Thursday, June 08, 2023

“Wimmin,” “Wymon,” Or “Womxn,” Anything But Women

Here’s a question: why do universities, corporations, politicians, etc. continue to placate the smallest group in society just because they have mastered the art of bitching? I mean really, how long will these people continue to feed the fire of idiocy? At some point, and in my opinion we ae already well past it, these people are going to have to relearn the word NO!

The University of Texas, Austin is now promoting alternative for the word “Women.” Can you guess why a university would stoop to this level of stupidity? I’m betting that you guessed correctly. It’s because a group of mouth breathing malcontents are bothered by the “men” suffix of the word.

That’s right folks, here is a major university that instead of concentrating on education, they are busy catering to a group of whiners that got their panties in a bunch over a small part of a word in the English language.

Believe it or not, the Office of Financial and Administrative Services actually included a glossary of terms on its webpage of Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.

Among the terms listed to describe what normal people call a woman (singular), or women (plural), the glossary offers these alternatives. “Wimmin,” “Womyn,” or “Womxn.” Apparently, though rarely used except by extreme feminists, the terms “womyn” and womxn have been around since the 1970’s to avoid sexism of the standard spelling by not including “man,” or “men.” My question is this, if that is the case, aren’t they clearly differentiating that men and women are different?

The debate doesn’t stop there. Even within the ranks of the insane people that use these ridiculous terms, there is some infighting. There appears to be some question concerning the terms “womyn,” and “womxn.” Some believe that one or the other may apply only to “whites,” while the other is more inclusive.

To me what makes the entire moronic debate hilariously ironic, is that the two letters that are up for debate are “X” and “Y” which are the chromosomes that differentiate men from women.

The glossary also has some other interesting acronyms, For instance:

TERF: Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, refers to feminists who are transphobic.

FTM: Female to Male Spectrum, refers to people assigned the female gender at birth, but identify/express their gender as male, all, or part of the time.

MTF: Male to Female Spectrum, refers to people assigned the male gender at birth, but identify/express their gender as female, all, or part of the time.

AFAB/AMAB: Assigned Female/Male at Birth, refers to people that may or may not still identify/express themselves as this gender.

Notice, in some cases these delusional misfits believe that they can switch back and forth, thinking that they are the opposite sex, all or part of the time.

Also, what good is a glossary if it doesn’t include some definitions. Here are some examples of what the university thought they should explain:

WHITE SUPREMACY: The belief that underlies the concept of whiteness, a historically based, institutionally perpetuated, system of exploitation and oppression of continents, nations, and individuals of color, by white individuals and nations of the European continent to maintain and defend a system of wealth power and privilege.

WOKE: Rooted in black activist culture, it means you’re educated and aware, especially about injustice. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told young people to “stay woke.” If you think about it in the context of women’s rights, look at the #SayHerName campaign, which works to raise awareness for black women victims of police brutality.

The glossary has since been taken down. Brian Davis, a Senior Manager of Issues and Crisis Communications at the university, told Fox News Digital, “The page was removed because it was not relevant to the work that Financial and Administrative Services performs.”

No kidding.