Thursday, June 01, 2023

VIDEO: Kennedy Annihilates Democrats For Attacking The Supreme Court

If you haven’t been paying attention to one of the latest abuses of the Constitution going on in Washington, DC, most of what you need to know about it came to light yesterday at the Senate Judiciary Committee when Sen. John Kennedy gave a speech which might well be the highlight of his career.

The Democrats who control the Senate, and their propagandist allies in the media, are in the process of trying to devalue and besmirch the Supreme Court over “ethical” issues, with the linchpin of the case being the fact that Clarence Thomas, the Justice whom they hate most owing to his status as a black jurist who managed not to be captured on their intellectual plantation, frequently vacations with a rich friend who has no business in front of the Supreme Court.

There is no basis to this ginned-up campaign of outrage, but that matters not. When Democrats in Washington smell blood or power, they will routinely set off on non-factual and grotesque odysseys, and this current effort to impose a new code of ethics on the Supreme Court is a good example. The Supreme Court has a well-established ethics code which is better adhered to than anything Congress has, and the Constitution establishes a bright line of separation which this effort certainly crosses.

It’s a partisan effort which isn’t driven by any concerns about ethics. It’s driven by something else – the Supreme Court will decide this summer on a number of cases which might very well completely dismantle the federal administrative state as we know it. Chevron deference, the presumption arising from the 1984 case of Chevron v. National Resources Defense Council that a federal agency’s regulatory proclamations should be presumed valid when they’re “reasonable” and when Congress has made no law opposite them, is going to be reviewed with a critical eye by this Court, and it’s entirely possible that it will be overturned.

Should that happen, virtually everything the federal bureaucracy rests its powers on will disappear. The agencies will have to take direction from Congress rather than flout it, and the fact Congress isn’t capable of the kind of detailed rulemaking the bureaucracy does means the federal government will necessarily become smaller in size and scope.

It will mean, or at least it might mean, that citizens negatively affected by arbitrary regulations from federal bureaucrats will be able to go into court to have them invalidated because Congress has not passed laws empowering those bureaucrats to regulate as they’re doing.

The Democrats in the Senate, and the people who handle Joe Biden, rightly recognize this as a grave threat to the Deep State status quo. They understand that if the Supreme Court pulls back the federal administrative state with decisions paring back Chevron deference later this year you’re going to have a whole new era of smaller American government on your hands.

You can’t pass most of these bureaucratic regulations through both houses of Congress. They wouldn’t pass in the House at all, and they’d be filibustered in the Senate. They exist because of radicalized leftist bureaucrats controlling the agencies.

So the impending loss of control is an existential threat to the Obama-Biden-Schumer axis’ status quo, and what’s happening now is a campaign of intimidation against the Supreme Court – they’re attempting to delegitimize it and make the Justices so nervous about their political positions as to temper what reform-minded, or Constitution-minded, impulses they might have.

Kennedy doesn’t get into that, though it’s clear (and he probably understands) that this is all about Chevron. Instead, he goes for the jugular and lays out the decades-long assault they’ve made on the Supreme Court’s legitimacy and the thuggish attacks on conservative judges of which they’re guilty. And he notes that this is, at its heart, about the fact that these people hate everything they don’t completely control.

In that, he’s correct. Today’s Democrat Party is made up of narcissistic control freaks who cannot stop their naked pursuit of power, which is precisely the reason why they should be denied it at every turn.

In a year and a half the Democrats will have to defend 24 of the 34 Senate seats up for re-election, half of which are in states Donald Trump won either in 2016 or 2020. They can afford to lose only one of those on net, something which seems exceedingly difficult to do.

And it’s made more so by the devastating blows Kennedy landed in his speech yesterday.