Thursday, June 08, 2023

The ASPCA Has Been Exposed And It’s Worse Than Any Sarah McLachlan Song

If you’re an animal lover and have ever been caught off guard by one of the ASPCA’s sad commercials showing abused dogs and other animals while Sarah McLachlan sings in the background, dry your eyes, and start getting pissed.

A newly formed think tank has pulled the curtain back on the ASPCA and if you’re an animal lover, you wont like it. I have to admit, for years I religiously gave $20 dollars every month to this group. I stopped donating around 2016, and now I am really glad that I did.

The Center for the Environment and Welfare (CEW) has exposed what they are referring to as the “duplicity” of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). The CEW is not taking the sins of the ASPCA lightly. According to their findings,  the ASPCA has allegedly become radicalized and now focuses on pushing their political agenda against farmers and enriching themselves rather than helping animals.

According to CEW, The ASPCA’s most recent tax filings indicated that the (supposed) nonprofit organization had approximately $390 million dollars in revenue and $575 million in assets, that included around $11 million in offshore Caribbean accounts. The same tax filings show that 259 ASPCA employees had six figure incomes, including the organizations CEO, Matt “Million Dollar” Bershadker who made $856,785.

According to CEW, “The same filings show that only about 2 percent of the ASPCA’s budget is given as grants to community pet shelters.” CEW also revealed that the ASPCA only operates one (1) adoption center in Manhattan and it is not affiliated with SPCA’s.

Jack Hubbard, who is the CEW’s Executive Director, in an interview Fox News Digital stated, “We’re concerned about misinformation and a lack of information about the true agenda of the ASPCA. We’re trying to educate the public about who this group is and who it’s not.”

CEW is launching a media campaign to expose the misdeeds of the group. Currently it has amounted to a six-figure expenditure, but it is expected to grow into at least a million-dollar effort. As of now, the group has an ad running nationally, a radio ad and digital ads on Facebook and Twitter.

Hubbard explained that:

“This is not a flash in the pan, this will be a sustained campaign. “When you start sharing this information with people, especially animal lovers, they’re outraged. There’s a euthanasia crisis in this country, with more than a million animals killed, euthanized in the US each year, and you’ve got this group sitting on $300 million in investments.”

The ASPCA is adept at hiding it’s self-serving goals, while apparently giving half-hearted lip service to really caring about animals. Back in 2009, they rescued an abused dog named Oreo. She had survived being thrown off of a roof in Brooklyn, New York. Oreo was nursed back to health and was used (exploited) in ASPCA fundraising efforts. Then according to the group, Oreo started behaving aggressively. After some testing, they decided that Orea should be euthanized. Another group then intervened. Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary offered to take Oreo, but the ASPCA refused the request and Oreo was euthanized.

This string of events led to what has become known as Oreo’s Law, which prevents shelters from killing animals if a rescue group offers to take the animal under its care.

Everyone is free to draw their own conclusions, but for me, this incident highlights the callousness that had already infiltrated the group as far back as 2009. They appeared to be doing the right thing, but when you break it down, it looks more and more like a publicity stunt.

Rescuing a dog thrown off of a roof, got the group a lot of publicity. Which they used (exploited), as Oreo healed. Then (supposedly), she suddenly became aggressive. However, rather than let another organization take her, they killed her. In my opinion, Oreo lost her life because it would have looked bad for the ASPCA if another group had taken her in an successfully accomplished what they couldn’t. To them, she had served her purpose and killing her at that point meant nothing. Does that sound like an animal protection group to you?

In 2012, after apparently looking to exploit Ringling Bros., the ASPCA was forced to pay $9.3 million dollars in order to settle a racketeering and fraud case. Feld Entertainment that owns Ringling Bros., filed a suit against the ASPCA and other groups claiming that they were pursuing frivolous litigation against Ringling for animal cruelty. The case turned when it was learned that under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, that their lawyers had paid a former Ringling employee $190,000 dollars to testify. The court ruled in the favor of Ringling Bros., characterizing the former employee as a paid witness and therefor was not credible.

Then in May of 2019, this highly astute and well-trained lover of animals, had 26 dogs die while being transported from Mississippi to Wisconsin. The cause of death, from the small amount of information that was provided, was likely due to either overheating, carbon monoxide, or a combination of both.

In 2021 CBS News reported that the ASPCA had raised more than $2 Billion dollars since 2008 but had spent only $146 million (7 percent) of that money in grants to local animal welfare projects or groups. However, The group spent tree times that amount or $421 million on fundraising activities.

The CBS  investigation also noted that the ASPCA doesn’t allow local, independent Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCAs), to use its donor list if the local humane societies included language that they were distinctly different from the ASPCA and that they didn’t receive support from the national organization.

Obviously, the ASPCA is deceptively confusing donors that may want to give to local SPCA chapters. Remember, the one and only shelter that the ASPCA is associated with is located in Manhattan. This prompted Jack Hubbard to say:

“Most people believe they’re associated with all the local shelters, but they’re not. The ASPCA should change name its name to the Midtown Manhattan ASPCA.”

Yet, the ASPCA isn’t happy with just deception and strong-arming people when it comes to domesticated animals like dogs and cats. No, they have larger, more lucrative plans that will affect the food supply and ultimately the supply chain possibly worldwide.

They ASPCA is leading a group of forty “animal rights groups” in a lobbying effort this week that they have named “Protect Farm Animals Week of Action” They are seeking backing from Congress to initiate a liberal agenda that includes a national moratorium on expanded livestock operations and a complete ban by 2040. The tree huggers also want to create new animal welfare standards for the transportation of livestock and poultry, taking things like the amount of time that animals can be transported without rest.

Too bad they didn’t do that for the dogs they were transporting back in 2019.

They and their cohorts are also seeking $100 billion dollars for a “voluntary” program to transition animal feeding operations to raising pasture-based livestock, growing specialty crops, or organic commodity production.”

Translation: Stop raising animals and start planting … (What we tell you to plant).

According to Hubbard:

“The organization has really radicalized in recent years, taking positions that are anti-agriculture and anti-farmer. They’re pushing wacky and extreme policies in the Farm Bill.”

“I’m really concerned about animal rights groups trying to change the country’s food policy. We have the safest and most abundant and affordable food supply in the world. It’s good for people at all income levels. If the ASPCA is successful, the food crisis will increase, and we’re already in a hyperinflationary tailspin. Talking about measures to raise prices of healthy animal protein is beyond irresponsible and poorly timed.”

Sounding like the total leftists that they are, the ASPCA argues that a “factory farm system” enriches a small number of companies and individuals atop the food industry while treating animals cruelly and harming the environment. 

Hubbard dismissed their rhetoric, pointing out that the ASPCA “likes to throw around the term ‘factory farms’ to malign mainly family farms.” He then added that the group itself was nothing more than a “factory fundraiser.” 

The ASPCA has exploited us by portraying themselves as righteous and moral. Tugging on our heart strings to engorge their wallets and offshore accounts. They have exploited local SPCA charities through deception and intimidation. Taking in untold amounts of dollars from well-meaning people trying to help struggling animals. Most importantly, through their uncaring lethargy, they have allowed animals to suffer and die, all the while creating an image that appeared loving, decent, and kind. In a perfect world, the next ASPCA  commercial would have Bershadker and the board of directors in cages out in some rural area, in a snowstorm while Sarah McLachlan croons in the background  …. while we just laugh and laugh