Saturday, May 25, 2024
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CMT Sleaze, PETA Lunatics, and Tax-Free Weekends

WRITER’S NOTE: CMT is run by morons. The world is run by morons. The media is too lazy or too partisan to ask certain questions or to report certain facts. People who work in government and legacy media are too stupid or too sheltered to understand certain things…or maybe they do understand, and this is all part of some elaborate plan? 

• Do people in PETA ever get mad when animals eat…one another? 

• Democrats indict Donald Trump. Republicans should impeach Joe Biden. But do the Republicans have the balls?

• Have you ever noticed the post office never has any bathrooms inside? No wonder the people who work there are so angry.  

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• This past week was the 54th anniversary of the Apollo 11 astronauts landing on the moon. When the astronauts returned, everybody on Earth should have worn gorilla suits to welcome them home. 

• Back to School sales are here. Several states will soon have tax-free weekends to help parents. Tax-free weekends are the only time of the year when people in government confess out loud that the taxes they impose upon us discourages the public from buying stuff and contributing to the economy. 

• I put new ink cartridge in my printer yesterday. The fine print specifically said NOT to swallow the ink or put any of it anywhere inside my body. The manufacturers put that there because, in our contemporary society, people like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez live among us. 

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• We have Obamacare. We have Inflation. Dipstick politicians add to the national debt. Government policies discourage domestic drilling. I’ve lost a crapload of money the past 15 years because morons in Washington, D.C. have zero common sense, lack discipline, and do not grasp basic economics. Don’t look at me. The people I vote for every election cycle almost always lose.

• I cancelled my cable several years ago. The key motivator was an idiotic program on CMT called Party Down South. The show promoted alcoholism, promiscuity, and narcissism. Party Down South was a prime example of why the 1960s scholar Newton Minnow called TV “a vast wasteland.” So, don’t tell me CMT is socially responsible and caters only to the highest common denominator. 

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