Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Why Alvin Bragg’s Decision to Charge Daniel Penny Is Likely a Preview of the tactics the Dems will use in 2024

The Left simply refuses to look any issue in America outside of a racial framework.

A tragedy recently occurred in New York City when a reportedly mentally ill and dangerous man began to threaten multiple people on a New York Subway. The man, who happened to be black, Jordan Neely, reportedly said he was prepared to die and made threats to multiple passengers. What happened next was that according to reports is that a marine who happened to be white, Daniel Penny, tried to subdue him using a choke hold that ultimately led to his death.

Penny was initially released by police after they looked at video of the incident and talked to witnesses.

In the days that followed this tragedy left-wing activists began to organize protests and pressure began to build on Soros-funded Democrat partisan hack New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg to take additional action. Just days after Penny’s release without charges, Bragg announced his office was conducting a further investigation. Penny was later arrested and charged with second degree murder. He was arraigned in court on Friday, May 12.

Manslaughter is a class B Felony in New York, and the charge carries a possible sentence of up to 25 years in jail. The State would have to show that Penny recklessly caused Neely’s death for him to be convicted under the New York Statute.

The left is trying yet again to build another fake narrative of a white man using excessive force against a black man in this case, a storyline that we’ve seen before in American politics. The facts are clear. Black men are more likely to killed by lightning than by the police, there is no evidence that suggests law enforcement officials target or are more likely to use disproportionate amounts of force against the black community.

The fake narratives that the police have same kind of vendetta against the black community, and that American is an institutionally racist country, are not new in American politics. The Left has been promoting this propaganda for years to lock black voters into the Democrat party’s vote plantation.

And as this is the preparatory stage of the 2024 election cycle, it’s all about narrative-building. Party primaries are right around the corner, just a few months away, and the Biden administration knows that it has failed across the board where policy and outcomes are concerned. There are also increasing signs that the black community in particular has lost confidence in the 80-year old president. Recent polling from NBC and Quinnipiac shows a near 20-point decline in approval for Biden in the black community. A recent March poll also shows Biden’s favorability ratings in the black community has dropped from 84% at the beginning of his term, to 74% now.

Biden’s administration hasn’t delivered or gotten the results for Black America even though this community saved his candidacy in the South Carolina, and it also played a critical role in getting him becoming president in 2020.

The Left has always promoted fake narratives and used divisive rhetoric to try and galvanize minority communities, and recent coverage around the tragedy in New York City suggests that Soros-supported Bragg is trying to use this case for political purposes. Democrats believe that they can galvanize the vote in the black community by showing Trump and the Republican’s party’s support for law enforcement and by trying falsely paint the MAGA movement as a racist movement.  Bragg has a history of politicizing the DA’s office, and his tactics also follow Biden’s politicization of the Justice Department as well.

With the 2024 presidential election just over a year away, these tactics are likely a prelude of what is to come from an increasingly desperate Democratic party.