Thursday, June 08, 2023

The Battle for Life goes on

This past weekend, I decided to attend the famous Jazz & Heritage Festival (a.k.a. “Jazz Fest”) in New Orleans. Right before I was about to walk through the front entrance of the musical festival’s venue, I was stopped by a man wearing a Planned Parenthood vest.

For context, abortion is completely banned in the state of Louisiana following the Dobbs vs. Jackson Supreme court decision last summer. So, I was shocked to see Planned Parenthood employees accosting Musical festival-goers in Louisiana.

Nevertheless, the Planned Parenthood employee made eye contact with my girlfriend and me as we walked by, and he said “Y’all look like nice people. Don’t y’all support women’s rights?” Not in the mood to argue, I quickly replied “I love Jesus Christ more” and continued on our way to Jazz Fest.

After that encounter, I got to thinking about why Planned Parenthood still operates in Louisiana–considering abortion is the organization’s focal point. The next day, I decided to look up the New Orleans Planned Parenthood clinic online and found some interesting information. The New Orleans Planned Parenthood clinic still provides in-person services for abortion referrals and birth control as well as telehealth services for “Gender-affirming care”. Here is a description under the “Gender-affirming care” section of the New Orleans Planned Parenthood website:

“Our New Orleans health center has expanded current health care services to include gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) for transgender patients (ages 18+). GAHT is one way for transgender individuals to feel and look more like the gender with which they identify. GAHT is a component of a medical transition which is used to change the body’s endocrine system to more closely match the person’s gender identity.  Gender-affirming hormone therapy services include estrogen, spironolactone, and testosterone. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast follows an informed consent treatment model, which means our patients will not be required to provide an approval letter from a therapist to begin GAHT.”

girl covering her face with both hands

It’s bad enough that Planned Parenthood used to murder children in Louisiana through abortion and still promotes sterility among the adult population through procedures such as vasectomies and the pill. However, Planned Parenthood still encourages the genital mutilation of adults in Louisiana under the guise of “gender-affirming care”.

This personal revelation made me realize that the Battle for the unborn, children, and families still continues on in my home state of Louisiana and throughout the rest of the country. Sure, abortion is currently illegal in Louisiana, and thanks be to God for that victory. However, the forces of evil in this world and Satan himself will not stop. Evil does not have geographic boundaries, and barbaric groups like Planned Parenthood will keep fighting to destroy the family unit, make abortion legal in all three trimesters, and promote sterility/the genital mutilation of adults. Let’s pray that our nation would come to its senses and return to its Christian heritage and traditional family values. 

In the meantime, America First, Christian patriots in conservative states need to continue promoting the sanctity of life and the formation of Natural families (i.e. a married father and mother with children) through pro-family legislation, education, and media. Indeed, the future of our nation depends on the continued formation of strong families.

The Battle for Life goes on!