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Pride Month: Is the Left Right to Call Us Hypocrites?

This is Pride Month.

I’ve perhaps spent a little too much time on Facebook the past few weeks arguing with misguided people. They believe they and other adults — and not to mention the public schools — have a moral obligation to expose young children to drag queens.

I personally find drag queens more illogical than offensive. The exterior parts from a 57 Chevy do not belong on a modern Dodge Ram. So why do clothes designed for the female anatomy belong on a man? This is Pride Month, and drag shows are all the rage. I cannot fathom why straight people would attend a drag show.

OK, on a personal level, drag queens gross me out, but…live and let live, right? 

Keep the kids out of it.

When I make that point, drag queens and their advocates come back at me. They make a point that is, I hate to admit, fair. People on the right, they say, mustn’t worry about what drag queens do with children. They should worry more about what the elders at the far more conservative churches do behind closed doors.

This is not to say drag queens don’t molest kids. 

Some of them do. 

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There’s this example. Read this example. You may read this example. Here’s this example. Also documented is this example. I found an enormous number of such stories through Google. 

And I found just as many such stories going on inside of the church.

So it boils down to evangelicals vs. drag queens. Don’t ask for statistics or empirical evidence of who has more sex crime arrests. I don’t have them. 

The bottom line: churches need a much better system of internal accountability. 

Churches got too big. The people in leadership develop egos — BIG EGOS. Consequently, too many church leaders have extramarital affairs. Too many church leaders commit sex crimes or abuse children. Keep in mind, I am not saying the majority of church leaders are guilty of this. But enough of it goes on that it should make evangelicals uncomfortable. That’s why outsiders don’t listen when Christians complain about drag queens. They don’t listen when Christians boycott a certain department store that permits men to share restrooms with little girls.

Again, the church can and must do a better job policing itself and set a better example.

Take only a few of the following recent examples:

•  Authorities arrested Louisiana Baptist leader Daryl Staff this month. They charged him with 12 felony counts of sex crimes, including offenses against children.

• This month, law enforcement officers arrested a Green Bay, Wisconsin pastor. They charged him with ushing the Internet to target a child as well as the attempted production of child pornography and transfer of obscene material to a child.

• In April, authorities arrested a Franklin, Tennessee pastor and charged him with six counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. 

• As shown in the recent HBO documentary, Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed, former pastor Carl Lentz got carried away with his own ego and had an extramarital affair while church elders ran cover for him.

warned in March that Republicans must stop doing unbelievably stupid stuff in their personal lives. 

The establishment press is full of reporters who are not so much professional journalists as much as they are social justice activists who despise conservatives and evangelicals. These “journalists” will hold the religious right to much higher standards than they do secular culture, especially during Pride Month. And, it goes without saying, the press looks the other way when members of secular culture engage in the same bad behavior.

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There is one key difference between the pastors and the drag queens, and the comments I’ve read during Pride Month make that difference more and more obvious. 

Tawdry drag queens and their enablers want to destigmatize sin and enable more similar behavior.

Destigmatizing sin is the last thing church elders and their enablers wish to do. Unfortunately, they’re too lazy or too corrupt to fight it when it happens within their own ranks.

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