking behavior from parents or care givers by using their children or those who are in their care.

MSP used to be considered a relatively rare disorder, but with the societal changes being enforced by liberal politicians, district attorneys, judges and school districts, an aura of “I can get away with anything” mentality has saturated weaker liberal minds. This saturation of a “reality doesn’t matter” train of thought, has empowered the attention seeking left to attack rational thought and the easiest prey for them is children.

A parent, often the mother, or caregiver (teacher) with MSP, gains attention by seeking medical help for made up, or totally exaggerated symptoms of a child. In the left’s case, this would be the grooming of gender identity, or transgenderism which in most cases is not the child’s idea.

While most cases of MSP involve the physical illness of a child, either actually caused by the person suffering from it or created through lies, I would suggest that this new liberal strain targets the mental well-being of the child. In the case of a parent, pushing and grooming their own child to alter their biological gender, the reasons are widely varied, but always circle back to a misguided satisfaction from the attention it brings. To demonstrate the unsound premise that a parent suffering from MSP might choose, I recently wrote an article about two mothers. One mother justified her insistence on her daughter’s transition because her daughter ate raw green vegetables. This, in her deluded mind, proved that her daughter was actually a boy, because she believed green veggies increased testosterone. In another case, a mother got a feeling when her daughter was just eighteen months old, that she was a boy. For her that was enough to begin treating her like one. Both girls are now eleven years old, and at least one of the parents is considering both puberty blockers, to stop her from developing a feminine body type and eventually, transitional surgery.

Now ask yourself honestly, do you really believe that either of those children made the decision to alter their God given biological gender? For that matter, does anyone not suffering from liberal Munchausen By Proxy, believe that ANY child should be enticed, lured, or persuaded to even consider it?

Interestingly, in many cases even parents not openly suffering from MSP, but who are not strong enough to stand up to transgender activists, are becoming unwitting accomplices to the destruction of their child’s true identity.

In order to demonstrate how rampant and rapidly advancing this social contagion is, a recent study showed that approximately 52 percent of parents felt directed and obligated to go along with the transition of their child after having been convinced that it was in the child’s best interest.

A survey of 1,655 parents which was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that more than half of the parents were directed to consult with gender therapists where they were then directed to either place their children on medication or change their wardrobe.

The article was published by Northwestern University Psychology Professor Michael Bailey, in the midst of increasing concerns over the gender identity crisis. It also follows the incriminating testimony of a former employee that worked at a youth gender clinic in Missouri where doctors there allegedly told parents that they could either have a transgender child or a child that would commit suicide.

The responses came from parents that were participants in an online group called the Parents of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Kids. These were parents that rightly believed that gender identity questions were more of a mental health issue, enflamed and encouraged by peer pressure and social media, rather than real displeasure with their biological gender.

In a statement to DailyMail.com, the group said:

“When they turned to their trusted medical professionals for help, they were told they must affirm their child’s newly created identity and support their gender exploration, which means supporting them through social, medical, and surgical transition. If these parents express any doubts or ask that their child’s mental health issues be resolved first, they are warned that they are causing further emotional harm to their child and might even drive them to suicide.”

These statements, by supposed “medical professionals,” demonstrate the depth of the depravity of those infected by liberal MSP. They are attempting to portray the real danger as not encouraging a youths transition, while knowing full well of the depression and suicides that follow transitioning.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the major battlefield where many that suffer from liberal MSP are actively recruiting victims. Sadly, it’s the public school system. To be honest, the public school system is collapsing, and if something isn’t done to stop this social “plandemic,” the liberals will destroy our children, our children’s futures and with it the country’s future.

The caregiver (teacher, principal, school board, etc.), that suffers from liberal MSP, always try to appear loving and caring. At times, overly emotional and feigning distress. They will always say that they are an advocate for the child’s rights and are only trying to protect them for their best interests.

Of course that isn’t true. Liberal MSP sufferers are blinded by radical ideology that’s supported by unrealistic self-importance. Society is allowing them to stray from their profession of education and allowing them to wallow in their make-believe fantasy of wokeism. They don’t have to worry about consequences, since all of their superiors are suffering from the same delusion.

Understand this, …. those that suffer from Munchausen Syndrome, seek attention by making themselves constantly appear sick, physically, or mentally.

Liberals that suffer from Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy gain attention by parenting or being the caregiver to someone that they “portray” to need help.

The problem is that In these cases, the “proxy” are our children.

The leftists that suffers from liberal MSP love the attention that it draws to them. They love to think of themselves as rebels to society, progressives that are above “closed minded conservatives.” Liberals are not looking to protect or sustain anything. Every child that they convince to transition, they see as a notch on their inclusive belt.

The only thing that woke inclusion truly includes is delusion. Children are people, they should not be claimed, compartmentalized, or stigmatized. Being “child-like” as a child is a gift … not something to be torn away by a liberal with MSP seeking demented attention.

If stealing physical objects is a punishable criminal offense, how much worse is the stealing of a child’s innocence?