Thursday, July 18, 2024

Useless Border Czar Harris Now Wants To Waste $200 Billion On School Transportation

The queen of incompetence has set her sights on decimating a new target. This time it’s the school transportation system across America. The staggeringly ridiculous ways that this administration has to waste money is beyond belief.

The idea that the entire country will be driving electric vehicles at some time in the not so different future is a total pipedream. The cars are too expensive, their range is too short, battery replacement alone can bankrupt families, you still need fossil fuels to generate electricity, and the aging power grid will never be even close to handling the increased demand. There are states right now that have rolling blackouts in either the summer or the winter depending on their location. The left knows this, but still they insist on putting the American public through this farce.

Now “Camel Laugh” Harris thinks that every school bus in America should also be electric. The initial amount dedicated to this monetary madness is $1 billion (with a B) dollars. That will be used to purchase 2,500 buses spread across 391 school districts. Some quick division determines that each and every school bus will cost $400,000 dollars. New diesel-powered buses cost about $200,000 or half the cost of the electric version.

Since there are approximately 500,000 buses in use across the country, to replace them all would carry a price tag of $200 Billion dollars. “Camel Laugh” thinks that this is doable by 2030 and if it isn’t accomplished …. Children Will Die.

Don’t you love the moronic fear predictions that the left tries to use? The first school transportation was used in Massachusetts in 1869. By 1900, sixteen other states were using them, and in 1939, the yellow-colored buses that we have grown up with were in use. Yet the Biden circus would love you to believe that children will die if electric buses aren’t in place.

Naturally, woke school boards are drooling. Impracticality means nothing to them. If they waste money, but it’s for a leftist ideal, they could care less. It’s about appearances and bragging rights to them, even when they’re bragging about incompetence.

The other major concerns about these vehicles is operational cost and maintenance. Operational costs includes the installation and maintenance of not just the buses, but the charging stations. Because the buses are so much heavier, approximately 36,000 ponds, tire wear becomes an issue. They will have to be rotated and balanced more frequently and since a set of tires costs in excess of $3,000 dollars, that aspect of their care can’t be overlooked.

School Buses do break down and with the additional weight, when electric buses stop running, a larger tow truck will be required. This means possible longer wait times for recovery and definitely higher towing costs. A lesson that schools in Ann Arbor Michigan are learning. The Public-School Board of Education recently learned and reported from it’s “sustainability director, “that the electric buses they purchased have a lot of downtime and performance issues and aren’t fully on the road. Moreover, the infrastructure upgrades needed to use these buses, which were estimated at just $50,000, ended up being more like $200,000.”

Since the purpose of a school bus is to transport children, keeping them comfortable, cool in the summer and warm in the winter is a high priority.

Unlike diesel engines which can divert excess engine heat to provide warmth, energy is pulled directly from the battery on electric buses. On cold days, this additional energy draw from the batteries may not leave enough energy to complete the trip.

Electric buses are promoted to have lower operating costs, which in theory will offset the initial higher costs. Yet with all of these additional performance issues, those claims fall flat.

There are other issues that the left considers extraneous, so they refuses to acknowledge them. Many children’s lives are lost mining the materials necessary for the batteries used in electric vehicles. However, since many elite leftists believe in a major population reduction, they may view that as an added benefit of electric vehicles.  The left also seems to ignore the possibility of catastrophic fires that are always a possibility with electric vehicles. Again, it isn’t danger or loss of life that is important to the left, it is always about pushing their agenda.

As a Florida resident, there have been occasions when school buses have been used for transporting evacuees to shelters and crews to areas of need. How will electric buses accomplish that when there is no power? How will citizens evacuate safely? I visualize fighting over charging stations and stranded vehicles littered everywhere.

“Go Woke, Go Broke” is proving to be a truism. I’d like to add an additional truism that describes the left’s ideological idiocies, such as every vehicle being electric.

“The Woke, Blow Smoke.”

Feel free to use it anytime.