Sunday, July 21, 2024

Leftist School Indoctrinates 4-Year-Old With LGBTQ Propaganda Woke Idiotic Judge Says “Hold My Beer”

Sometimes the easiest way to understand whether a situation was handled correctly is to simply replace one action with an opposing action and analyze if the reaction would be the same. Of course, if you do invert the circumstances, you have to evaluate it honestly.

Billy Joel wrote a song titled Honesty. One of the verses in it went like this:

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you.

Unfortunately, if honesty was a lonely word back then, it’s now on a desolate road, rolling down the street with tumbleweed.

In London, honesty, respect, and reason are now things that can only be seen in the rearview mirror. Even worse, justice is so far gone you can’t even see it in the mirror.

Christian parents Izzy and Shane Montague objected when they learned that their four-year-old son was being forced to participate in an LGBTQ themed parade.

Their son’s “former” school, Heavers Farms, only notified parents about the celebration via a rainbow-colored invitation a few days before it was scheduled to take place. In preparation for the parade, these small children were taught to sing “gay anthems” such as “We Are Family” and “True Colors” while marching around the school.

The children also had to create rainbow themed artwork as an assignment to show support for the LGBTQ cause. The parade also included several large rainbow flags where one teacher was photographed actually wrapped in one, while others were photographed wearing LGBTQ T-shirts.

Get this, the school told all of the parents that holding the parade was a legal requirement and told one parent that it would be against the law for their son not to attend.

However, 182 children were withdrawn and did not attend or participate in the parade.

I have been saying for years now that the school boards and teachers are treating this LGBTQ push as a religion. So let’s pause here and do what I suggested earlier and replace the LGBTQ propaganda with Christian beliefs. What would happen if invitations with pictures of Jesus or a bible were sent home to parents? What would the reaction be if the children were marching around the school singing “Jesus Loves Me” and “Go Tell It On The Mountain?” What would people say if a teacher wrapped himself in a Christian flag?

The left would go absolutely crazy. So tell me, what’s the difference? Why are Christians forced to have things that they abhor forced down their throats with absolutely no recourse? Why are they called things like intolerant, and bigots if they don’t agree with the LGBTQ agenda or lifestyle, but Christians their beliefs and lifestyle are constantly ridiculed. Why is it that the left feels it’s perfectly fine to “expose” (groom) children about the LGBT movement, but Christian beliefs aren’t allowed in schools.

The truth is that the woke left consists of nothing but “bigots.” Their smugness is nauseating. They expect everyone to accept their perversions but think they need not accept anyone else’s beliefs.

To add to the outrageous behavior of the school and its administration, the judge on the case, Christopher Lethem allowed the slime of this travesty to ooze into his woke mind, and then all over what is supposed to be an unbiased courtroom.

Throwing common sense into a mindless abyss, Lethem ruled that the parade was not a promotion for LGBTQ and was a program to promote inclusivity. He then insulted the Christian religion by saying that the parade represented little that was inconsistent with the beliefs of Christians. He then tried to insinuate that a poster that hangs in the school with the message, “Some people are gay. Get over it.”, was consistent with what the Christian church teaches.

Lethem made this ruling in spite of the fact that the head teacher admitted that the songs that the children were taught were indeed “gay anthems.” He then spewed more lies by saying that there was “no evidence that these are gay anthems in the context that they were deployed, and that the rainbow flag was emblematic of everyone being proud to be me.”

Let me interject how idiotic this statement is. I am a lifelong Pittsburgh Pirate, Steeler, and Penguin fan. In 1979 the Pirates won the World Series and at home games during that series, the Pirate’s wives would dance on top of the Pirate dugout to the song “We are Family.” In fact, to this day, the 79 Pirates are known as the “We are Family” team.

A song can have many meanings. It all depends on the context and atmosphere that it is used. In 1979, it represented the closeness of the team. However, in a parade with teachers wrapping themselves in rainbow flags and brandishing others, it was Most Definitely being used as a gay anthem, and for this moronic judge to try and suggest otherwise is laughable.

When testifying the school’s Head Teacher, Susan Papas, and Mr. Askey, who was the teacher for the Montague’s son, both stated that they believe that Christian views about homosexuals were homophobic. Askey took another shot at Christians by saying that he considered it homophobic for anyone to consider homosexuality a sin.

If you are a parent of any student that attends this grooming factory, because it most certainly is not a school, I suggest that you grab your child and run, not walk as quickly as possible away from this snake pit.

Need some more evidence? When they were asked about the schools teaching structure concerning family values, NOT ONE OF THE SCHOOLS LEADERSHIP TEAM WOULD ADMIT THAT A MOTHER MUST BE A BIOLOGICAL FEMALE.

Need More?

When testifying, Papas, the Head Teacher and her equally disturbed daughter, Ms. Copeman Papas, both stated that a woman is anyone that identifies as a woman. Copeman papas also stated that not allowing a man that identifies as a woman to not use the woman’s bathroom is transphobic.

More?  Keep in mind the Montague’s son …. Is FOUR YEARS OLD.

In an email that Papas sent to another criminal that supports indoctrination for children this age, Papas attacked Mrs. Montague:

This parent really does have a strange and offensive take on the world; we are working hard to make sure that the children in our schools don’t share these views!”

So, … this arrogant and smug fascist, hates Christians and their beliefs and also thinks she has the right to teach her principals, not the child’s parents principals, to their son.

Seriously, explain to me how anyone in this school still has a job.

In the Izzy Montague complaint against the school, she stated that they had violated The Equity Act 2010 and also the Human Rights Act. Specifically she noted that the pride parade was unlawful “discrimination against children who follow their Christian or any other mainstream religion.”

She also stated that the school created and maintained a “hostile and intimidating” atmosphere towards parent that disagreed with the LGBTQ ideology that was being forced upon their children.

More?  Imagine walking into a meeting with school officials and having the head teachers daughter arrogantly wearing this shirt.

As an example, Mrs. Montague stated that when she met with school officials to discuss her concerns, Copeman-Papas, the head teachers daughter was wearing a T-shirt which read, “Why be Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, when you can just be quiet”.

Naturally, Lethem took the school’s side saying that he believed that the wearing of that T-shirt to the meeting with Izzy Montague was not deliberate, but nonetheless it set “entirely wrong tone and it was entirely reasonable for the parents to view this as a hostile message. 

On the very same day that the school responded to Mrs. Montagues complaint, her four-year-old son was spitefully given a two-hour detention and another detention the next day, even though he had never had one before. When she tried to get answers about why her son had been placed in detention, she was banned from entering the school premises.

Tired of the schools bullying, the Montague’s withdrew their son from the school and began legal action. Unfortunately, they drew leftist and woke judge Lethem, who should also be removed from the bench.

Lethem did scold the school for a few things, stating that the court found that the school’s focus on LGBTQ education and the Pride event would have the effect of normalizing LGBTQ issues for the very young children who attended the school. The judgment also recognized that the school’s communication was poor and placed too much emphasis on LGBTQ issues.

Wait, I thought Lethem said this wasn’t about LGBTQ issues?

Lethem also found that the circumstances of the meeting the school had with the Montagues could be interpreted as a hostile injunction labelling them as potentially “homophobic.”

Lethem also criticized the school for not knowing its own policies. Letham ruled that the manner in which Mrs. Montague was banned from the school, “could be indicative of a school that was riding roughshod over the parents’ rights because of an animus against the Claimants because of their complaints.”

Obviously, the Montague’s were furious with the ruling. Mrs. Montague had this to say afterward:

“This judgment bears absolutely no resemblance to the truth of what happened at the school and in the court room. This judgment props up a carefully fabricated defense put forward by the school which put the thinnest veneer of what they were doing. It turns black into white and white into black.”

“Throughout this ordeal it has felt like I and my Christian beliefs that have been on trial. This is not over and we will appeal this perverse judgment which has made the evidence fit with the school’s agenda.”

“What are parents like us meant to do? The Court appears to be as ideologically motivated as the school. No parent should have to go through what I, and so many other parents at Heavers Farm have, for wanting to protect the innocence of their children and raise them according to their own beliefs. I am a Christian, and I don’t believe there is anything redeeming about forcing a 4-year-old child to march among rainbow flags and sing gay anthems.”

“I am deeply insulted by the Court’s assertion that there is nothing inconsistent between my Christian beliefs and my 4-year-old being forced to march in a Pride event surrounded by rainbow pride flags and teachers wearing LGBT affirming campaigning shirts.”

The Montague’s attorney also issued a statement. Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre had this to say:

“I have known Shane and Izzy Montague and the facts of this case for five years. We have walked alongside them and I can honestly say that the judgment reads like fiction. It bears no resemblance to what actually happened.”

“It uses contorted logic and distortion of the facts to fit an ideological outcome it appears the Court was determined to reach. Today’s judgment is remarkable for all of the wrong reasons. While the government has recognized the pitfalls of leaving the content of LGBTQ and sex education to the discretion of schools, and called for a review, this court has gone the other way. Despite finding that the school put too much emphasis on LGBT issues and normalized them for primary school aged children, it ruled that the Pride event was actually about tolerance and diversity, and not LGBT. The Montagues will appeal, and rightfully so.”

“What this entire case stands for is that there are some schools in this country where biblical beliefs and Christians are not welcomed. Today’s judgment has given a green light to ideological headteachers who wish to mold young minds into LGBT advocates and abuse any parents who dissent.”

“There are absolutely no circumstances where it is acceptable to force a 4-year-old Christian child to march in an LGBT themed Pride parade against his parent’s wishes. As a nation with such an esteemed history of liberty and Christian values, we are better than that.”

One more thing. During this time, the school website proudly displayed a picture of a year one pupil holding up a sign that she had made after a lesson on Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. The sign read:

“I have a dreem if bois cood go to the saim toilet as gerls.”

This school is grooming young children and is obviously being operated by sick and depraved individuals. For a first-year little girl to write something like that is not normal and can’t be allowed. These people are diseased, and they are infecting our children with their perversions.