Sunday, October 01, 2023

Read This OUTSTANDING Call To Arms On Target And Other Anti-Woke Boycotts

I’ve been meaning to write something exactly like this for a week or so, but it turns out that Breitbart columnist and conservative commentator John Hayward, in a series of tweets under his Doc Zero moniker, already encapsulated quite well the circumstances, goals and rationale behind what seems to be a fairly organic consumer revolt against woke corporations forcing the queer and trans agenda down the throats of the public.

Here’s Hayward’s tweets, just strung together for ease of readership. A couple of comments below…

I’ve been shopping at Target forever, but I can’t go in there anymore. The moral hazard has become too great. I won’t tell the kids of the future that I was unwilling to change my shopping habits to stand up for them. I won’t be part of the deranged extremism Target is pushing.

I don’t think anyone should be mollified by little symbolic concessions Target makes in a desperate bid to avoid getting Bud Lighted. The extremists are still in control of the company. No heads have rolled. The company is signaling the fascists that its heart is still with them.

Nothing less than complete de-wokification should be accepted by disgusted consumers: executives named and fired, apologies given, enraged woke boycotts that fizzle because there just aren’t that many of them. You’ll know a company means it when the Woke howl with outrage.

If companies want to be run by tiny bands of extremist lunatics, then let that be their customer base. Let competitors step in to pick up the customer base they’ve chosen to abandon. We’ll compare balance sheets at year-end and see which is the wiser business model.

The people unhappy with this corporate fascism aren’t even demanding their own values or politics be pushed by the companies, although that WILL start happening if this crap continues. People just want to shop without getting blasted by one-sided totalitarian political messaging.

It’s not that hard to provide such an experience, so competitors will step forward to do it… unless the heavy hand of government thumps down to stop them. That’s the other end of the deal with fascism: private capital pushes Party ideology, and is favored by the Party in turn.

That should be part of every GOP presidential campaign. Don’t just tell people you sympathize with their disgust for totalitarian politics. Show them how government power and money are pushing this fascism, and vow to ruthlessly dismantle those mechanisms.

The New Fascism isn’t just a matter of a few left-wing operatives carefully working their way into corporate hierarchies over the years. Government power and coercive force are involved. Isolate it and promise to put a stop to it. Lead a charge instead of just complaining.

Bring it all out into the open, both during your campaign and once you’re in the White House. Use everything, from the bully pulpit to administrative power – and make sure you have reliable people running the bureaucracy when you go to war against totalitarianism.

For the rest of us, this doesn’t even feel like “boycotting” anymore. The Bud Light thing didn’t really have that vibe. It’s more like a turning away, a resistance if you will – a real one, not shrieking ninnies LARPing as a resistance. There is a quiet determination about it.

You don’t really see boycott leaders making demands. Nobody really expects corporations captured by woke fascism to make real changes to placate customers they obviously hold in contempt. These brands are becoming laughingstocks – and the Left fears humor above all.

People might feel they’re surrounded, that every Big Business is fusing with Big Government and its ruling totalitarian Party, and there’s nowhere they can go to escape. You just get to pick the least politically obnoxious mega-corp to do business with at any given moment.

That’s always how totalitarians WANT you to feel. The whole point is to make the majority feel like a helpless minority, surrounded at every turn by apparatchiks, informants, political officers, and mandatory re-education. You’re afraid to look for like-minded allies.

One thing you can be certain of when you face a totalitarian enemy: you ARE the majority. They wouldn’t be using those tactics if they didn’t know their ideology was alien and repulsive to most people. They live in constant fear that the majority will awaken and flex its muscles.

What you need to make this more than a constant twilight struggle against totalitarian adversaries is effective political representation. You need people who understand what’s happening and will dismantle the coercive mechanisms that turn totalitarianism into fascism.

It will take a bit of social engineering to get us back to the point where we aren’t being socially engineered every time we buy a can of beer. It will take skilled and aggressive use of administrative power to dismantle the Administrative State, to pry Big Gov and Big Biz apart.

That’s what I’m looking for in the 2024 primaries. Meanwhile, we ought to vote against fascism with our dollars, those marvelous little green ballots we get to cast every day. If the companies want to throw off fascism and win us back, they know where to find us.

He’s exactly correct, and the thing of it is this can’t be effectively done without a little bit of pain on the part of the folks trying to stop the wokification of our culture.

For example, there’s Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass, who shared this Instagram post…

For that horrible sin, Bass was made to do this…

Major League Baseball looks ready to absolutely bombard its fans, the majority of whom are NOT woke robots yoked to the corporate/radical machine, with LGBTQ propaganda for the entire month of June. Every team is filling up their calendar with a bunch of gay pride events, and you’re seeing the league and its members cracking down on any Christian players expressing any dissent against the homage to the queer agenda.

Which seems a lot like a hostile work environment being laid on, and maybe there ought to be a class action lawsuit by Christian players as a result.

This after the National Hockey League absolutely took it on the chin when its players rejected the queer homage demands this past winter.

MLB and the NHL are emblematic of corporate America, and corporate America is absolutely committed to the idea that the queer/BLM/climate change axis of radicalism be forced upon the public. Most, if not all, of our cultural institutions, which includes most, if not all, of the corporate brands, are fully part of the woke machine.

So disentangling yourself from the machine, in an effort not to feed it or ideally to teach it a lesson, is going to be difficult.

It’ll take commitment that the machine is betting you won’t make.

Dumping Major League Baseball, or the NFL, or Target, or Bud Light, or Disney, might very well make your life less fun to lead. It will probably make for more inconvenience. It’s not what you’re likely used to.

Except you’ve got to be as committed to your point of view as the wokesters are to theirs. Either that, or we won’t win this fight.

Buy local, and buy small. Avoid doing business with large corporations altogether, and especially with publicly traded corporations. The publics are the companies yoked to radical agendas like ESG and DEI, and they’re largely under the control of institutional investors like Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street. Those big investment houses will backstop a stock to keep it from collapse, so long as the recipient of such generosity plays ball with the social agenda.

The only way to combat that is to make it highly unprofitable for those companies to take investment dollars from those institutional investors, or to hit the institutionals themselves. Lots of red states have done that with their pensions and other large pools of money, but when millions of people decide to divest in the ESG and DEI crowd with their personal retirement dollars that’s when things will change.

In the meantime, though, the anti-woke boycotts need to grow. The lesson must be taught. And as Hayward says, scalps must be publicly taken.