Thursday, June 08, 2023

The Incompatibility of American Freemasonry in a Judeo-Christian Nation

For more than two centuries, distinguished men and women spanning a variety of academic fields have agreed that America was founded as a Christian nation.  Numerous primary source documents and other credible sources prove this. We cannot claim to be founded as a Christian nation yet claim that most of our Founders were deeply connected to heretical organizations and societies.

There is no shortage of books or articles tying Founding Fathers to Freemasonry. This has deeply affected the Christian’s view of our founding, deflated Christian Americans making them cynical about our nation, and has ultimately lulled us into a mental-emotional stagnancy where any verbal defense or praise of our Nation’s founding and heritage is stifled or even non-existent. Patriotism is lost, enduring hope is snuffed, and tragically, many believe that we are a pagan nation. This view has crept in as revision historians sew up the last of the wounds they have inflicted upon our national interpretation of the American legacy.

The plumb line for truth is God’s Word. In all things, we should ask God for revelation, discernment, and wisdom. This is one of those timely topics we ask for these things. This article shines a light on American Freemasonry during our nation’s Founding and the difference between Founding era Masonry and Modern American Masonry. Most citizens know little about this history or care, but we should.

Modern Freemasonry is a massively organized society. At the helm is the Scottish Rite. Branching from that are the Shriners, and they are generally viewed as charitable, riding around in crimson Fez hats helping kids in hospitals. Many Masons also worked with the D.A.R.E. program in schools. The entire organization is meticulously run and has well organized structure. Masons are not shy about civic work. They are out and about in the community representing large numbers of elected officials, lawmen, attorneys, educators, and the list goes on. Modern Freemasonry is on the decline, and traditionally, Masonry does not directly involve itself in politics.

Modern Freemasonry is most concerning, however, not because of the charitable work they do, but because the organization embodies its own system of deep rituals, religious, and philosophical teachings. It is America’s oldest and most secret society having reached membership numbers over four million at one time in the 1950s. Most of the secrets, however, have been divulged through the years as more people have left Masonry and warned of the dangers therein. To avoid controversy over religious preferences among members, Masons recognize all deities by the name G.A.O.T.U. which means the Great Architect of the Universe. They allow you to pledge allegiance to whatever god you choose be it the Judeo-Christian God or a pagan god.

Originating in Europe, Masons were highly skilled craftsmen who traveled Europe doing skilled physical labor while moving all around “freely” to practice and perfect their trade in stone work. Some traveled; some did not. There were Masonry ranks similar to what we see today based on work experience. Dating all the way back to early 900 AD, every Mason then was instructed to love God, love his brother, worship the Lord in church, and meet to pray for the brethren and all Christians. In the 1500s-1700s, Masons were still implored to remain true to God, the true Church, and to obey moral law. If you were atheist or not religious, you could not be a Mason.

As time passed, heretical teachings and blasphemous rituals began to infiltrate Masonry. Heretical teachings drive modern Masonry today. This should not be taken lightly by professing Christians. We cannot romanticize about the original history of Freemasonry and explain present day involvement away. We must square up with the truth of when, where, why, and how it has devolved. In the 1700s, Masonic leaders hijacked original Masonic teachings and begin to teach that Masonry traced back to sinful Adam. They taught that Adam had passed down Masonic teachings to his sons.

Leaders broke down three classes of Masonic teachings to Moral, Religious, and Philosophical categories. The religious class was altered by the Masonic leaders, and they abandoned Christian precepts and roots and replaced that section with pluralistic and paganistic beliefs. Hermetic philosophy is the basis for modern Freemasonry. The weight of this cannot be lost on us because this is the root of most modern witchcraft and paganism. Pagan teachings began to permeate modern Masonry, and this eventually established modern Freemasonry as we know it today. This is not far-fetched. Think about secularism in the schools, the seminaries, and even the churches today.

Freemasonry today is not compatible with Christianity. We must be realistic about what it has become and what it seeks to do spiritually. Modern American Freemasonry teaches and promotes heresies, and these occultic rituals bring on generational curses. Masonry of today claims Jesus was either simply a man like us or that he was possibly just the revival or reincarnation of some former legendary human. Jesus was not a man “just like us,” and He certainly is no reincarnation of any fallen human. Blasphemous!

Modern American Freemasonry says that there is divine illumination, but it can range from Buddha, to Allah, to Christ. The modern interpretation says that it is the Light only that matters and not the image bearer of that Light. Let me be crystal clear: The Light of Christ is not the light of false gods. There is no other name by which men can be saved or have illumination to know we are sinners in need of a Savior.

Modern Masonry says that our individual interpretation of God is who God actually is, and that if God exists, he only exists by our reasoning. That is unbiblical, humanistic, and sinful.  We are made in God’s image, and therefore, we must see God for who He says He is, not who we think He is. How arrogant to think we bring the true meaning to who God is. He told us our ways and thoughts are not His and that His ways and thoughts are higher. We cannot know who He is apart from His revelation and illumination of the very gift of reason that He alone gave to us. Scripture tells us who He is. He is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the only way to the Father. (John 14:6) Genesis 1:1 says, “ In the Beginning, God…” Modern Masonic tenets also encourage asking any divine entity for guidance. There is a grave spiritual danger to call upon any spirit other than the Holy Spirit.

Another heretical teaching of the modern American Freemason movement is the doctrine of dualism. This is rooted in ancient heretical teachings such as Gnosticism. Modern American Masonry believes that good and evil are inseparable and create balance. There is no balance of good and evil, they are not equal, and they are not joined together. What does scripture teach about light and darkness? Light wins! The darkness has been conquered! 2 Corinthians 6:13-15 discusses that they are separate and are to stay separate. Ephesians 5:11 says that “there should be no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Light does not mingle with darkness; it exposes it.

 Reputable Masonic historians as well as many other reputable historians refute the claims that most of our Founders were Masons. Leave it to modern day historians and revisionists to taint our Christian heritage. No wonder so many churches are absent and silent from politics. We hear the squeaky wheel first and believe a lie. Otherwise, more pastors, churches, and Christian families would be leading the charge in culture, inclusive of politics, and not follow secular culture. It is time for the true Church to be the primary voice of truth and combat the lies! We must give true answers, but we cannot unless we become studiers of the Word and of truthful information.

The Masonic Services Association of North America researches history for Masons. They share truth regarding the entire history of the Freemasons, including Founding era, proving most of our Founders were not Masons. They show that the few who were Masons were usually inactive. Research shows that one in six Founders who signed the Declaration of Independence could have potentially been Freemasons, but there is little to no evidence to prove they were. Of those at the Constitutional Convention, the maximum number of men who could have potentially been Freemasons was capped at around 25%.  This is the highest number that is even remotely possible. That data was collected based on inactive members plus those men simply suspected to be Masons yet with no substantiated evidence. They took all factual information available and still only got a potential 25%. Do you see how low the number is based on any evidence? We must let truth and reason shatter every thought raised against them, and we must humble ourselves before truth, not assumption.

Despite what you probably have been taught, Freemasonry did not play a crucial role in the Founding of our nation. We cannot go by modern, revision historians for our “facts.” George Washington wrote to a Reverend Snyder that he wished to “correct an error you have run into of my presiding over the English lodges in this country. The fact is I preside over none, nor have I been in one more than once or twice within the last thirty years.” This is all confirmed by Masonic historians. President George Washington is the primary name we hear about being an active Mason, but he was not. Neither was Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Carroll, Jay, nor either Adams’. It can be supported and substantiated by historical archives and irrefutable evidence that most of our Founding Fathers were not Freemasons.

 Washington led armies against groups who promoted philosophies that were antithetical to American founding, inclusive of the Illuminati and Jacobin thoughts and ways. Why would our Founders, as accused, include satanic symbolism and design in structures all over Washington, D.C.?  Isaiah 8:12 says, “Do not call conspiracy everything that these people call conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.”

A full article could be written to refute the alleged Satanic symbolism of the nation’s capital and the layout thereof as originating with our Founding Fathers. There are claims that all of Washington, D.C. was designed as one big satanic symbol revolving around five locations. A major hiccup with this well-known argument is that the locations in question were not even thought of until almost a century after the Founding era. How did the Founders see into the future by a century? The Jefferson Memorial is a popular location many argue as having Masonic and witchcraft symbolism, yet the location of the memorial at the time the city plans were drawn in 1791 sat under water– smack dab in the middle of the Potomac! It was also the same with the Lincoln Memorial which was also underwater.

Were the Founders psychic, knowing that one day, memorials would arise completing satanic pentagrams? Truly, it is nonsense. If you and I selected five points on a Washington, D.C. map to try to create the satanic pentagram, we probably would not pick the same points, but we can make just about anything we want with so many architectural points. Working to prove that the full layout of our nation’s capital city is satanic is simply arbitrary. As always, historical documents, dates, timelines, and primary sources matter.

The Great Seal, as designed by Charles Thomson, has long been in question, yet he was not a Mason. Thomson was an Orthodox Christian theologian whose Thomson Bible is still one of the best-selling American translations of the Bible. There is an explanation of the eye and pyramid, but it is not Illuminati. Three committees oversaw the Great Seal design in stages. One of those members, Francis Hopkinson, was the editor of one of the first American hymnals in 1767. The Great Seal represents the watchful eye of Providence as God stands guard over many interpositions in favor of the American cause for freedom and liberty. The pyramids reflected duration and strength withstanding tests of time and elements. Many Founders meticulously documented the hand of Providence over the critical stages of American Founding.

Masonic historians agree that the all-seeing eye was not in the early works of Freemasonry. Masonic scholars and theologians also agree that the Illuminati all-seeing eye and an eye within a triangle are not the same. The eye within the triangle represents strong Trinitarian beliefs that indicate the providence of an Almighty God. Founders documented that it represented a new order of the ages. It was not representative of a new world order. Big difference! The inscription translations are clear. This new American era was ushering in a new order, alright! It was one of liberty and freedom that was to be maintained by a Constitutional Republic and one of representative self-government.

 There are so many myth-buster facts we could walk through in an additional article regarding suspected satanic symbolism surrounding the nation’s capital, currency, monuments, and more that try to pin it on our Founding Fathers. However, one of the most influential Masons (1809-1891) was a man named Albert Pike. He was known for paganism, religious pluralism, occultism, and spiritual mysticism. The Bible clearly discusses the dangers of this. Pike was responsible for creating a pagan framework by which Freemasons were given titles, and he asserted occultic practices throughout. Even today, his most notable work, Morals and Dogmas is recommended reading for every American Mason.

During Founding era, these teachings did not exist. These occult practices were introduced almost one hundred years after America was founded. It is simply not fair or wise to equate Founding era Masonic tenets with modern Masonic practices. Albert Pike even acknowledged that “the Freemasonry of the United States is not what it was in the days of the Fathers.”

Most who contend that our nation was founded by Illuminati and Masonic occultism miss major truth and context. It is not the same teaching. Massive cultural, spiritual, and philosophical shifts happened with the European resurgence of Freemasonry and trickled across the pond. The Founders who did attend very few Freemason meetings were not the 1870s Freemason equivalents. If you accuse our national heritage of being rooted in paganism, then you should be able to support it with primary sourced documents and good research evidence. The hard truth is modern revision historians can do neither.

You cannot serve two masters, and our Founding Fathers knew this; it was the entire reason the Revolutionary War happened. You cannot be both Christian and Pagan founded. There is overwhelming evidence to support we are founded upon the Judeo-Christian religion with the Ten Commandments being the capstone of our entire American Jurisprudence.

Embellishments are placed on the Founders, such as George Washington, for attending one, maybe two lodge meetings in thirty plus years, yet his entire life’s godly legacy is totally ignored by most. The following is a list of lies that must be dismantled and accompanied with swift correction and rebuttal:  1) All the Founders were masons, 2) Early Freemasonry and modern Freemasonry are one in the same, 3) Founding era Freemasonry is nothing more than secret Illuminati ingenuity and hidden meaning across the nation, including Washington, D.C., 4) We are a cult-originated nation.

The progression of Freemasonry is easily researchable. Research Operative Freemasonry, Accepted Freemasonry, and Founding Era Freemasonry. The five main time categories of the progression are: 1) Original American Masonry, 2) Corrupting of Masonic Beliefs, 3) Masonic Demise, 4) Masonic Revival, 5) Modern Masonry

In nearly three centuries, great corruption has taken place in American Freemasonry that undermines Biblical Christianity and true Founding intent. In the Founding era, it was not this way. Modern Freemasonry is indefensible for the true Christian. Most people just do not know true history; therefore, we lump all Founders in one group and assign them to one category which slanders their lives and flushes contextual truth down the drain. We must be diligent to interpret meaning as intended. We must do this with the Bible, with our United States Constitution, and with the lives and work of others. Intent does matter. It is also why careful pains were taken to document everything during Founding era.

I urge you to research the lives and testimonies of the Founding Fathers as well as primary source documents. Do not be ill-informed and make slanderous assumptions. Research irrefutable evidence by Masons and Non-Masons alike regarding the fact there is simply no sound evidence to slander the collective Founding group of men (and women) who put their lives on the line to follow the one, true God. Many of the evangelical organizations these Founders conceptualized and birthed are still going strong today. From Bible societies, Sunday school as we know it today, evangelism tools, Christian colleges, and more, the legacies of these Founding families still live on. America has been blessed. God does not bless pagan nations. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.” Psalm 33:12

As the Director for Restore Liberty Mississippi, I have refrained from endorsing anyone associated with Freemasonry. First and foremost, modern American

Freemasonry is the rejection of Christ Jesus as being the one, true God. Not all faiths are equal. All roads do not lead to Heaven. There is one way, and that is through Christ Jesus the Son and His shed blood at Calvary. I am thankful that currently there is a decline on the Masonic Lodge rolls. Masonic rites, rituals, and oaths can bring destruction and curses upon families for generations, and those unholy oaths need to be broken in Jesus’ name.

Rebecca Chaney is the Director for Restore Liberty Mississippi, and she sits on the board for the Mississippi Freedom Caucus. She is a lifetime Patriot Academy Constitution Coach and has hosted Biblical Citizenship and Constitutional classes since 2020. She has helped to start these classes across the state of Mississippi. She is a homeschool Mom of seven years to her son and daughter.

Restore Liberty partners with Dr. Jennifer Miller of Jennifer Miller Ministries. She is an expert in the spiritual dangers and incompatibility of modern Masonry and Christianity, and she teaches classes on how to be set free from the spiritual darkness and strongholds that these oaths can bring upon individuals and families. If you would like more information, Dr. Miller can be reached at [email protected].