Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Mystery of our Descent into Pervasive Societal Insanity

From; the definition of Insane: Of, relating to, or characteristic of a person who is mentally deranged.

The descent of American society into an abyss of clinical insanity took place with breathtaking rapidity. Somewhere around 2010, a traceable wave of peculiar behavior began to emerge in America’s largest cities. Nearly the entire state of California exhibited visible signs of the contagion. Over the next decade, the infection spread swiftly and soon engulfed smaller cities from Portland to Chapel Hill.

The proliferation of Pervasive Societal Insanity (PSI) leaves us with many unanswered questions.

How did isolated pockets of the disease emerge as a full-fledged insanity pandemic so quickly? More importantly, where did it originate? Was this some secretly engineered pathogen conjured up in Wuhan while Covid was just a genome chart in Dr. Fauci’s laboratory? Did one of those inexplicable UFOs that our pilots seem to encounter daily release infectious spores that are turning innocent Americans into insidious woke pod people?

If there is a more plausible explanation for half a country losing its collective mind, I’d like to hear it.

When societal events and trends no longer conform with generally and traditionally accepted behavioral norms, anyone with a modicum of curiosity would want to know how and why it happened. Every new woke scheme seems to propagate a litter of even worse ideas, and those unafflicted by the madness are left to wring their hands and wonder what the hell is going on.

For those old enough to remember when comic books were about fun instead of woke messaging, Superman would occasionally visit a planet called “Bizarro World,” where everything worked in reverse of common sense and logic. Our world was round, so Bizarro World was square. If Superman put out a fire in a burning building, Bizarro World Superman would pour gasoline on it, so the fire burned hotter.

You get the idea. Bizarro World Superman had good intentions, but he was just… horribly misguided.

It feels like our world has become square, and somehow, we’ve morphed into a society where Bizarro World Superman would feel right at home.

How else can we explain the seemingly daily bombardment of new policy horrors designed to make our lives worse while rewarding society’s miscreants? Every day, either Slow Joe’s government or some woke judge unleashes another crazy mandate that couldn’t stand up under scrutiny in the court of common sense, let alone under the tenets of Aristotelian logic.

This stuff is bat-shit crazy, and it doesn’t seem to be going away.

We have large swaths of people advocating for biological men to participate in women’s sports, rolling back 50 years of hard-fought progress that gave women the opportunity to experience the enormous benefits of teamwork and commitment. Remarkably, many of the same feminists who demanded equality through Title IX now knowingly advocate for its destruction.

Entire large metropolitan communities like New York, San Francisco and Chicago have reduced police funding. Apparently, those suffering from PSI believed that fewer cops on the street would lead to less crime because the police are the real thugs.

Yeah, okay…

Naturally, as soon as police presence was reduced, violent crime skyrocketed. New York cut a billion dollars from its budget and had a 50% increase in killings. Chicago fired 400 police officers and saw carjackings rise by 135%. Los Angeles cut $150 million from its police budget and killings rose 25%.

Without any empirical evidence, or a single experiment that verifies the climate is changing due to human activity, the government is forcing compliance with draconian measures that will result in a significantly diminished standard of life for all Americans. If you want to see what’s coming to your state, look at California, where gas prices are the highest in the nation, and its citizens are subject to third-world rolling blackouts. Right before our eyes, lunatics are outlawing internal combustion engines in favor of electric cars, which are unsafe, damage the environment and exploit child labor. Yet, woke pod people dutifully comply and demand we all march together over the cliff of economic destruction.

I wrote this piece over a three-day period, and in that time alone, I learned of Slow Joe’s new mortgage regulations that punish applicants with good credit by adding fees to be redistributed to those with bad credit. I guess the warped thinking is deadbeats deserve a house too, even if they can’t afford it.

Then there was John Nolte’s article about something called “transableism,” which apparently involves people identifying with specific disabilities. Somehow, they team up with an equally disturbed physician, who helps them live out their mental illness. A transabled blind person might want to have their retinas removed, a person who identifies as a paraplegic could have their spine severed…

I’m serious, this is a real thing.

We better find an antidote to the virus causing PSI or capture the aliens delivering the spores, because trust me, you don’t want to live on Bizarro World.

Just ask Superman…