Sunday, December 03, 2023

Ed Dutton & how the Future is Right-wing

Writer, video producer, and researcher Ed Dutton released a landmark book in 2022 called The Past is a Future Country: the Coming Conservative Revival. Multiple friends of mine recommended Dutton’s work, so I finally got around to reading this book a few weeks ago.

While Dutton’s book is extremely information-heavy, I am extremely glad to have read this book. The Past is a Future Country provides so much insight into the demographic future of America/the Western World and the political consequences of this future.

While Dutton provides so much valuable information in his book, we will focus on three major topics one can garner from the book. Without further ado, let’s dive right in:

1. The Moral Foundations of Liberals vs Conservatives

Dutton sets the tone of differentiating between Liberals and Conservatives by discussing psychologist Jonathan Haidt’s “Moral Foundations” model (Dutton, pp.38). In essence, Conservatives and Liberals emphasize certain moral characteristics (i.e. “Moral Foundations”) more than others. Based on Moral Foundations Theory, the five key components of morality are care, fairness, loyalty to the in-group, authority, and sanctity/purity.

According to Dutton, Liberals focus on the “Individualizing” moral qualities–care and fairness (pp.40). On the other hand, Conservatives prioritize the “Binding” (i.e. Community-based) moral qualities–specifically in-group loyalty, authority, and sanctity/purity.

Overall, Dutton hits the nail on the head about the fundamental differences between Conservatives and Liberals. Liberals hold a radical view of autonomy and individualism. In contrast, Conservatives generally still view people as individuals in a broader context of the society/community.

Before reading Dutton’s book, I always wondered what it seemed like Liberals seem to think and speak in a polar opposite way from Conservatives. Fortunately, Dutton lucidly articulated the fundamental differences between Conservatives and Liberals in the 3rd chapter of The Past is a Future Country.

2. The Fertility Advantage of the Right Wing

In spite of the increasing Liberalization of the Western World, Ed Dutton provides the evidence as to why the United States and the Western World will inevitable move in a much more Conservatives direction. One of the primary reasons is due to demographics. Simply put, Conservatives are having more children than Liberals (pp. 100). In fact, Conservatives have about a 40% fertility advantage over Liberals.

A big part of why Conservatives will rule the future of America is increasingly due to the sterility of Liberal elites. America’s higher IQ Liberals are having fewer children (pp. 90). In the coming decades, higher IQ Liberal elites will

So not only are Conservatives having more children than Liberals, America’s future elite will become much more Conservative since the current Liberal elite is not replacing itself.

3. The Reality of Geno-politics

Ed Dutton also spends a fair bit of time discussing the intersection of genetics and political beliefs. Once you’ve read through this book, you will know that one’s political beliefs do not exist in a vacuum. Genetic heritability plays a significant role in forming a person’s political ideology.

Based on available data, Dutton affirms that political beliefs are roughly 50% heritable/genetically-based (pp. 105).

What’s the implication of this fact? Well, our current Cultural Marxist, Far-Left educational system will have a tougher time in the future converting Conservative children into Liberals. From an anecdotal perspective, there appears to be a recent backlash of Gen Z students against Pride Month celebrations. Here is a viral tweet of California high school students mocking a Pride month video:

While Conservatives should still work to end the Leftist domination of the American education system. The power of genetics and the heritability of Conservative beliefs is more powerful than the Leftist indoctrination camps known as public schools. Thus, the Fertility advantage of Conservatives combined with the heritability of political beliefs is a good sign for Conservatives in the coming decades.

In closing, I hope you gained some interesting insight into the future of this nation due to current demographic trends.

While times may be difficult for traditional Christians and America First patriots in modern America. Dutton’s book reminds us that the future exists for those who show.

Will Conservatives keep forming families? Will Conservatives keep trusting in Christ and remaining faithful in spite of growing persecution? Will Conservatives keep taking part in America’s political system? If the answer is yes to those questions, then we should remain confident about America’s Coming Conservative demographic revival.